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Posted on Saturday, 24 September 2011

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Media List For Hooky Site US Tour Round Up

The Best Of The News Stories cover The Music Box LA First Date. Piece contains Youtube clips of Moby and Perry Farrell performing with The Light at The Music Box.

Monsters And Critics News Story About Moby And Perry Farrell’s Appearance With The Light at the San Francisco Mezzanine date.

Clash Music News Piece on The LA’s Music Box Concert

Peter Hook Interviews Round Up

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Exclusive Released The Day Of Hooky’s “Sooty And Sweep” Statement

“I hardly ever played any Joy Division songs throughout my career..... never realized how much I missed that music. At the age of 55 to get your music back from 34 years ago is quite a strange position to be in. But I’m certainly glad that it came late rather than never.”


Tom Murphy of Westword chats in depth to Hooky about The Light, his basses and bass playing style, Revenge and future projects.

“The reaction is fantastic. It's really heartening because the thing is that when Joy Division finished, New Order basically ignored it for thirty years. And it's nice to hear people say to you, "Oh god, I thought I'd never hear 'New Dawn Fades' played live. I love it!" I must admit, and this is the honest truth, not one person has come up to me after a gig and said, "You shouldn't have done it." There's always been someone who has said, "Man, you should have done it years ago." [laughs] For me the time was right.”

“It was absurd that you get accused of cashing in your band's heritage, when you've completely ignored it for thirty years. I must be the worst casher-inner in the world.”

Everything But Urban

Zak Urban, lead singer of Decadence, a Pixies and Joy Division influenced band has a few words with Hooky following The Light's NY gig. 

"I do know there is certainly a lot of romanticism, if that’s the right word to use about Ian’s tragic death, but as a musician I would have to say it’s the music that is the biggest draw, I’d have to say that wouldn’t I! But I certainly believe it."

The AV Club  

The Onion’s Matt Shild interviews Hooky in a funny and warm hearted piece.

“When I was at sound check in San Francisco, a guy came up to me, and he had a ticket to Joy Division in 1980. He said to me, “Look at that, man. I’ve been waiting 30 years to hear you play these fuckin’ songs.” I said, “Well, your wait is over.” I felt like the Queen, dubbing him on the shoulders, “Arise, and now hear them.”

Alan Cross, considered Canada’s John Peel interviews Hooky about The Light’s first visit to Canada performing “Unknown Pleasures”.

“It frightens me that young people always go for the most commecially-pushed track--the populist track, if you will. To me, Unknown Pleasures told a story that I really enjoyed. When you think how much care when into making that record. We deliberately chose an opener. We carefully chose a closer for each side and for the album itself.”

Slicing Up Eyeballs – 

Matt Sebastien of Slicing Up Eyeballs chats to Hooky on his return with The Light to The US with with both sides displaying their usual candour.

“The last tour we did of America I actually had to go back home hand in my pocket to fund it, and I fully expect to be doing that this time. But the thing is, it comes down to that fact that what the hell are you supposed to do with your life when you’ve done what I’ve done for 34 years. Playing is such a great pleasure and the reaction of the people is so fantastic. I’ve never had one person, and I now our fans can be quite vocal, I’ve never had one person complain to me after we’ve done a show, and I see a lot of people complaining before a show, so it’s actually a pleasure to do it. The funny thing is with (touring) Joy Division, you’re not promoting anything. You’re not promoting a record. Sometimes I actually sit there and think, “My god, I’m just doing this for the privilege, shall we say, of doing it.” And it has been very, very enjoyable.

Interview Magazine – 

Leila Brillson in a wide ranging chat with Hooky.

“I've realized that people are very serious about Joy Division. Before I began playing, the hate mail was unbelievable. I'd get mail going "You bastard, you shouldn't be doing that. Leave Ian Curtis in his grave." I never expected it to be that vitriolic.

“What I tried to do was stay as faithful as I could to the record. People love the record. Since we never toured, it's quite a pleasure to actually explore the album live.

“In a funny way, this is the nearest fans are going to get to Joy Division. According to the rest of the band, that's a bad thing to do. But the people are going, "We love it. We wish the others were coming." In a funny way, so do I, but they aren't.”

Consequence Of Sound – 

Phillip Roffman, an old friend of the family, chats to Hooky for Chicago’s Consequence Of Sound.

“The theme within Unknown Pleasures would be raw and controlled excitement and anger in the sense that you wanted to succeed and we were all going in the same direction, speed, and road; it was a fantastic feeling. To do that record was fantastic as well as the most solid I have ever felt within a group in my career; that was with Joy Division while writing Unknown Pleasures. When we got to Closer, you were a little bit confused with Ian’s illness as well as a little weary of what was going to happen. You were worried about his future as well as the group’s future. Closer is a beautiful album but it sounds…worried, twisted, and melodramatic…yet in a wonderful…wonderful way.”

Rockerzine – 

Chris Adams from Boston’s Rockerzine in an up close and personal talk with Hooky.

"I couldn’t listen to Unknown Pleasures for years, because I thought Martin had totally emasculated it. When I hear it now, I hear a mature, strong, very concise and impressive record. The songs and lyrics were written and complete, but Martin gave it a quality that’s enabled it to last and inspire people from 1978 to now, and that is one hell of an achievement. It’s exactly what a producer should do: they should have the foresight to make your music last and not let you make silly mistakes.


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