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Posted on Monday, 15 December 2014

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Here with a round up of reviews from The Light's Hebden Bridge Residency 8th to 10th December.

Paul Clarke from Louder Than War attended all three night as reviewed each dutifully. Quotes and links below.

Photo galleries from the nights have been added at the photo gallery section here -

All three nights were recorded by Abbey Road Live here now and have been released as double CDs and digital downloads - details and to order here -

Louder Than War Hebden Reviews - All by Paul Clarke.

Monday 8th Dec

Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures / Closer

"So Hooky has answered his critics because he shows due respect to the songs he co-wrote, but also brings them back to life in a way that is fitting to the legacy. Watching a bona fide legend working a small room is far more appealing than watching a tired New Order joylessly trotting out the hits in a stadium."

Tues 9th Dec 2014

New Order's Movement / Power, Corruption & Lies

"New Order were as perverse as Joy Division in not putting their best singles on the album, so the set closed with a titanic head to head between Ceremony and Blue Monday. But it was absolutely no contest as the crowd broke into a slightly arthritic rave almost screaming the words to Ceremony. It was a school night so no MDMA, but the broad smile on Pottsy’s face was testament to a moment of total communion between band and audience."

Weds 10th Dec

New Orders Low Life Brotherhood

"Not so, as the gang went out on a natural high as True Faith took the fortysomethings right back to FAC 51 mouthing the words with arms reaching to the sky. This is why people go to gigs because we need and want that sense of community with perfect strangers which Hooky understands. As a special treat they ended with Love Will Tear Us Apart which turned into a singalong, but also served as a thank you to the band for a great night.

"Some people had jetted in from South Africa and Australia for these three nights so it is testament to the greatness of Curtis, Sumner, Morris, Gilbert and Mr Hook that with 80 songs played over the three nights there was not one duff track. Yes, some are stone cold classics, and others that are rightly album tracks, but their quality control was astonishing, especially as they and Wilson didn’t seem to have a game plan at any point.

"Hooky always looked like the only one in New Order who actually liked playing live and he brings that energy to this project while showing the right amount of respect to the contributions of his lost friends. But best of all, Peter Hook and The Light entertain while still retaining their own integrity and that of the music."

Leeds Music Scene - Mon 8th Dec 2014

Chris Wood

"It was a great idea to have a keyboard player playing exact copies of the same sound effects which were used on the original records for that authentic feel. Thankfully they didn't try to modernise any part of the original sound and it is all the better for it. In the song 'Atmosphere' you still get the same swooping strings that originally slay you on first listen.

"Another thing that strikes you while the band are playing the 'Unknown Pleasures' era tracks is just how far ahead of its time this band must have sounded in 1979 as the tunes still sound as fresh and as vital as the year they were created. Joy Division only lasted in its original form for 4 years but what a four years they were.

"If you are caught in two minds about seeingPeter Hook and The Lightdo check them out they do not disappoint."


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