The Hacienda : How Not To Run A Club – Published In United States By It Books 22nd April 2014

Posted on Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Having published Hooky’s Joy Division book in February 2013 to great acclaim, Harper Collins imprint It Books are to make Peter Hook’s first book “The Hacienda : How Not To Run A Club” available in the United States for the first time, publishing the critically acclaimed tome in paperback from April 22nd 2014.

First published in the UK by Simon & Schuster UK in January 2009, THE HAÇIENDA is a funny, horrifying, and outlandish story of success, idealism, naiveté, and greed, told in Hook’s uproarious and uncompromising voice.

To purchase a copy of the US edition, dubbed “The wild inside story of England’s influential -and infamous music club, Fac 51 The Haçienda” links below

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The Offical Harper Collins It Books page for “How Not To Run A Club"  Is Here,, –

Here with an abridged version of It Books press release beginning below.

During the Eighties and Nineties, Manchester’s FAC 51 The Haçienda became one of the most renowned venues in the history of clubbing—a celebrated cultural watershed that sits alongside Studio 54, Paradise Garage CBGB, and The Whiskey.

It was dubbed “the most famous club in the world” by Newsweek magazine and the cult movie “24 Hour Party People”, released in 2002 has served to enhance its iconic status and introduce “The Haç” to a whole new generation.

The Haçienda hosted gigs by such legendary acts as The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Bauhaus, Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Happy Mondays as well as putting on Madonna’s first ever UK gig; gave birth to the “Madchester” scene; became the cathedral for acid house; and laid the foundations for rave culture and today’s electronic dance music scene.

Yet paradise never comes cheap and as “Madchester” descended into “Gunchester” in the 1990’s, gangs, drugs, greed, and a hostile police force destroyed everything that Factory Records and the characters involved, Tony Wilson, Rob Gretton, Peter Saville, Ben Kelly and New Order had created.

The Hacienda:How Not To Run A Club - Reviews

“The Haçienda was, as Hook says, in many ways the perfect example of how not to run a club—if you view a night-club as a money-making business. But if, like the baggy trousered philanthropists Factory, you see it as a altruistic gift to your hometown and a breeding ground for the next generation of youth culture, it was, accidentally, purposefully, shambolically, anarchically, thrillingly, scarily, inspirationally perfect.” —Observer

“Hook himself is revealed as a born anecdotalist, firing off quips, pithy asides and self-lacerating mea culpas like a scatter-gun. The sections that interweave his narrative—DJ playlists, club nights, minutes of board meetings, pie-in-the-sky company accounts, a roll call of artists, including Madonna, who appeared at the club—are often revealing or evocative, but it is the author’s own voice that makes the book such a compelling read.”—Sunday Times

“A testosterone-scented transcript of ripping yarns . . . There’s much fun to be hand within—much the Haçienda itself.”—Q Magazine

“Peter Hook’s book lifts the lid on the true story behind the legendary Mancheter club that brought acid-house music to the north and changed the face of UK clubbing forever . . . Hooky’s memoir offers a real insight into what actually happened.”—Independent

“A delightfully pungent, occasionally depressing, generally very funny insider’s account.”—Metro

“Chiming perfectly with the nation’s twin fears of urban violent and monetary collapse, this book should become a cautionary tale of modern times.”—Mojo, 5 stars

“A worthy addition to the archives of glorious rock follies, recounted with candour, humour and gob-smacking detail.”—Scotland on Sunday

“It’s to Hook’s admirable credit that he can reflect on the fifteen years when the Haçienda lurched from disaster to disaster, via calamity and catastrophe, with only modest rancor and a great deal of gallows humour.”—Uncut

“It was the party to end all parties—fourteen years of heroism and debauchery which revolutionized nightlife in Britain forever, created acid house and the concept of clubbing as we know it. The Haçienda not only transformed Mancheter but had a phenomenal impact on the UK as a whole, an impact which continues to shape our lives today.”—Scottish Daily Record

“A hugely candid work.”—Word


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