Peter Hook & The Light South American Tour Sept / Oct 13 “Movement” / “Power, Corruption & Lies” – Mexico / Argentina / Chile / Brazil / Peru - Dates Now Ongoing

Posted on Monday, 30 September 2013

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Following their sold out debut concerts in January 2013 and a recently announced US tour for September, Peter Hook & The Lightare to take their critically acclaimed performances of the first two New Order albums, “Movement” (1981) and “Power, Corruption & Lies” (1983) to South America for the first time with dates in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Mexico in late September / early October 2013.

The Light have previously performed “Unknown Pleasures” in Brazil and Mexico in 2011 and visit Chile for the first time. The band follow on from the US and Canada dates performing in Mexico City Mon 30th Sept,Buenos Aires, Argentina, Weds 2nd Oct, Santiago, Chile Thurs 3rd Oct, Sao Paolo Fri 4th Oct and Goiana in Brazil Sat 5th Oct before ending in LimaPeru on Mon 7th Oct.

Peter Hook & The Light Perform “Movement” and “Power, Corruption & Lies” – South American Tour – Sept / Oct 2013

Monday 30thSeptember Auditorio Blackberry, Mexico City, Mexico

Wednesday 3rd October, Teatro Vortex, Buenos Aires, Argentina -

Thursday 3rdOctober Centro Cultural Amanda, Santiago, Chile -

Friday 4thOctober Cine Joia, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Saturday 5thOctober Bolshoi Pub Goiana, Brazil -

Monday 7th October - Voce Club, Lima Peru

All of the shows will feature full performances of both albums, in track order, which has become a hallmark of The Light’s sets, and will also include singles and B-Sides from the corresponding period such as “Everything’s Gone Green”, “Temptation” and “Blue Monday” which New Order generally didn’t include on the releases, preferring their LPs to stand alone in comparison to the singles.

Both albums mark the early development of New Order’s sound whilst also, notably on “Movement”, referring back to the Joy Division template. The final album from the band to be produced by Martin Hannett, Movement’s reputation has grown stronger amongst fans since release for its experimentation, Peter Hook taking lead vocals on two of the album's key tracks, opener “Dreams Never End” and the seminal “Doubts Even Here”.

“More so than on any Joy Divisionrecord, it also revealed a group unafraid to experiment relentlessly in the studio until it had emerged with something unique.....a ghostly, brittle record, occasionally uptempo but never upbeat, with drum machines rattling and echoing over dark waves of synthesizers andHook’s basswork. (It would have been...) A masterpiece in the career of any other post-punk band.” All Sounds.

Some thirty years on from its first release, “Power Corruption & Lies” shows the emergence of what is termed the trademark, archetypal New Order sound and was more enthusiastically received than its predecessor withRolling Stoneterming it "a landmark album of danceable, post-punk music”.

Containing some of the fans persistent live favourites such as “Age Of Consent” and “Your Silent Face”, as well as the much loved album tracks, “586” and “Leave Me Alone” it was this album that cemented New Order’s reputation and showed a cohesiveness and new found confidence emanating from the band.

(On Power Corruption And Lies) there are few songs that sound so utterly transcendent, and few moments in music that carry so much emotion. Here is "no hearing or breathing, no movements, no colours, just silence"; here is peace among men; here is a new, bold beginning.” The Guardian

Peter Hook & The Light Debut “Movement” & “Power, Corruption & Lies” Concerts – Jan 2013 Reviews

“Say what you will about Peter Hook, the man has got balls….It was most enjoyable to revisit these albums….for those in the audience who had been too young or not even born when these albums were released, this was clearly a welcome opportunity to get the flavour of these musical riches in concert…after two hours, Hook signed off with Temptation and a suitably heroic finale of New Order’s biggest hit, Blue Monday.” The Times

“Hooky is the Rock God of bass players. His performance at North London’s Koko had far more energy than last summer’s Hyde Park show by the rest of New Order. He closed with a triumphant Temptation and the inevitable encore of Blue Monday. You've still got it, Hooky.” The Sun

“The result is new tracks that are ghostly reminders of a different time. But the gloomy, melodic sounds and trait beats were instantly recognisable .....the drumming was fantastic and the arrangements near flawless.” Clash.

“Hook & The Light took to the stage with an unfussy and businesslike demeanour that they maintained throughout the show. This was a show about musical excellence and there was no need for showboating. Hook (or ‘Hooky’ as one felt by the end that one ought to call him just so as not to feel like an outsider), sporting a check shirt and jeans and still wearing his bass slung at just above knee-level, acknowledged the roar of the crowd with a wave but he wasn’t feeling conversational. He had the look of a man who had a serious job to do and would not welcome interruptions.” QRO Magazine.

“Hook swings the bass from side to side with passion during “Temptation”, stomps the stage like a dinosaur during “Dreams Never End” and it’s clear from the vocals he’s still got one hell of a roar, a guttural lungful of force adding extra weight to “Senses”, “Truth” and “Doubts Even Here” too. “As the set moves into “Power, Corruption & Lies”, via the squelching synths of “Everything’s Gone Green”, the cathedral becomes an incongruous rave setting with a few nostalgic acid house heads dancing like it’s 1989. NME

“The most fascinating thing about the gig is hearing the journey between Joy Division and the classic New Order sound over the course of two hours. The transition from a debut album track, 'Senses' for example, via the inter-album singles like 'Everything’s Gone Green' to 'Age of Consent' and the sudden confidence of the synth/rock/indie sound is really compelling to hear live.” Artrocker.

“There was never any doubt that this gig by the New Order legend and his band was to be something quite extraordinary….there was certainly an air of eager anticipation that this was an event, a happening, a moment in history….his bouncing, bending stage presence gave this whole performance the urgency and, aptly, movement that it might be said is lacking in the ‘other’ New Order’s live performances of the past year.” Manchester Evening News.


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