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Posted on Wednesday, 20 May 2015

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5 Stars

"Tonight everyone," says Hooky, "the toast is absent friends." As toasts go, it's epic: 46 songs, almost everyone a fighting sprint to the finish, each possessing thunderous rhythms, wordy lyrics and rapid melodies.

Guardian -

4 Stars

This shouldn’t work, but Hook has dusted off the legendary canon with the care of a museum curator. His lower vocal register suits the songs perfectly, and he delivers them with tenderness or venom. Delivered in chronological order, the 47 songs – almost three-and-a-half hours of music – trace Joy Division’s hurtling trajectory from a ramshackle but spirited punk band into something powerful and astonishing. Somewhere around Exercise One, Hook channels their youthful realisation that the future offered anxiety and fear, and the gig audibly levitates.

Louder Than War -

"With a catalogue and occasion like this it can be no normal night and emotions are seesawing all over the place in the beautiful old church hall. The power of Joy Division’s music is still affecting after all these years and one of the key constituents was Peter Hook’s bass. Even with those soaring high up the neck bass lines being played by his son tonight giving Hooky a chance to sing with full force you are still captivated by their originality and melodic brilliance.

Hook may have spent decades downplaying his role in the band with that typical gruff northern bluffness but his bass lines are things of true beauty and were almost without precedent in rock at the time. Coming from period when the bass guitar was being pushed to the front of band’s sound- a legacy arguably started by JJ Burnel and then taken in all kinds of directions, Hook was the ultimate re-moulder of the bass guitar as the lead instrument. The simple yet complex nature of those lines plus the rest of the band’s brilliantly imaginative capturing of the atmosphere that hung around post punk UK and their singer’s stunningly sensitive and poetic lyrics was the key to the band’s eternal sound."

"It’s touching and powerful and the music’s raw power and incurable romantic dynamics are explored in a set that runs in a rough chronological order that makes you realise that there was not one duff moment or wasted note in the entire cannon. They really were one of those perfect bands and this masterful take on the catalogue is far away from nostalgia for an age yet to come but more like a celebration by one of its key architect."

Drowned In Sound -

"It would be difficult to leave in anything but awe at what we've just witnessed.

"A fitting epitaph brimming with passion and one that did both Ian Curtis and Joy Division's legacies proud."

God Is In The TV -

For once, the anticipation and hype for this gig could not be overstated.Peter Hook & The Lightreturned to Christ Church, Macclesfield, the spiritual home ofJoy Division, to perform the complete works of the seminal band, 35 years on from the tragic death of lead singerIan Curtis. Completely sold out, and with fans travelling from far and wide, the crowd were in for a treat.
Given the ambitious nature of the set list, the gig kicked off at 7pm promptly, launching into a hypnotic three and a half hour odyssey through the world of Joy Division. The venue, the beautiful red-brick Georgian Christ Church added wonderfully to the atmosphere – sun streaming through the stained-glass window directly behind the band showing Christ ascending to heaven watched on by the Apostles and Saints, shining through an incense-infused haze.


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