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Posted on Monday, 7 March 2011

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I cannot believe it's 10 weeks since we last played. Los Angeles seems a long long way away. The time has flown! But I have missed playing...it seems funny now but when New Order split I was really happy to see the back of gigging. Strange how the world turns... PORTO Casa De Musica 26 Fevrier The first gig of 2011 - be interesting to see what transpires this year. Already played on a great Arthur Baker cover of 'Thieves Like Us'. Arthur had done it for his wife, Annette's fashion show - really was a great version, vocals done by Cock and Bull Kids. Going to try and put it on the fac51thehacienda.com website soon, so fingers crossed.

Great rehearsal. The boys were very quickly back on it. So after a nervy night, we were at the airport at the usual 7am slot for our flight to Frankfurt - a long hike across Frankfurt airport, man it was huge! Then an empty flight, thank God naps all round, then on to Porto. Weather lovely. The venue was built for when Porto was European city of culture in 2001 but was finished in 2006. I know how that feels! But was well worth the wait. The whole place is beautiful, 1500 capacity SOLD OUT! Hoorah! Seated venue, but as I have got older I appreciate both seated and standing. Vastly different vibes, but both enjoyable for completely different reasons.

Soundcheck went well; sounded great but as the old adage goes, great soundcheck, shit gig? We shall see... Seems like an older theatre audience at first sight. I have no pass so have to bullshit my way in, but then the accent gets me in and I spend an enjoyable 30 minutes wandering around the bowels (?) of the venue. I get rescued and appear literally seconds before we are due on. Nice touch of the jitters but it's good to be back. The boys are ready and we are on, sound is good and we're off!

First couple of songs go well and the seated audience are very responsive, then we launch into 'Digital' and they are on their feet and rush the front. Wow! From then on it's like a normal gig - a very mixed young and old crowd full of bootleg Joy Div T shirts. God, I wish I had a penny for every one I've either seen or signed. Ah well I'll get my reward in heaven eh?

The gig is great from start to finish - our banner getting the biggest cheer, a line of young crying girls at the front. God bless them - all in Ian Curtis t-shirts. I felt really bad but they seemed to be enjoying it in a really weird way. My throat is gone at the end so we wrap up quickly. I sign a few autographs then head into the night back to the hotel, nice to finish off with a walk in the night air.

A good start to our year. Thanks Porto, Hooky.

PS. My throat is cooked! I think I may have to admit defeat and get a vocal coach! At least after seeing Justin Beiber's film! I understand a little of the mechanics of the throat - something I never thought needed such care. My sympathies go out to all you singers! Honest! (I went to see the film with my daughter, in case you're wondering. Not a bad film but the music is rubbish). Anyone know a good one? Vocal coach, that is? H.


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