Peter Hook & The Light “Low Live”/”Brotherhood” North American Tour Nov 2014 Reviews Round Up

Posted on Sunday, 21 December 2014

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Here with a selection of the reviews and some quotes from Peter Hook & The Light’s North American Tour of New Order’s “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” across November 2014.

Officially A Yuppie -

“I dare anyone in New York to try and tell me they started their weekend off better than this!”

New Beats-

“Safe to say, Hook and the Light’s performance at Webster Hall was really satisfying and I was pleasantly surprised that Hook was capable of being behind the mike. If anything, it was great to hear music from New Order’s early years that probably haven’t been performed in years—not just the popular hits but also deep cuts as well.

“The same can also be said of Hook and the Light’s return to New York City, this time at a very packed Irving Plaza Friday for a performance of New Order’s third and fourth albums,Low-LifeandBrotherhood. Whereas the first two New Order records still carried a trace of Joy Division’s post-punk DNA while pointing to a stylistic shift from that beloved band’s doomy sound,Low-LifeandBrotherhoodreally cemented New Order’s reputation as an electronic dance/pop band.

“And dance and cheer the crowd did during the two-hour gig, that included some of the best-known tracks from the two albums, including “Love Vigilantes,” “Bizarre Love Triangle,” and the glorious highlight “Perfect Kiss.” Away from the electronic beats and programming, the band’s performances of some of the album tracks revealed a more raw and rocking edge than the original album versions such as on “ “Weirdo” and “Paradise” fromBrotherhood. Overall, Hook and the band were in good form and really worked their asses off –there was no lengthy intermission or stoppage as they went straight fromLow-LifeintoBrotherhood. And Hook’s mastery of the bass needs no explaining again.

Glide Magazine -

“After twenty-eight songs over two and a half hours, the epic show ended, making another glorious footnote in the history of The Roxy Theater”.

Punk News-

“By focusing solely on the music, and allowing the songs inherent structure to do the heavy lifting instead of blowing them up into pseudo-stadium cuts, their inherent virtues were that much more apparent. Frankly, these songs rock. On instrumental “Elegia” the buzz of Hook’s bass soared next to the guitar, showing how much contrast is inherently built into these songs. Vocally, Hook mostly retained the style he used with Joy Division set, perhaps lightening up the darkness a little for the New Order’s more abstract sound. On the darker cut “Love Vigilantes,” Hook’s bass took precedence, showing just how unique that huge, menacing tone really is.

The band finally returned to the stage for afourth time for an encore, playing the singles “Shellshock,” “Confusion,” “True Faith” and “Temptation.” There has been some debate regarding Hook and whether he should be playing these songs at all. It’s barely worth mentioning. No one is sating this is Joy Division. No one is saying this is New Order. This is Peter Hook and his band taking a chance, dusting off wrongly ignored tunes, and kicking ass.“

Rock Subculture -

“Andthat’show you play The Perfect Kiss!”An emphatic Peter Hook, currently touring as Peter Hook & The Light (formerly of Joy Division and New Order) – rock and roll’s greatest bass player – is apparently a skilled mind reader as well, as he pulled that quote right out of my head to shout back through his microphone after playing the best rendition of the classic song that I’d ever heard.

“It was certainly one of those special shows were the venue, artist, and fans all clicked perfectly to make for a very memorable experience and a blazing hot and awesome show by a legendary artist and performer, who in my opinion is the heart and soul of New Order keeping the most authentic live performance of their music alive for old and new fans.”

Three Imaginary Girls -

“All told, the band was on stage for well over 2 ½ hours, and a majority of the fans of the iconic band stuck around until the very end, soaking up every last bit of it.”

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