Nova Nova & Peter Hook Reconstructed Low Ends Remix & Video Now Released

Posted on Wednesday, 3 July 2013

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Nova Nova & Peter Hook – Reconstructed Low Ends (Atal Music, 2013)

Released July 2013

01 TC’s Reconstructed Balearic Mix

Following the release of French electronica act Nova Nova’s EP “Low Ends” with Peter Hook back in April, Thierry Criscone, who contributed a mix to the original release returns to the track to put out an Ibiza styled Balearic mix of the subtle and elegant track which recalls the expansive, open sound of Hooky’s earlier bands.

With the same unmistakable Hook bass which some have compared to the classic “Dreams Never End”, the lush piano line and affecting strings which characterise the track, are brought more to the fore in Thierry’s new mix which builds on the strengths of the track but sets it up for the more discerning bars and clubs over mid summer.

A video has been recorded for the remix and can be viewed here -

Whilst to check out the track the Soundcloud is here -

Purchase and download the track here - 

iTunes -

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Amazon -

Nova Nova came to work with Hooky when a track of theirs was passed to him by some years ago by Malcolm McClaren and Tony Wilson that Hooky began to play in his DJs sets. On hearing this, Marc Durif of Nova Nova contacted Hooky with a new song and asked him to contribute. The result became Low Ends, the EP which has here been remixed.

Reactions to the original EP release were highly positive and some of the quotes are included below.

'Low Ends' is a smart blend of the electronic form of music and an irresistible bass line laid down by Hook. Ever since the dubstep scene became prominent electronica has been somewhat overshadowed. However, ‘Low Ends’ is a breath of fresh air that may well give electronica a much needed new lease of life.” See Sound

"If you’re like us you find Hooky’s bass playing pretty intoxicating. The man combines melody and bass groove in one instantly recognisable, and pretty nostalgic if you grew up with it, sound. Imagine that rolling over a shuffling Disco beat and sweet, icy strings. The tracks got a real 70s Disco flavour that seems like it would be a head on collision with the dancey, but pretty post-punk bass, but it doesn’t. Both elements work together to create this blissful sunrise vibe, and when the diamond sharp lead synths and dramatic piano kick in, the track hits just the right emotional notes. " Electronic Rumours


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