Jane’s Addiction’s Eric Avery Declares Peter Hook His Greatest Bass Influence

Posted on Thursday, 26 July 2012

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Jane’s Addiction’s bassist Eric Avery, original co founder of the band has named Peter Hook as his greatest ever influence on his musical career, saying that the Joy Division and New Order bassist is his bass hero.

Avery, currently touring Europe with Garbage, was interviewed by Frederic Suard of France’s Radio 666 at France’s Festival Boulevard on the 8th July 2012 and Frederic, having interviewed Hooky on The Light’s French tour last year, has kindly made the clip available and it can be listened to here.


Avery commented that;

“I definitely have a bass hero that started me in the direction that I’ve been in as a bass player and that’s Peter Hook from Joy Division because I think I was much more influenced by generally the English experience of the bass, rather than the American rock bass.”

“American rock bass is just kickdrum, kick drum and the root note of the guitar player is playing and its English music, with that sort of approach of the rhythm guitar so Peter Hook, full stop, was the biggest influence.”

Hooky’s relationship with Jane’s Addiction runs deeper as Eric’s kind words might highlight. He is also friends with Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell, having collaborated on two tracks with Perry’s Satellite Party outfit on their 2007 Ultra Payloaded album, “Wish Upon A Dogstar” and “Kinky” whilst Perry joined Hooky and The Light at The Music Box Los Angeles on their second tour of America last September, performing “Isolation” and “Transmission” with the band.


Eric Avery – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Avery

Jane’s Addiction Official Site - http://www.janesaddiction.com/


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