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Posted on Monday, 28 March 2011

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BREST! FRANCE 9/3/2011

We never played France much as NEW ORDER 1. Never seemed to have a good time.  We always seem to bomb - especially in Paris! It wasn't until we got to NEW ORDER 2 that we had a good gig in France, so we just left it and concentrated on America. Over the years with MONACO and REVENGE we played there and it was great so...

The Brest venue is very nice. The town is very new. It seems that Brest was completely flattened in the Second World War - a combined effort between the English and the Germans. Every building in Brest was built after 1945, so the town looks a little odd!

We soundcheck well. Nice to have a long preparation. I am still feeling nervous because of all our time off, but am quietly confident. When we arrive back there are over 1000 people in the hall but they are very quiet - calmly standing and waiting. There is a DJ but he is in the entrance hall. It is as quiet as a church. A huge air of expectation - it makes us giggle with nervousness. Before we know it we are on and everything goes very well. Felt very weird screaming, "Come on Brest" on Love Will Tear us Part, I'll tell you!

The lads play up a storm and the crowd are quiet at first but go off and at the end - great! Our friend David Sultan is here as translator/tour guide, so we are in good hands.

We head back to hotel very happily. Brest rocks! On the outside it’s quite lively now which, on a Wednesday at midnight, cannot be bad. I sign loads of things then bed.

PARIS, FRANCE 10/3/2011

A long, long drive to Paris but the 7 hours passes well - a combination of I-pod, I-pad & I-patch!!! We arrive in Paris and - because the gig is on the outer ring - the boys drop me off at the hotel and sail off. I check in and unpack. Funny how everywhere has wifi now. It's like you can't get away from work. You can't relax and do one thing at once? So as I plug in my charger about two hours later, I look out the hotel window (we are on a huge roundabout you see) and spy the bus. Our bus! Still fighting it's way round the roundabout? I phone & ask, "What's happening?" "We're lost again!" says Nat. “We've been driving round for two hours! The promoters come to get us!" Oh my God, it turns out they'd been round the roundabout about 10 times? Reminds me of New Order’s first visit to Paris when we were driving round for 2 hours. Rob Gretton trying to navigate with a map. God - the old days eh? He got so fed up he screwed the map up and threw it out the window. After about another hour of screaming and driving around in circles I spies something on the road. "Is that the map? " 24 year old Hooky says. "Fookin' hell!" says Rob Gretton "I'll get it!". He duly does and we drive round some more. In the end Dave Pils was so fed up he jumped out of the van and got a taxi to the hotel and I followed the taxi.

Back to the present...it turns out the gig is just opposite the hotel. Walking distance! Good old Sat Nav's eh?

We are in a smallish hall -–800 capacity. Sold out three months ago. The promoter didn't even have to do posters - WOW! Paris forgives me...it's the same place as the Zenith where we played last time. It's a beautiful place with a museum of music and loads of venues called LA CITE DE MUSIQUE. Great place. We soundcheck well and lots of people there already. Just time for a few quick interviews and then back for the gig.

The place is rammed! Michel Duvall, of Factory Benelux fame, is here - a great guy. The nerves kick in but the boys are okay. The crowd are very quiet again. Weird! But we go on and RIP IT! Tear it down - great! The audience are fantastic! It’s a great gig from start to finish. Loads of crowd surfing - ace! Tired and happy we head out for something to eat, a great night! MERCI BEAUCOUP PARIS!

CAEN, FRANCE 11/3/2011

We watch footage of Japan in the morning – heartbreaking! Such a great country to be hit like that. We are due there next Wednesday so are hoping we will still make it. Those poor people.

A nice short trip and an easy ride out of Paris. We see all the sights on the way from the Perepherique - nice. 3 hours later we are at Caen. Easy to get to the hotel. What's going on, I wonder? This is a small quiet place - very spread out - but the gig is modern, clean and very nice. We are treated to a feast for dinner. Soundcheck is okay. The support band are called THE FUCK! ‘PETER HOOK’ and ‘THE FUCK’ –weird!

We go back to the hotel to watch more about Japan - SO SAD! Don't think we will make it? It's too, too bad. What a shame - I feel so sorry for all those people. Bit of a strange atmosphere (no pun intended) with us all now it was so shocking. It feels a bit flat, but we play well and apart from a couple of knob-heads dancing wildly and knocking girls over, it's fine. They are removed but sneak back in later - cheeky buggers! I'm watching. I keep an eye on them and they settle down. The gig goes very well, considering. We celebrate Nat's birthday and David's departure and head back to the hotel to watch more of the Japanese carnage.

Nice bus trip home - nice to be on the ferry, on the sea and not in the air. Feels much more natural. Eleven hours later and we are home! Glad to be safe. Take care Hooky x 12/3/2011

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1 | ohara54 | 28th March 2011 at 17:42

Yes it was a great gig and a great night ! see you in Lille ! kiss

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2 | AlexHales | 2nd April 2011 at 17:58

Plus ca change Hooky, sometimes people can still reach you even when your devices are all turned off, doesn't seem possible?!? Peace out, and peace+love to the Japanese x Al

3 | NadiaSometimes | 9th April 2011 at 08:37

The gig in Caen was absolutely wonderful, i'm really looking forward to see you again live, maybe in nantes :)
much love

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