Hooky On Revisiting Closer - Press Quotes

Posted on Monday, 14 March 2011

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Here with Peter Hook's thoughts and views on revisiting Closer May 18th at The Factory Manchester. Info / tickets at www.factorymanchester..com.

Hooky on his memories of recording Closer and its release

“Well I remember the recording very well I don’t remember the release at all. I think I disowned it in the shock of losing Ian. I just retreated from anything to do with Joy Division recording or otherwise, I didn’t celebrate it, I didn’t listen to it it, I didn’t read the reviews I didn’t have anything to with it, Nothing at all.”

Hooky on revisiting Closer.

“When I decided to do Unknown Pleasures, I knew that was a strong record. We all felt confident about the material, about ourselves, the way that you have to be in a group, full of self belief. Closer is a completely different thing - I’m actually approaching it with great interest because I know that by the time we got to “Closer”, the elephant in the room or rather the epilepsy in the room, was such a big part of everything Joy Division did. It was like a fifth member and living with it was very difficult and it coloured the atmosphere and the music of “Closer” a great deal.”

“Although we tried to make the best of the situation, it was really tempered by Ian’s illness. After living with the lyrics of Unknown Pleasures, analysing them and then singing them live, living them in much more in depth. I know that with Closer I am going to have to do the same, I will be trying to put Ian's feelings in, to believe in what I'm doing. I am wary to say the least, because of Ian’s state and frame of mind at the time. I’m really not looking forward to living with and analysing these lyrics.”

Hooky on playing the albums live.

“I’m doing this (playing Closer) because I have enjoyed playing Unknown Pleasures so much, after 30 years to get the music back is the best thing artistically that’s ever happened to me because as I said I turned my back on the music, we all did. Now I’ve had the opportunity to take it back some three decades later.”

“It’s taken me 30 years to come to terms with what happened. I don’t think we were wrong at all to do what we did.”

“The responsibility is daunting but ultimately when I look at the people watching me play it. I have never felt once that anybody watching it didn’t want me to do it.”


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