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Posted on Friday, 24 June 2011

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This was intended to launch the BEN KELLY/MORPH Hacienda prints in Manchester. They were originally only available in London - I was never happy with that - and I’m delighted they they are now here in the RICHARD GOODALL GALLERY, Manchester, along with a new Axometric (or anorexic, as I call it) print of the Hacienda. This print is, again, by Ben and Morph, plus there’s a specially commissioned poster of The cover of 1102/2011, 'THE RUINED HACIENDA’ by JAMES CHADDERTON.

This night was also to celebrate the launch of fac51thehacienda.com (our website). James Masters, Chestnut Creative, Alison Bell and Mitooshie have done a great job and while it's been a tough long ride, it is here! Thanks to our many contributors. This will just get better and better and I am happy to have what I think, will be a DEFINITIVE history of this wonderful unique club. Truly something for everyone!

Richard talked me into selling a few of my own posters too. I was reluctant at first but on seeing how many I had (too many to ever use), I agreed. Some are really damaged but because of their history I thought they were the interesting ones? These were straight out of THE FACTORY/HACIENDA skips, dripping with history, but because of their condition difficult to sell, we shall see?

We also put a lot of artefacts in the exhibition, and - to be honest - I couldn't bear to part with them. Despite this, Kenny - Manchester mosaic artist - bought the 6ft mirror ball to do a mosaic of Tony Wilson. Then went outside throwing fivers round, shouting I was ripping everyone off? Puzzling! The ball hung in the hacienda for a couple of years, then was used on two world tours by BLUR. An interesting item - ah well.

There were many old faces and was great to catch up, LITMUS entertained, with GRAEME PARK DJing first, then me. The party went really well was very enjoyable with the debut of THE HACIENDA CCTV DVD which everyone loved. It’s just waiting for me and Phil (as MANRAY) to finish the soundtrack (won't be long, honest). It's the CCTV from New Years Eve 1995 entitled 'WERE YOU THERE?’ Coming soon!

After the week from HELL, we finished with the MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS DIARY PARTY. Dianne Bourne was desperately trying to get me to do a Tom Jones on the karaoke but I was too tired. I saw a lot of old mates - NODDY HOLDER, MIKE SWEENEY, DICKON HUBBARD (bass player with the SALFORD JETS who sold me my first bass cab) and my old art teacher from SALFORD GRAMMAR, who told me off for still calling him ‘Sir’. Ha ha - old habits die hard eh? Lovely man. Clutching our goodie bags, we headed for a Chinese to finish off and I literally fell into bed. Goodnight. HOOKY!

For a gallery from Then Hacienda Now check


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