Barnaby Festival Sun 23rd June - Signing Announced 3pm Macclesfield Vistors Centre

Posted on Friday, 24 May 2013

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Peter Hook & The Light’s sold out Barnaby Festival Christ Church live show performing Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer’ in full on Sunday 23rd June

Peter Hook signing announced for same day at 3pmat Macclesfield Visitor Information Centre

Peter Hook, the legendary and ground breaking bassist and co-founder of seminal groups Joy Division and New Order, who now performs with his new band The Light, is coming to Macclesfield on Sunday 23rd June for a special concert at 18th century Christ Church in the centre of the town – a unique building empty for over 30 years but brought back to life as an arts and performance venue for this year’s Macclesfield Barnaby Festival. Peter Hook & The Light will be performing Joy Division’s albums ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer’ in full at Barnaby.

As the concert has been sold out since April, and following a request from Cheshire East Council, Hooky, who is now enjoying a successful career as a writer with two critically acclaimed books “The Hacienda, How Not To Run A Club” and “Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division” published within the past three years, will be undertaking a signing for friends and fans on the day of the concert from 3pm onwards at Macclesfield Visitor Information Centre.

Nestled in the heart of Cheshire’s Peak District, Macclesfield was home to Joy Division’s lead singer Ian Curtis until he died in 1980. As well as Macclesfield being Ian’s hometown, it was also the birthplace of Joy Division and New Order’s drummer Stephen Morris who continues to reside just outside Macclesfield.

Although Peter Hook now lives close to the town and has many connections to it, he and Joy Division’s guitarist Bernard Sumner both hail originally from Salford.

When asked about the town, Hooky commented:

Macclesfield is one of my favourite places. Ian and Steve were from Macclesfield and I do feel that part of the history, which is very important around the world, has often been overlooked locally.”

Despite Joy Division rehearsing many times in Macclesfield this is the first time that Joy Division’s music has been performed live in the town and the concert will prove to be a special and emotive occasion for Hooky, as well as for the members of The Light and the band’s fans who are attending.

Commenting on playing live for the first time in Macclesfield, Hooky said:

It is actually very, very strange playing in Macclesfield, because New Order was based in Macclesfield so with the angst of recent events it’s going to be very, very funny being back there. Joy Division and New Order practiced in Macclesfield, but to my knowledge they never performed there so this is the first time that the music of Joy Division will be played live in the town.

It’s also funny because there was a celebration planned in Macclesfield for the thirtieth anniversary of Ian’s passing and for various reasons it fell through so since I have my club that I’m involved with in Manchester, we decided to do a special concert with MIND performing ‘Unknown Pleasures’ in full. Really that was what started this chapter of my career with The Light, performing the Joy Division albums and now the New Order ones.

There’s always been an obvious relationship between the bands and Macclesfield. I feel it’s nice to celebrate that, and performing in a church within a low key setting makes it very special. I feel like we do owe something to Macclesfield, so hopefully it will all come together in a very special way on the day.”

Having taken The Light’s performances of Joy Division’s albums in full around the world since May 2010 to great acclaim and with Hooky recently moving to the performances of New Order’s debut two albums ‘Movement’ and ‘Power, Corruption And Lies’ with performances that were also critically lauded, the Barnaby Festival Christ Church concert marks a special opportunity to hear both of Joy Division’s seminal albums in full and sequential order.

Following Hooky’s live debut in Macclesfield, The Light are also set to perform other concerts in the North West during summer 2013 including a return to Buxton Opera House on Tuesday 23rd July where the band will perform ‘Movement’ and ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’ in full and ‘Unknown Pleasures’ performances on Sunday 11th August at two festivals, first ‘Junction 16’ in Crewe and then the ‘Rebellion Festival’ in Blackpool.

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