Abbey Road - Live Here Now To Release Peter Hook & The Light’s Hebden Bridge Residency On 3 Double CDs

Posted on Wednesday, 3 December 2014

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Three Concerts, Six Albums, Three Double CD’s, 78 Tracks

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As Peter Hook & The Light perform the six Joy Division and New Order albums they have performed to date across three nights at The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge, 8th, 9th and 10th December 2014, Abbey Road – Live Here Now are to record and release the full sets from each concert on separate double CD packages.

The concerts will see The Light run through the entire and complete catalogues from each of the band’s periods and include all the singles and B-sides as well as the full versions of the albums.

The first of the three double CD’s see the recording of The Light’s full set play Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer” from the first night.

The second and third feature the New Order albums 1981 to 1986 with the second CD featuring the complete “Movement” and “Power, Corruption And Lies” concert and the singles 1981 to 1983, beginning with “Ceremony” and ending on “Blue Monday”.

The final of the trio of releases sees the recording of the entire “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” set which sees The Light play the singles and all material, 1983 to 1987, from “Confusion” To “True Faith”.

Abbey Road - Live Here Now produce the recordings and CD packages, live at each concert and these will be ready for collection following the gigs each night. The finished CD’s will also be shipped immediately following the final gig of the three for all advance orders

All copies pre-ordered to the final concert on Weds 10th Dec will receive signed copies and these will also be available at the concerts.

In addition an exclusive signed bundle of all three concerts is available at which will include an extra live CD, Peter Hook & The Light performs “Unknown Pleasures” featuring Rowetta with orchestra and choir as well as a signed certificate.

A digital MP3 bundle is also available.

Hooky and The Light have recently returned from a successful tour of North and South America, following the debut concerts of “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” in London and Manchester in September 2014. Having begun the albums project first in May 2010 with the first “Unknown Pleasures” concert in Manchester, the band were then to collaborate early on with Abbey Road – Live Here Now when The Light headlined Vintage Festival in August 2010 and a recording of this was also released following the concert.

Since then The Light have gone on to tour extensively throughout the world, taking in all the major territories in Australasia, Europe, The Americas, and The Far East, moving through the succession of albums and material, performing “Closer” in full from May 2011, and then moving onto the New Order shows, with “Movement” and “Power, Corruption And Lies” from January 2013 and “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” from September 2014.

Critical and fan reactions to performances have being strong throughout The Light’s progress through the album shows and quotes from each tour are included below.

The Light’s Hebden Bridge concerts chart the evolution and development of Joy Division and then early to mid period New Order through the seminal catalogue and works they produced and will showcase many of the lesser heard and all tracks throughout all of the albums.

Release Details

CD 1 Peter Hook & The Light – Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” and “Closer” – Live At Hebden Bridge – Full Concert Recording Monday 8th December 2014

CD 2 Peter Hook & The Light – New Order’s “Movement” and “Power” – Live At Hebden Bridge – Full Concert Recording Tuesday 9th December 2014

CD 3 Peter Hook & The Light – New Order’s “Movement” and “Power” – Live At Hebden Bridge – Full Concert Recording Wednesday 10th December 2014

On Unknown Pleasures / Closer

“Peter Hook & The Lighthave developed into a well-oiled machine that - whisper it - actually deliver these songs better than the current line-up of New Order....they've become an impressive tour de force more than worthy of associating themselves with arguably two of the finest back catalogues in rock and roll history.” Drowned In Sound

'A masterclass in euphoria and heartache in equal measure....Delving into over 30 songs stretching back to the 70s, Hooky and his current outfit performed the entirety of New Order albums Low-Life and Brotherhood - two records that helped shape and define post-punk and synthpop. The result was two hours teeming with heartbreak and affection.....The chronology of the set played perfectly as high spirits continued to grow right up until the end of the show.”Gigwise

“Bruce Springsteen and Leonard Cohen have competition when it comes to marathon concerts. Stepping into the ring is former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook, whose current tour finds him on stage for three hours.” Irish Independent

“Not only did Hooky and his band open the show with Joy Division songs, he proceeded to play New Order’s two full albums and a stellar encore. The real treat of the night was hearing New Order songs that have probably never been played live or fans have never ever heard live....Hooky and his band really put 110% into this show.” - LA Record

“Taking in the show, I could imagine that this is what it might have felt like hearing the original New Order playing that material back in the day. More organic and authentic to the time. I really, really enjoyed this show immensely.”Rock Subculture

“What Hooky has done is grab these songs by the scruff of the neck and give them a punkiness with his bass driving the songs with an added raw power….Tonight is a real triumph - everything was perfect from the venue, to the acoustics, to the delivery of the songs, to the tight band, to the vocals and that distinctive great bass playing….A romp through a back catalogue should never be this good but Hooky has made these songs have a very different narrative and put a whole new heart and soul into them.” Louder Than War


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