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Mon, 09 Apr 2018 09:54:50


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Back on the road agaiN.

Sadly, after Perth as soon as I got back on the plane home I was ill again and by the time we landed in Singapore was as bad as ever! Really bad chest, coughing up some disgusting green gunk…..I couldn’t believe it! I ended up at the Doctor’s back home, again to be told it was Pneumonia and I should be taking it easy???

No chance. One more set of antibiotics for me it seems. This works but leaves me with really bad asthma so it’s back to the Docs for bloody steroids! Which I now have to take forever, balls! No more Athletics for me…. I am recovering slowlyL

So….. Great to be back in Amsterdam and at the Paradiso tooJ

I have played this venue very much over the years with varying degrees of success….. I might add. $ riots with 4 different bands! I am hoping tonight will go well.

New order Subst goes well and thenfor Joy Div Subst they go bonkers.  The audience changes from polite nodding and swaying to a full on mosh pit.


I am amazed, capacity audience too. As I walk into the night after, I can’t help thinking how well things have turned out for me, it just seems to get bigger and better every time, everywhere. Somebody up there must like me;)


Nice drive to The Other ‘Dam gets us there early afternoon. I chill out before the gig and later head down to the huge place that is the venue. It’s an old grain silo that has been converted to a purpose built gig with several different sized theatres, amazing what those EU grants can do eh? We will miss them. Great audience drives us all along really well. Another great gig, bed calls ZZZZZZZZZZ……..


Another nice short drive and before we know it….. the delights of Tilburg await. Nice brand new venue, great layout this one and run very, very well. Another great gig with both sets going very, very well (again) indeed. This is getting boring! Well certainly not boring, so I suppose consistent is the word I’m looking for;)


Paris is very crowded. I have a book signing to do in the afternoon before the gig, and lovely to have David Sultan and James Masters with me. I can’t seem to sign fast enough to bring the bloody queue down! It seems that everyone who’s coming to the gig is here too. I am a victim of my own success;)

Lot’s of families here. Fathers and Mothers with Sons and Daughters, it is very humbling.

A great compliment thank you.

The Trianon is a lovely theatre and the audience reacts well to New Order then goes absolutely bonkers for Joy Division….again. It is crazy to watch it really is. Nice to finally meet The Liminanas for a picture shoot for the next track we have done together called The Gift, which will be released soon and goes very well with the first track we did together Garden of Love;)

Leave straight after for the Airport, we are staying in a really wacky Hotel called Citizen M, well worth a stay it’s great! For our early flight tomorrow.

Merci beaucoup,

]au revoir. Hooky ‘17

Thu, 22 Feb 2018 06:25:01

Isreal, Australia and New Zealand.





Our second trip to Israel!

Complete with me nursing a really bad sore throat and chest;(

Not too many death threats this time I believe, what a world eh! Quite a long flight, but flies by with the boys. Immigration is easy until our sound guy gets dragged off for questioning about his granddad (who he never knew?).

He is kept for a long time, which is a little worrying, but is eventually let in and never really found out what it was all about?

His Big Bad Grandad sounds interesting!

The road works (in the centre of Tel Aviv at midnight???)  hold up our arrival at the hotel for a couple of hours, with all the roads leading to it closed. What a mess! We end up walking, which with the equipment isn’t easy;(

A lovely day dawns and our wacky little hotel called Hotel Cinema, has film posters and projectors everywhere. I am in the actual projection room at the top of the old theatre, complete with hole for the lens to poke through, really weird. I grab a haircut by the Mighty Zohan and a lovely pizza. The area we are in is very vibrant, in other words …..Rocking! The gig looms and we being joined today by Hadar Goldman, an Israeli violinist from the punk band Ciam, whose other claim to fame is the purchase of Ian Curtis’s old house, 77, Barton Street, Macclesfield. Hadar wanted to open it up as a museum but has not been successful so far, sadly. Could be a job for me in my dotage as a curator, like Night at The Museum eh?;)

Anyway, he is very nervous but the lads are on top form and the gig goes great from start to finish. Hadar is great on Atmosphere and Autosuggestion, and the three hours fly by! The lads are off early the next day to OZ but I don’t follow until the night of the day after, so have a bit of time to kill.

It is Yom Kippur here and everyone seems really worried I will starve to death. So like a real student, I invest in two Pot Noodle’s and a load of chocolate and after raiding the breakfast buffet, I think I will survive;) I sleep again after brekkie and wake and walk down to the beach. Spending the whole afternoon just watching the world go by.

Yom Kippur lasts from dusk until dusk the next day and as the sun goes down the noise levels decrease, until the only sounds you can hear are the children playing in the deserted streets. Breakfast is provided on Sunday for us and my wonderful hosts have hired me a mountain bike for what is called ‘Childrens Day’ here.

I have not cycled for years so am a little apprehensive to say the least. I get the bike on the street and it is really strange…..There are no cars at all! The whole place is deserted with every shop closed. The only problem is my chest….I am like puffin’ Billy.

In the old days there would be no power or phones in the city I am told. The leaves soon settle in the road and it gives a post apocalyptic feel as I cycle along topless the leaves blowing round me. I go down through the deserted market to the beachfront, and there the place is completely alive, with thousands of kids on every size and kind of bike, motorised skateboards and tons of electric scooters everywhere. It is completely magical, it really is.


 I love the bike and watching the kids in huge groups cycling along the freeways and empty streets is heart warming, it really is and I only give up because I am worried about getting sunburnt, heading back to the hotel for a hat and a T-shirt and a Pot Noodle. I go back in the afternoon suitably attired and ride and ride, until I have to give up because my arse is so sore (no 50p jokes please!). As the sun sets the city gets back to normal all too soon with the noise level rising to it’s usual roar by 7p.m. On the way to the airport for my flight to Oz the busy, noisy streets seem so coarse compared to how they were a few hours before, what a shame. I sail through Immigration/Customs, my granddad must have been ok? (Didn’t know him either;(

I begin a to long trip to Australia, one of my favourite places on earth.


Throat and chest still bad but we persevere;)

I arrive the day of the gig so by the time gig time comes I am completely addled. It reminds me of being drunk, it really does. This Joy Division ‘2 album’ night was added at short notice after our Japanese gigs fell through, but is very well attended. Great to play Closer again, wonderful. Martin our new keyboard player is top from start to finish, a great response. I crawl off to bed exhausted. Not much time to relax because we are off the next day for a gig at….


 Lovely to be back, a beautiful city, very Parisien. It was here that I wrote most of The Hacienda Book funnily enough, when I was Djing at Parklife in 2008, you got the week off in-between so I thought it was a great time to start. Australia looms large in my books lives, as you will see later;)

The on stage sound is tough at this place, which I remember all too well from last time, but the gig goes great and is Sold Out! Too. Great reception for both Unknown Pleasures and Closer, yet again! An almost humane leave sees us off to……


 Another beautiful country and now we have a lot of English friends living here now. Hi Carol;) Back to Substance tonight, which is nice.

I have to give in here, I am finding it hard to sleep my chest is crackling that much, so a trip to the Doctor’s beckons. Strangely both me and Pottsy have the same problem???

The Doctor says I am ‘crackly’ and he is ‘wheezy’,

 ‘Where’s Grumpy?’ I ask?

 He doesn’t laugh;(

 $350 Dollars light and we are both Amoxcycillined up and off we go.

Gig goes great from start to finish. Still struggling with my throat which is really annoying Grrrrr! I am waiting for the Biotics still to kick in. But I take it easy by cycling all over the place puffing gently. It’s my new thang!

It’s wonderful how both countries are completely suited, and go out of their way to encourage cycling. I follow the river past the Zoo all the way down to the centre of the city. Then get embarrassed because I am the only one topless? So head back. Hard on the chest again but well worth it! Grab a Kebab before the gig and I am ready!

The place is packed and gig goes great. The lads are on fire.

Ecstatic reception to both records!

Catch up with a few old mates, lovely to see you again Platty;) Next stop…


 Back to Substance and another Sold Out gig. This getting boring….only joking, after all our hard work it is the best compliment ever, thank you all.

Nice venue and everything goes well, recovering nicely;) Off early tomorrow so after more smashed Avacado we are off to…


 Another beautiful place.

Nice, quiet and very suburban. Lovely old theatre venue that is packed and of course….Sold Out! Bit of an altercation with some fans at the front, but it is soon sorted and the bouncer tells me it’s the same guys he threw out last time we were here….go figure? Very cold here at night in spring, so wrap up if you are visting. Up earlish to hop over to …….


1.I feel marginally better today, thank god!

So have a lovely first day here, visit the Dior exhibition at the Museum along with The Great Wave exhibition by the Japanese Ukiyo-e artist Hokusa


A very cultural day indeed! Enjoy a lovely stroll back to the Hotel and struggle through a short gym session, which does make me feel better.

It’s gig time before I know it and it’s back to The Metro for the struggle with the foldback.

Gig is a struggle and I cannot get the vibe, but it goes down well I must admit. Nice early night.

 2.Have a lovely Big Morning out for breakfast/Brunch with Viv (Big Day Out owner and very old friend) and one Zombie film later am ready for round two.

DING DING! Better gig tonight, great audience, sound still shit. The only place that sounds worse than this place is our very own Fac251 The Factory, where there is nothing you can do to combat it, believe me we have tried everything.

Lovely to see Viv Lees, with his son at the concert too. God we are getting old!

 3.Last night and we turn down a bit onstage and magically it sounds better for it. Play really well and great reaction gives us heart for our long trek to…….


 This is one of my favourite places on earth. It really has to be seen to be believed, and that’s despite nearly dying from food poisoning here once see Inside New Order for details;) I am so happy we are finishing here. Stay in a wonderful Casino Hotel that is HUGE! Great pools inside and out, huge gym and as I am feeling a lot better I get in there and have a great workout, so good to be back to normal. Finish off the day sunbathing with a Virgin Mary and with dinner at their very own NOBU, am ready for whatever the concert brings.

Tonight we are back at one of my favourite venues. It’s an old Cinema complex transformed into a great gig. The dressing room used to be one of the smaller theatre’s but they have normal dressing rooms now….Boo Hoo! Do the meet and greet like a Old Mancunian Santa Claus then it’s the show, Sold Out show did I say? Hee Hee!

The sound is great, the audience is great, band is great!

What a wonderful end. I thank everyone and we are done ready for home, but Oops…… I forget to thank Phil Murphy and Steve Jones and they will not let me forget it either, sorry boys;(

Nice to see Brian Jary (I used to sit next to him at Salford Grammar in 1967) and his wife, along with Ken and Georgina our old friends too;) Wake to a huge storm, which is beautiful to watch.

After a fantastic breakfast with the biggest Las Vegas style buffet I have ever seen, Dan our Tour Manager takes us to the airport for the first of our three planes home.

 Thank you for such a fantastic time…..EVERYONE!

 Cheers Hooky, ’17.

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 03:57:33



A wonderful institution, I was happy to help;) 

Back to good Ol’ Blighty for this one, and this is a beautiful part of England, it really is! We are on the Pier looking out to sea, which is gorgeous.

Strange line-up again….Us ….Bootleg Beatles (one of Pottsy’s favourite bands) and Ocean Colour Scene. There are a few people we know here and weirdly for an alcoholic like me, it’s weird to see one of them who has been sober for 18 months, looking fantastic and his mate, who is still in denial, rattling like fuck? When he gets here he legs it to the bog to throw up and when I ask if he’s ok, tells me he has stomach problems, humh? I know exactly what that’s like. It has been a loooong time since I have had to face this. I have been sober now for nearly 13 years, 23rd November this year actually;) He is sweating, completely grey and looks like shit. I don’t say anything, but literally minutes later, after a few drinks, he comes back to a semblance of life. Wow, this is really strange. Like watching a film again that you’ve seen ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ or something? Sadly I am utterly fascinated and follow the poor geezer round watching him like a hawk.

Now one of the things I know for sure is that when someone is like this you cannot tell them anything (from bitter experience) they need to realise it themselves, so eventually I leave him to it.

Gig fills up and a lovely sunny afternoon makes The Light shine.

Beware if you see these two at ANY festival;)

Great gig and great reception over…….. all too soon.

Now it’s The Bootleg Beatles and this is really weird, they look exactly like them too! Even down to a false nose for Ringo and False cheeks for McCartney??? Bloody hell! Imagine if we did this for The Division ha ha! What a thought! We’d need a lot of padding for ….oh hang on ….stop Hooky! Keep forgetting I have turned over a new leaf;) Yes the prosthetics are a step too far for me, I will just stick to what’s important……The Music….Da Da!

Takes us ages to get out because the Police won’t let you drive on the Pier while there are people there. A very sad sign of the times. Stuck in a traffic jam for hours on the out-skirts of Hastings and it takes a long time to get me to Gatwick for yet another bloody flight! I hear some people get to do this only once a year….Lucky them;) But I shouldn’t moan it’s certainly better than working for a living eh folks? I will try and remember that at Security in a couple of hours;)


Bloody hell, I have done more flying than Superman. This one is with The Mary Chain again and British Sea Power. Stunning location, the Scottish countryside is amazing too, if only the weather lived up to it;(

Today isn’t bad, cool with sunny spells, almost perfect. We arrive early and have time to relax, which is nice. Nice to see Elspeth who is great fun, our permanent photographer these days! We hit the stage and do it again. A great set from start to finish, and afterwards everyone is full of compliments. The band are great tho’ I will say. I am very proud of them to say the least. Jack has been asked to play with another group and this time I don’t want him to go;(…..but…..life goes on….that we know too well ….don’t we kids?;) Lovely trip to Manchester braving all the road works and the exit closures, not! Our roads are crap!


 Nearly our last Festival appearance for this year and it is nice to be in Brum. Great line-up, with The Editors, and Ocean Colour Scene, again headlining. A nice day and I spend most of the afternoon helping this Security guy who has locked his keys in his car. This is harder than you think and before you know it the door- frame is fooked completely with still no entry! Ah well, nice to see our old mate Cromey, then we are ready and off. Great crowd goes mental and a lovely hour and a half passes. I say goodbye to the boys and am back at the airport again in minutes, enjoying a lovely Beef Pie and Chips in Wetherspoons (highly recommended, great value;). Then blink and I am back in Majorca for our 5 day drive home, we have a lovely time. I arrive home to the wonderful news that the Court cases, me against them and them against me…..are over!

This has been one of the worst months of the whole 6 years….. without a doubt! Don’t expect a re-union soon tho’ kids, these wounds will take a long, long time to heal.

 Onward and upward!

Love Hooky 5th Sept, 2017

Fri, 29 Dec 2017 12:30:31


 Another of my wonderful moments…. to play again with B.E.F.

I am delighted;) A cold day in Scotland, but a very warm audience and really up for it.

These Rewind Fessies have GREAT audiences.

Tonights guests are:


Glenn Matlock

Jaki Graham

Glenn Gregory

Owen Paul

Claudia Brucken

And the Band….who are very good!

 This lot are so well rehearsed it’s humbling. Before I know it we are off and everything goes swimmingly. It is amazing how nervous you get waiting to go on, the time crawls by…..I am terrified! Thankfully it is pulled off and before I know it I am off back to Majorca again;) Lovely to chat to Glenn Matlock, who was of course one of my greatest inspirations to be a bass player, see my Joy Division: Unknown Pleasuresbookfor details

 I ask him about Steve Jones book,

‘Have you read it?’ I ask.

 ‘Should I?’ says he.

 ‘Yes, It is a great book!’

 ‘Ok I will!’ Says he.

 Wonder if that happens to The Others? Ah well, I will never know.


Another flight from the sun ending up at The Malmaison in The ‘Toon! For this gig supporting James. Newcastle has changed so much since we started playing, it really has. Our first gig was at the Old City Hall, supporting The Adverts in 1978, which was wild. We slept under the bridge, The Malmaison, thankfully is much more comfortable;)

Times Square is a great place for a gig. We are looked after wonderfully and play very well, with a fantastic reception, thank you all.

Tim and Jim join us for a rousing Love Will Tear Us Apart at the endand we are done. I fly back very happy.

Adios Amigos! Again….H.


 One off trip to Norway begins with the obligatory flight from Majorca, two very contrasting countries indeed. Much cooler here of course and a pleasant drive and then Ferry (Bryan?) trip (which is weird watching the lake absolutely full of jellyfish??? Literally thousands of them, more even than Majorca, in cold waters as well?) to Horten. We are staying in a former Royal Residence, which is a little strange and Olde Worlde, very spartan, and fully restored back to it’s austere 18th century best, it even has a strange little concert hall downstairs.

Breakfast is a marinated fish treat and then we spend the rest of the morning visiting a naval museum nearby that boasts an original Cold War Submarine, full size, wonderful. 

Gig time approaches and after a wonderful ‘couldn’t be fresher’ fish supper and what a lovely warm welcome we get! The stage is a huge tin can, would you believe? And sounds like it. We go down a storm and the people hosting treat us fantastically. So much so that on our very early morning drive to the plane home the next day, I manage to leave my coat and Pottsy his phone and on hearing the news our wonderful hosts have them back to us both in no time at all. God bless you. Many, many thanks;)


Another hop back for this Home-Town gig. And another stellar line-up ….did I ever think I would be on the same bill as The Village People??? A wonderful atmosphere backstage and within minutes I am introduced to The Blockheads, one of my favourite groups, sadly minus Ian Dury;( Trevor Horn, one of my favourite Producers, and The Village People, one of my favourite bands! Only joking, but hey ……..Live and let live! (At my age I realise that this is very, very important!) We have a lovely afternoon. Do the obligatory Press junket which is always very entertaining and sit across from Tom Robinson, weird seeing all these faces you have grown up with in one place. Rewind is the ONLY place to do it. We are on early, the places are drawn out of a hat…no favouritism. It is great, a great crowd and lovely to see a lot of old friends in the audience.

Level 42, even suggest a bass off??? Which I thought very funny;) We’d slaughter them of course!

Still weird seeing all these acts. I spend my time talking to Trevor Horn who is with Lol Crème from 10cc. Chris Hewitt is currently rebuilding the control room from Strawberry Studios in Stockport for the buildings 50th anniversary and weirdly, even after all the time I spent in it. I can’t wait to see it.

Lol Crème of course built it in the early ‘70’s with 10.c.c. Seeing that will send a few shivers down the old spine I can tell you! The strongest memory I have of the studio is fearing the old cleaning guy coming in the morning. He would arrive about 6 a.m. while we were still in the thick of it, and turn the hoover on immediately terrifying us! We would all run and hide until he’d finished, which, of course seemed to take hours;(



Bloody hell! I am getting sick of airports.

There is a HUGE queue at check-in but I manage to blag it to the front, by acting daft and save myself an hour….HA;) Nice flight brings me to Brussels and I am amazed how many wonderful cities in the world now have this one awful connection. Barcelona brought Manchester back to mind too much….such a sad world we live in;(

Nice to see Philippe Carly again, an old friend who I first met when he photographed Joy Division in 1979. A nice day and again, The Light are on in the light. Big crowd welcomes us warmly and we play great and…… it goes off proper! The gig is in a nice location and the large crowd is very receptive, this is turning into a great festival. We are on with The Human League, so are in great northern company tonight. The end comes round all too soon and then we are done, spend a little time hobnobbing backstage with Kosheen which is nice and then like the old duffer I am, I crawl to bed,

Belgium we love ya’!

(If only we could get to Brussels eh?;)

Love Hooky xxx

Fri, 29 Dec 2017 12:20:16



We are back in business!

Due to a combination of bad advice and bad management, peterhookprivatecollection has been closed down. Talk about a hard lesson, well we live and learn!

I will be getting a new web site shortly, but until then I will be putting the Blogs back up again, here.

Mail enquiries to Peter Hook, Suite 169, Court Hill House, 60, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AJ.

E-mail enquiries to peterhookenquiries@outlook.com, but be patient for replies on both please. Keep fighting, love Hooky ‘17  

Fri, 29 Dec 2017 12:17:16



We are back in business!

Due to a combination of bad advice and bad management, peterhookprivatecollection has been closed down. Talk about a hard lesson, well we live and learn!

I will be getting a new web site shortly, but until then I will be putting the Blogs back up again, here.

Mail enquiries to Peter Hook, Suite 169, Court Hill House, 60, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AJ.

E-mail enquiries to peterhookenquiries@outlook.com, but be patient for replies on both please. Keep fighting, love Hooky ‘17  

Fri, 03 Nov 2017 11:38:51


 Back at the airport way to soon for my liking, but it’s quieter at least;)

We fly well and arrive in Athens about midnight but of course lose two hours;( Lovely hotel is the same as on our last visit and it is still lovely. We were here two years ago doing our ‘Electronic New Order’ set with The Pet Shop Boys.Itwas a great success. So ‘fingers crossed’ will be this Joy Division set.

On the bill tonight are Jesus and Mary Chain and Kasabian. Tough competition. The boys have suffered a long hard, hot sound-check which I thankfully escaped by going to the gym, where I was joined by the two bands minders, one of whom ends up telling me off like a school-kid for throwing the weights around….

’Tosser!’ I say under my breath, he was massive;(

Later we all manage to grab a few hours relax by the rooftop pool in the sun, which is great. We head to the Fessie in the light, with The Light….Ged it?

Always a bit weird playing in daylight, but the sun goes down as we start, and there is a wonderful view of the sunset just before we finish. We play well and get great support from the crowd. Many, many bootleg Joy Div T-shirts as per usual.Before I know it we are done and heading back to our very hot dressing room, another great Greek appearance, no tragedy;) Earlier our Promoter promised us a gig in the ruins of The Acropolis, seems this old ruin is drawn to other ruins;)  

It seems The Foo Fighters just played there and he says,

 ‘It was good. But will be perfect for Joy Division!’

 Interesting to watch Jesus and Mary Chain play. I loved them when Bobby Gillespie played drums and still like them now. We had a bit of a run-in shall we say when they played their ‘17mins of Feedback’ tour at The Hacienda (see How Not To Run A Club for details) but it is all behind us now;) They play very well and Jim, the singer is charm personified. Good luck to them!

Back to sleep for an early flight to Stansted for…

                                                                                                                                                                                     CHIDFEST CHIDDINGLY, CRAWLEY.

 A small festival where we play with The Christians, but great fun, just enough chaos to make it edgy and enjoyable. Jack has done a dark set but it is great to play I must admit. Everyone is knackered so go straight off to sleep. Next day is a civilised midday leave for….



 This is bigger and very well attended. We are in the swing so put in a great performance. Pottsy and the Boys are great(reminds of me Mrs.Merton days). Love it!

Lot of Liverpool bands about and before us play Space who are excellent, loved their first record ….Check it out! The lads dump me at the airport for an early flight back to the sun. Thank god, this weather is crap.

Adios Amigos, Hooky;)

Sat, 07 Oct 2017 00:40:14

Festival Les Deferlantes, Perpingnan FESTIVAL LES DÉFERLA

Sorry about the lack of photos, but my phone ran out of memory;( However, here’s two beauties…

A lovely drive though France to this gig. The traffic is horrendous on the last leg and even though the sat-nav says 3.5 hours ….. it actually takes 8, with us driving all over the place when we get there…bloody sat-navs!

This would be a beautiful spot, for any festival. High on a hill set in an old medieval castle. Their set up and organisation, food etc., is fantastic with Chemical Brothers headlining. We play really well and are received very well too, a lovely day out. Nice to see the Chemicals crew members and their Agent Alex Nightingale on the trip. Nice drive home with gorgeous weather.

The Foundry, Sheffield Students Union.

After two weeks off I am very nervous. It seems like such a long time! We practice very well, and even though as soon as we start practicing, we wonder why we are? Because we know the songs so well;)

Using a new boy today, Rob on monitors. Rob is the bass player from The Cadavers, Part Time Band contestants, and it’s nice to have someone you know doing the fold-back. It makes life a lot easier.;)

Geek Alert: Foldback System – when you see a band perform live, the black speaker boxes facing the musicians at the front of the stage, are called ‘fold back’. Folding the music back to the performers, so each musician can hear what they and the other group members are playing on stage.

(Pottsy actually mis-heard this years ago and thought, until last week???… it was called ‘fallback’…how weird is that!)

We are out of term time so no students, and I wonder what will happen?

I needn’t have worried. It is HOT!  And packed with a very boisterous audience greeting us very, very warmly. The boys play fantastically, it is insanely sweaty and I am delighted to see Queen Vivien of Bedford Boys Club 1981 fame backstage with her beautiful grown up daughter, which makes me feel very old… God doesn’t time fly?;)

Y not Festival, Matlock, Derbyshire

Nice drive to picturesque Matlock, in Derbyshire. It is strange rounding a bend and seeing this huge festival site stretching out before you, in the middle of absolutely bloody nowhere. I go out in the tent to watch the band before us play, PRETTY VICIOUS, and very young and energetic they were too, with a great drummer.

As I’m watching there is one surreal moment when someone reaches over my shoulder and points to the back of the guy in front of me, who is wearing a Festival T-shirt, and points to Peter Hook and The Light on it. I think is he taking the piss? I look round and the guy who’s pointing screams, ‘Fucking Hell!’ he shouts, ‘Peter Fucking Hook!’ I beat a hasty retreat.

The tent is packed, bursting at the seams, and apart from this huge stanchion in the middle of the stage, everything is great. It’s a mixed audience but most are very young.

The gig goes GREAT! Starting with Joy Division, then moving on to New Order. The crowd and mosh-pit getting wilder and wilder. With crowd backing vocals for ALL of the songs. Then about halfway through the set a young lady at the front pulls her top up showing off her lady parts and Jack drops the most monumental bum note I have ever heard…God bless him! We finish with LWTUA and the audience are still singing it 10 minutes after we have finished!!!

A lovely drive home as the sun sets and I feel very happy, tired but happy.

Thank you to all at Y not! Thank you very much;)

Hacienda Classical, Rainbow arena, Birmingham.

A quick trip down to Brum, turns into anything but quick when the motorway turn off is shut on both sides of the M6??? Who’s crazy idea is that???

Make it just in time as today has a 9p.m. curfew. We are playing an Electronic New Order set today all mixed together, just like the Classical in fact. We play well and for a support act are very well received. As we limber up for the main event the Arena fills up nicely. Then were on. The sound at the start is a bit ropey but soon comes together and after about 4 songs is rocking. Everyone plays great and nice to have Daz out of 808 State toasting tonight, as MC Tunes is busy. After we finish we drive to a hotel Gatwick ready for our early flight to Croatia. I have never been and am very excited.

Splitzka Festival, Primosten, Croatia.

Nice flight, thank the lord, and before we know it we are in Croatia. Which on first glance looks a lot like an unspoilt Greece. We have a short drive and unbelievably it is pissing down. The driver says they have had no rain for over 68 days, but we are Mancs…it follows us wherever we go! There is at least two foot of water on the roads now and we are very worried about the Festival. The driver laughs it off and sure enough within two hours everywhere is dry as a bone.

This is a lovely place and we get picked up for dinner later and driven into the hills to a beautiful rustic restaurant on top of a hill overlooking the ocean complete with a beautiful sunset…told you!

As we feast on home made bread, oil and olives, with a 8 hour baked lamb dish that is simply sensational, we are all sat they feeling really fat and realising we do not have long until we play….Oooops! There is nothing worse than playing on an overly full stomach…God we are getting old.  Then back to the Fessie which is gorgeous and before we know it we are off. Great gig and a great crowd, loads of Bootleg Croation Joy Division T-shirts greet me.

A wonderful time, is had by all!

A lovely warm night makes for a lovely warm singer and I am wet through. Then a young lady approaches me asking for a hug,

I say, ‘I’m wet with sweat?’

‘It’s fine.’ She says.

Then as she hugs me she whispers in my ear,

‘I miss him.’  

‘I miss him too.’ say I.

And off she waltzes. Great night. One odd sight backstage is this one bloke just sat on his own in a corner, sniffing away. When I ask who he is, it seems he is the festival drug dealer, offering all the normal stuff and the lads say he has done absolutely no business all day and now all night? That is brilliant. The old me would’ve adopted him but now I am delighted that the old drug thing now seems totally out of fashion. Last week in Magaluf on the strip, I was watching this guy approaching all the kids passing by, me thinking he was promoting a bar or something, and the kids were nice to him with quite a lot of backslapping but none stopped. Then he sauntered over to me, ‘Hey signor…you want cocaine?’ I smiled, if only he knew. You’ve not got enough in that rucksack for me dickhead. Ha Ha! I decline obviously, but am very heartened by all these kid’s reactions. He must have approached about 80 and every single one said no. I am delighted.


Nice late start makes for a lovely easy morning and is only ruined by my usual legal work that has occupied my life for too long now. In the words of Ian Curtis….’Where will it end?’ Nice trip home surrounded by kids on the plane, which was different. A cool, damp Manchester welcomes us with open arms. And….no queue at Passport Control? Which makes a lovely change;)

Rebellion Festival 40 years of Punk, Blackpool.

Lovely to be asked back and to be celebrating 40 years of punk.

I cannot believe it is 40 years ago I started!!! The crowd here are so nice and friendly it is an absolute pleasure to play. I do a Q and A with John Robb and get to meet Brix Smith after too many years. I love Brix, a great woman and let’s face it we all make mistakes don’t we? Eh Mark;)

The old theatres in here are fantastic, with many old features still in place, including me, Hee Hee. I watch the Anti Nowhere League who are as mad as ever and then get told they are Nazi’s…eh? They are just like us…fat, old blokes singing bollocks. How could anyone take any of us seriously, anyway…back to the gig! We are playing in a 2000 seater and I am delighted to be told later that it was one in one out. We are the first band to fill out a venue in the festival. I don’t feel great tonight but have to admit it goes very well and we take roof off. As I drive home later past many of the places where I used to play as a boy, I sigh. I love Blackpool.

Rewind Festival, Cheshire.

Nice jaunt back to Cheshire with The B.E.F.

This is a great Festival, loads of fancy dress and a real party atmosphere. Older crowd, but I fit in perfectly. Nice to be asked back by Martin and lovely to meet the other featured artists. Mari Wilson (who I had a mad crush on when I was a kid, saw her play loads of times in Manc, loved the beehive!). A lovely relaxed day ensues and some wild people about, Jason Donovan, Rick Astley. I feel quite grungy in comparison. B.E.F are a great group and have another great line up, as we practice backstage in the true punk tradition everything is so relaxed it’s fantastic. Then we are on….Everything goes great and I even spot Sally, my trainer in the crowd at the front, a lovely surprise.

Nice to be home.

Just to finish off a lovely picture of me from 1981.

Thank you everybody, you’ve made an old man very happy.

Love Hooky ’16 xxx

Sat, 07 Oct 2017 00:30:25



Back to Italy….this is becoming a lovely habit;)

An evening flight the night before seems like a lovely treat, but when we get to Manchester airport it is MADNESS! In all my years of travelling I have never seen Terminal 3 this crowded! There is nowhere to sit and all the restaurants are completely full. Is every fecker having their hen/stag this weekend???

Ryannair get us to Rome a bit late, well a lot late, so we don’t get the bugle on landing thank god. Lovely weather here….It’s boiling, sadly there is now a three hour drive which, for some reason seems to take forever. Eventually we land at The Nicotel, 4 star in 1975;) I reckon, but liveable with and minutes from the gig. I have had a tough day and crawl to bed at 4a.m. Sleep very deeply until 10.20….Shit just missed breakfast! Grab a snack bar and before I know it I am asleep again. Then the bloody phone rings and I am offered a better room?

‘I’d rather have the sleep at the moment love!’ I bark!

‘Ok. But is very nice room with view!’ She barks back!

 Can’t get back to sleep, luckily the lads ring asking if I want to go to the beach. This is a great idea. The beach is beautiful and a lovely couple of hours and some Pasta later, I feel almost human;) Get some well-needed rays and a nice relax, which is very welcome after a very, very tough week.


 Later back at the hotel I think ‘Feck it’ I will change rooms and end up with that beautiful view for my troubles….Gorgeous! I grab a bit more sun on my balcony and end up as red as a bloody lobster! Shit! Gig time approaches and I prepare myself.

How I hear you ask?

 One pair tight dark blue jeans (preferably Zara, True Religion or G-Star Raw) Dr.Marten boots (black or brown, non-slip sole very important)

Three guitar picks, safely in my ticket pocket.

Watch (preferably silver).

Wristband - leather.

Inhaler (my asthma reacts badly to some smoke machines!)

Disposable T-shirt (daft message preferably:)

and ……off we jolly well go!

O.M.G. This venue is amazing, a small amphitheatre right on the beach, facing out over The Adriatic. You can hear the surf from the stage. By far the best Venue’s I have ever played have been here in Italy. We are on the floor and so I have the whole floor circle to run round in, I show off madly. Gig goes great! By the time we get to Joy Division Substance they go nuts and LWTUA finishes them off completely, they even invade the floor! We have a fag and a pizza, in that order, and watch the waves and the full moon, a heady combination.

Bed beckons, sleep well until about 6 a.m. when it’s like someone has switched a huge searchlight on outside my bloody room…..SHIT….it’s the sun, bollocks! That bloody view! Can’t win them all eh?


Wake at 8.45 to the worst breakfast I have ever seen. I honestly don’t know why they bothered? I am in a hurry so grab a coffee and jump in the van because the lads are all waiting and we have a long way to go. With the first jerk the first jerk gets his coffee all over him…..Balls! Now a 6 hour journey flies by, aided by good company and beautiful scenery. We are in a district just outside of Florence called Fieste, which my driver assures me is the very upmarket district. It is lovely I must admit, very Beverley Hills. The venue is another amphitheatre from the Etruscean era (????) and is surrounded by many Roman Ruins and one Salford Ruin. It is hot and steamy but delightful. This arena is bigger and we get double the audience of last night, it rocks right from the start to the finish. I am delighted.

The boys play fantastically and our only distraction is the mosquitos. We get back to the hotel at 2a.m. and have to be up early for our 3 hour drive back to Rome for the return flight. As you can imagine….it’s a quiet drive. Weirdly I don’t feel too bad, I must admit. But after flying back to England I am wiped out…… completely!

Sanatogen anyone please?

Arivaderci Roma, Gratzi.

Sun, 24 Sep 2017 13:27:14


A one off Festival for us over here, nice flight and a short drive puts us into the centre of this beautiful French town. Our hotel is right in front of the Cathedral and it’s gorgeous. The Fessie is in the local park and the whole place is delightful. I am nervous… seems like we haven’t been doing many gigs (I have been really busy with everything else lately:( and it always makes me more nervous;)

Pre gig we have a lovely meal on the canal side in a funky café, I know it’s supposed to be work…I know!

Then back to the Park. We are on in ‘the light’ and a have a crowd that needs winning over to say the least. It is cool weather, cold almost and it makes it tougher….but…. we go for it! Then a couple of numbers in we start to win them over, warm them up and before you know it….THEY ARE OURS! HA!

Finish ecstatically and I am one more T-shirt worse off. Sign everything the people have for me and then back to the hotel for a nice early night. Up early and the same short drive and nice flight home, got a few days off thank god. I need a bit of peace and quiet, to say the bloody least;)


Joel Perry has done a fantastic job of organising this gig, very quickly, and it is the least we can do to help. My daughter was at The Arena and knowing how it has affected us, I cannot begin to comprehend what some parents are going through. It is completely heart breaking.

Manchester is suffering, and a great measure of the respect is how many messages of support I get from all round the world. I am very proud of the way our community has pulled together.

I attend the One Love Concert in the afternoon and while it has a strange atmosphere, the crowd is very buoyant and there are some great attendees, my daughter included. It is run very well and it just shows what can be pulled together quickly for such a great cause.

I arrive at The Deaf just as Certain Ratio finish, sadly, but it is lovely to see all these old faces about. It is hotter than hell and luckily I don’t have much time to think about it before we are on. A great crowd is well warmed up and the response is fantastic. We start with Atmosphere, which gets a few people emotionally, including me! Then in a gesture of hope and defiance, a greatest hits set. The crowd goes wild from start to finish and even on this this tiny stage ‘The Light’ spreads out. As I head into the night through this great city of ours I cannot help but feel very saddened by this world of today. This week alone there have been three car bombs in Kabul and two in Mosul, inflicting great pain on many innocent people, but no-one will be doing a benefit concert for them;) We are very lucky indeed.

Take care out there,

Hooky ‘17

Mon, 28 Aug 2017 10:26:22



As a band we have had a funny relationship with Hull over the years I must admit. Daftly because of one of our gigs in the early 80’s, but lately I have really come to appreciate it as a great city, with great people.

Nice drive, despite the road-works, and I come to realise that this may be one of my last journeys in my car, a Mercedes 400E, twin turbo 4 litre, and I must admit it has been a great motor, I will miss it.

I love cars and have wasted fortunes on them over the years, ever since I was able to drive. One of my first cars was a Jaguar Mk 10 420G, cost £35, at 19 years old (google it), The Kray Twins had one! It did 6 miles to the gallon. Mainly thanks to its triple 2” SU carburettors (ask your granddad) I couldn’t afford to run it at all, but loved it and treasured my moments in it. I had £2 a week to spend on petrol, which bought a gallon and those 3 miles there and back were my weekly treat. As I approach my later years I wonder if my love for mad old cars will fade or when? Not at the moment though, so I am on the lookout for my next car, suggestions? Strange, with what I have been through on the legal front, the waste of time and money, I must admit it makes Sports cars look sensible;( You live and learn eh? It has been a difficult lesson…..

…. I ‘ll never get that bloody Ferrari;(


Oh yeh the gig….went off on one there ha ha;) When I got to the postcode I could not find it anywhere?? The University is huge, sprawling and totally impenetrable. In the end I have to ask directions (us men hate to do that:) but everyone I ask is going to the gig and is lost too! Funny, me and the fans, all stuck in the same boat… hee hee! Eventually a lovely young lady fan sorts us all out and before we know it we are there. Nice short wait in the dressing room and we are off. Great crowd, great gig. Well worth the trip, much easier finding the way home, staying at The Airport Hotel, Thank god, before our trip to…….



Lovely flight and we are staying in a wonderful hotel, Bella Sky and it is gorgeous. Nearby the fantastic modern venue is very much like the BBC in Salford. Brand new and all shiny, completely purpose built. Only trouble is the stage isn’t really a stage where are on a raised floor, like a theatre set-up. After a few songs I quite like it, you can wander all over the space, it’s a bit surreal in a good way. Audience are cool to start but by the end, all ours;) We load out and asleep before we know it.


A nicer late leave for Aarhus and after a hearty breakfast and some oral persuasion Phil agrees to take the ferry and cut short the drive. So it’s an hour on the road, a bit Dad’s Army, but we make it and a lovely ferry awaits!

It is interesting that these ferries between the Islands in Sweden and Denmark are so good compared to those in France and Spain. I wonder what the ‘Meditation rooms’ are like?;)

Nice easy day for me, even though I have to work on the Case again, for a couple of hours;(.

But, squeeze an old man’s nap in between a great film called ‘Sandcastles’ featuring the kid who used to be in ‘Skins’. He has done very well for himself I must say. Highly Recommmennnded!!!

Bloody Netflix, it’s hard to get a minutes peace with it;( Gig soon looms after an awful Italian meal? Which puzzles me……. how anyone could fuck up Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread??? But they did folks.

A smallish crowd for us these days, I’d say roughly the same as we had last time in 2011. Which is strange, because we have really grown everywhere else. Ah well can’t win them all. But they are very enthusiastic and both sets go down really well. The boys play great and I dedicate Atmosophere to Ian C. as his 37th anniversary approaches on May 18th, be nice to see him.

We finish fantastically and wind down nicely. I finish ‘Sandcastles’ and go to sleep, listening to the club next door, throbbing it’s way through the night. Wake up late and another nice easy day sees us driving back to Copenhagen for the flight home, no Ferry this time, the new van is too tall, so drive we must. Time flies by and everyone sleeps, apart from the driver of course;) Then with an almighty ‘BANG’ the exhaust falls off??? WOW… this is like the old days! We pull in the services in a shower of sparks and the boys leap into action trying to figure out how to fix it.

This is great…Too many cooks spoiling the broth deffo;)

I suggest sticking a brush handle I have found, through both ends and carrying on? I get poo-pooed mightily with everyone saying it would catch fire??? That’s rubbish isn’t it readers? Eventually Pottsy gets it tied up and sorted out, well done that man, and we complete our journey safely to the airport and head home in the sunshine.

Back to Good Ol’ Blighty.

I thank you all,

Fri, 28 Jul 2017 12:34:38


Our American Airlines flight is cancelled from Manchester, gone tech!

So we are transferred to British Airways via Heathrow, which actually works out better for us;) It’s a direct flight to San Francisco, we were due to change in Dallas….. every cloud eh? A lovely brand new plane too, very comfortable and as it’s a day flight, sleep escapes me….. Which I will regret later;(

We land and navigate Immigration easily, but when we get to the luggage roundel we are informed that our gear is still in London…..Ooops! Mad panic ensues and as we run round like headless chickens, we are gently re-assured it will all be here tomorrow, thank god. We get into our Japanese hotel, Kabuki about 4.a.m English time. We are knackered. It is 8.30p.m here now, but I am shot, totally combobulated, so crawl to bed and guess what? Am wide awake at 4.30a.m San Fransico time??? Hammering on the breakfast room door at 6a.m, then in the gym for 7! Later we are informed by text, that one bag is missing….But which one you ask? Only the one containing our backing track machines!!! Which are obviously vital to the New Order set??????

This only affects one half of the show but is very upsetting, we have another panic summit but let’s face it ?…..it isn’t the end of the world:(See Kim Jung On and Donald Trump for that!) Me and Jack sort out a replacement set and later I head over to Berkeley for a rare sound-check.


This is a really funky place, very bohemian, but the traffic from San Francisco is really bad;( The driver tells me that so many people commute to the centre of S.F. now that sometimes there and back can take nearly 4 hours a day…..EWWWWH! Thankfully all the gear has arrived….Hooray!

We are back to normal, whatever that is?. Sound-check well and after a pizza courtesy of our great friend Professor Wendy Fonarow, who is introducing us tonight, we are well fed and watered;) Gig time is here and Jack and I are presented with our new guitars by Yamaha, made especially to commemorate the BB1200S that I have used on nearly every New Order track and all my solo work, Freebass, Revenge and Monaco, and most other sessions as well.

They are rebuilding them as my signature bass. I am honoured. These two are prototype’s…. rebuilt from scratch, and amazingly are actually better sounding than the original, technology eh? The launch is imminent. Details to follow;)….

The gig is great, the boys play very well, interestingly ‘The Others’ played here last week so half joking I ask the audience who went to see them and nearly all, if not all actually, put up their hands….No pressure eh? It is very interesting that we share the kids, they have them one night and us the other. How long before they start playing us off against each other for more treats and presents….

 Mummy, please let us stay up later!

 Daddy let’s us have McDonalds every day!

Etc, etc., I am worried;(

 Anyway, onstage sound is crap, which just goes to show how useless sound-checks are, but the gig goes great. Both sets are received very, very well and we are very happy. Luckily the trip back is much quicker at midnight and we all crawl to bed. I sleep okay thanks to a Zopy, but bloody hell this jetlag ismurder! Must be old age? We fly early to Denver, thankfully with equipment.


I like Denver. Red Rocks is sensational, I urge you to check it out if you ever get there. Even without a gig they are worth seeing. The weather is freezing and we are greeted by a blizzard…..Wild!

What a contrast to California. One old mans nap later and I am at the gig, which is packed. N.O. goes down a treat and then on to Joy Div. we get a flurry of fights! In Digital I have to stop the band as one guy is elbowing another, Jack Reacher style, on the top of his head in a huge melee in the audience??? It calms down but flares up again and again, right to the end of the set. Scary! Be careful what you wish for eh? We finish greatly and head out into the cold to bed, Pottsy is unwell and struck with a sore throat and I really miss him tonight;(

I sing Confusion and Perfect Kiss, which I enjoy. Off to bed and with a wake up call for 6.10a.m, to worry about, sleep really badly. I am up at 5.30a.m exhausted. Airport run wakes us up and a quick 2 hours get us to the …..cold of Dallas???? The first time I have ever been cold in Texas;( The weather has been very bad here for a while, watching the news is terrifying. The boys and I all go straight to bed, crashing out. I grab 2 and a half hours then wake up feeling terrible, really jet-lagged……it’s horrible. Stumble to the gig….

 Old Young Hooky! If you know what I mean?;)


Held in the Modern Art Museum, the place is gorgeous. We are playing on a raft in the middle of an ornamental lake outside the Main Art Hall. I have no idea why? But there is a moat in front of us, which is quite weird. It is cold and windy which doesn’t help with the atmosphere and then as it goes dark we realise there are no suspended lights at all. It’s all floor lights, so the stage is virtually pitch black. You can’t see the frets or lyrics or even each other. Totally surreal! The sound is awful too, but the lads put in quite a performance and we even do an encore. Great crowd, and the moat stays un-breached. I do interviews celebrating Bill Paxton (‘Touched by the Hand of God’ Video) and Jonathan Demme (‘Perfect Kiss’ Video) both taken much too early, the net seems to be closing in, scary. Bed about 1 and feeling so spacy it’s unbelievable, oh to sleep, please god. Up at 8.30 and a hearty Texan breakfast that would have fed 4 Englishmen, makes me feel better and I steel myself for the trip home to good Ol’ Blighty.  Takes me 4 days to recover….phew…..I must be getting old.

Love Hooky ’17.

Fri, 14 Jul 2017 04:44:50


Back to Italy, and flying direct to Rome.

A lovely day when we leave and when we arrive, it is glorious…..Hooray! It warms my old bones. A nice relax before the gig and we are on at 11.20p.m? O.M.G!  

A real shock to my system??? I love you Continental’s…. thank god for siesta’s tho’. The gig is right next to the Trevi Fountain which is quite strange, but lovely to see. The Concert goes well from start to finish, and the reaction is almost even across the two LP sets, which is nice. A great finish ensues, but as I enter the ‘smoking room’ for a post coital fag, I get the shock of my life when our driver appears from nowhere, pulling the door open and me with it, scaring me to bloody death! He was asleep, just waking on the final chord. Anyway, I recover and as we drive back to the Hotel it never ceases to amaze me how impossibly beautiful a city Rome is? Every street you drive down brings yet another wonderful surprise. I am a very lucky boy. Home for about 3.a.m……knackered…. but happy;)

Bit of a lie in and we drive in lovely weather too….


The scenery is stunning all the way but as we get into town, we find this gig is a bit in the middle of nowhere on a huge Industrial estate;( These halls are usually purpose built by the community as an Arts Centre and it is something The Europeans do so well, as a gig they are designed perfectly. Usually paid for by the local governing parties to curry favour with the young voters, but as I said very well designed and equipped. I tax the bootleg T-shirt seller outside by getting some free T’s for me, and the boys. The cheeky bastard is amazed I pick a Sex Pistols one? Asking why I don’t have a Joy Div one? Would have thought that was Bleedin’ Obvious….. but never mind!

Anyway, tonight’s gig is no exception and we are looked after very well. A capacity audience greets us very warmly and another great gig ensues. Loads of different bootleg Joy Division T-shirts on the people in front of the stage greet me. Weird!)

All these successful gigs are great but sometimes you think,

“Oh for a riot like the old days?”

Ooh! Be careful what you wish for Hooky;)

Bed rather late again and another well needed lie in and we hit the road again. Gorgeous weather and beautiful terrain accompanies us all the way to……..


Another beautiful, beautiful city!

Our Hotel is outside on the outskirts, and is hosting a wedding which looks like it might be wild later, I take the opportunity to get a bit of sun on my balcony for a couple of hours whilst doing some interviews for Record Store Day and The Hacienda Classical. We have the first of one in Leeds next week, with our new set and after all the preparation it is very exciting. These are such different gigs for me, I do the sound and sing Blue Monday, but strangely the whole thing is much more nerve wracking than playing with The Light. I can’t figure it out?….I know there are more people but I do that all the time as well. That’s one thing I love about our gigs as The Light, we get to play all different sizes of venue even on Ships ;), and believe me it really keeps you on your toes. Big venues are good, especially from the financial point of view but it is easy to feel and act detached see Substance :Inside New Order for details. It is quite an art to project and not every group or group member can do it. Anyway, the gig is great…..again! We are all very happy and Joy Division finishes it off with a bang……..Perfectly!

We have a drink in the dressing room after…..a very happy bunch. What a life;) Up late again on Sunday for a drive back to Bergamo for our flight…which is weird backtracking. Kiss the weather goodbye and back to cold old Manc….our home!

Thank god.

Love Hooky ’17 xxx

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 10:28:46


A beautiful day and a nice trouble free drive (despite the BLOODY road worksL) gets us to Hull. I am accompanied by Twinny my old mate of 44 years and two of his friends for this jaunt. Which is very nice. I hope he makes it to 45? He is on a bender you see;)

Boarding the boat today is easy because we are headlining and get very special treatment. Thank heaven for small mercies eh? Normally the queue-ing takes ages, the last one of these I did in Barcelona the boarding and room registration process took 6 bloody hours!


 Anyway, I get a corner cabin with two windows and a double shower, WOW! Which feels like being on holiday. The boat is moving around a lot. It’s choppy from start to finish, and I see people clutching their drinks with very determined looks on their faces everywhere. After a lovely meal (I will say one thing for these P & O Ferries, the foods great! On the ones we get from England to France and Barcelona to Majorca the food is shite, and I can never figure out why….must be the captive audience:).

Before we know it we are onstage, which is a tiny one compared to most we get these days, but everything goes well. The Joy Division Substance is first and the audience go bonkers from start to finish, severely testing the row of Security guys and gals at the front, no barrier you see, so it’s a flesh and blood one! These guys are tough! Phil saw them take two kids down in the bar and said they had them in handcuffs in seconds. “Take them to the meditation room.” One of them shouted.

We finish well and I troop out for a smoke on the crew deck where we pass said meditation rooms, numbers 1 2 3 and 4. They are the cells, very sobering. So after I head for bed, it’s been a heavy week, narrowly avoiding the swaggering Beer Zombies all the way, like some mad sort of 3D game.

I get to sleep about 2.a.m. and then am rudely awakened by the HI-DI-HI like announcer at 5.45a.m.????



 Here incredibly I am joined by a very fresh looking - even tho’ he hasn’t been to bed - Clint Boon, which is lovely. He is getting off after DJing last night to fly home for his regular, for 26 years he tells me, night at South in Manchester. He IS the hardest workingman in showbiz (he even makes me look lazy;) it’s great to catch up.

As he leaves I go back to bed. I am being awarded the title of ‘Honorary Crewmember’ today so I can stay on the boat instead of heading to Rotterdam or Amsterdam as are the rest of the band and audience. They all laughed at me for staying on board. I then toss and turn, for what seems like hours, listening to all the bloody announcements over and over again, which seem to last forever!!!

I count four speakers in my room alone. It is torture.










P an O FERRIES LOVE YOU! Etc etc etc.,

 It is with blessed relief that about 10.a.m. they finish….phew! The next thing I knew it was time for lunch, where I was a guest in the Crew’s mess. The food was great here too and much refreshed I watch A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, have another nap and before I know it, it was time for dinner. Tough Life! I must have put on half a stone! The lads have arrived back and like every one else are absolutely knackered. The audience have been transformed with lack of sleep into wasted shadows of their former selves;(

The New Order Substance set opens to a very quiet bunch, it’s like they have all been kidnapped and replaced by bored librarians, even Twinny’s posse are exhausted). But we persevere and by half way through we get them back and it ends in a huge furore…..phew again! One great moment when I berate a front row guest for sleeping and his girlfriend comes later and tells me he has Narcolepsy.

“Makes driving with him very interesting.” She says, “He drove us here and fell asleep three times!”

Bleeding hell???

I was okay after but the lads were a sight to behold they all just lay around spent, completely spent. I go to bed only to be wakened by more bloody announcements at 4.45??? Because the bloody clocks have gone back and we have lost an hour……aaaargh!

This was probably one of the weirder gigs I have ever done, but the crew and the crowd I have to say were fantastic. We had one crewmember Pedro, from Portugal, who seemed to do everything on board. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was driving the boat. He was head-waiter, greeter, photographer, head cook and bottle washer! It’s like the Circus. On the way off he says to me,

“You hear that announcement? That’s the code for toxic human waste in the cabin. We have to send in the experts in gas masks and hazard suits and steamers.”

Shit, for some reason I immediately think of Twinny. But surprisingly he is quite chipper. We get off the boat, first! Top one. Then a lovely sunny drive home and I drop him at Wetherspoons on Deansgate where him and the boys start again.

Oh to be young;)

love Hooky ‘17

Wed, 28 Jun 2017 10:13:15


The first shows of the year are very exciting, two reasons, three really, nice to be back in Europe (I’m a Remainer :). Great to play again, and today we have a new keyboard player, Davos, who is replacing Andy Poole. Andy had been with us from the very start in May 2010 and will be sorely missed, a lovely man. But every cloud etc.,  because of the change we are very well rehearsed.

Easy flight to Brussels, the boys go over earlier so it’s strange travelling alone? Still weird we can’t get to play here in the capital of Belgium, but hey ho….. fingers crossed, one day eh?

Sadly he is on another plane, bye Andy;( 


Stage time rolls round quickly and we are off, it’s freezing. I do a book signing with Phillippe Carly, who famously took photos of Joy Division when we played at the Plan K, Belgium in 1979. A big friend of Annik Honore and all round lovely man, he is selling a lovely book of his Plan K photo’s in a coffee table book for 98 Euro’s ….phew! Beautiful book though!

Then gig time.  A full house greets us warmly, and stays warm for N.O Substance. Then into JD Substance and they go crazy. Dave plays very well, very well indeed, I am impressed;) We finish ecstatically, and drink a toast to Andy, Au Revoir mon ami! Life goes on …..I am living proof;)



Cold and wet just like Manchester today….. hooray! A nice three-hour drive gets us to Leuven, a pretty town. I am busy with legal business so don’t get out, but grab a lovely meal just before show time.  Then …I am ready. A smaller venue tonight, but very full again, thank you all. We are off and it is fine from start to finish, very enjoyable. The playing and my love of the music is very important these days, with just the business you’d go crazy, again….I am living proof;)

Late, but very happy night!

Wake and soon as I fire the computer I am very stressed, definitely going to the gym today man! It’s the only thing that helps.


Short and pleasant drive gets us to Lille and I head to the gym, thank god for that! Feel much better and a run and a bit of iron throwing, really sets you up for the day without a doubt. What a life, another great gig from start to finish. This is getting boring! And before we know it…it’s all over.

Weather is awful but I am warm inside.

Merci France, lov Hooky ‘17

Tue, 30 May 2017 06:23:01

South America


A long trip via Atlanta gets us into Rio the day of the gig, so it is going to be tough, especially for the lads.

Strange being here the same time as New Odour. I notice in interviews that Gillian says she misses me?…..Aah bless! And Steve cracked on he didn’t even know we were here with The Light at the same time…humh? I find both those statements impossible to believe for many, many reasons.

The Brazilian Press have turned it into a bit of an Us vs Them, which could turn out to be quite interesting. In Chile we are actually playing at the same theatre three days apart….Weird!

Weirder still, we split up after The South American Tour in 2006. Ten years ago nearly to the day (and have been at each other’s throats ever since;) God that takes some stamina that doesn’t it? I cannot believe it myself, very New Order.

Anyway we are staying in Copacabana right on the beach and it is glorious. We have played this club before and it is a bit rough and ready but has a great atmosphere. As I arrive I remember one other thing….It is bloody hot! Poor Old Leadfoot is worn out. The gig goes great (Sold Out again!) and the audience are wonderful, I sign a million things and do a thousand photos, before crawling back to bed;)



A much-needed night off, here on the 2nd recharges our batteries. The Hotel surprise me with a lovely welcoming gift. How sweet, tasted lovely too.

This is getting tough for me….Must be my age? It really does get harder every year;( Still I manage the gym again, which is nice and makes me feel a lot better. The gig looms large and this is a big place (Sold Out;) and strangely me and Pottsy have a row??? Not over much, fold-back actually;(…It is years since we’ve had one and thankfully it is over quickly. I think we are all frazzled to be honest! It makes you very cranky these late nights and early mornings, and being an old bloke, that’s the worst one. God knows how I handled it when I was drinking etc., Well, I just answered that question really;) I had actually forgotten what it was like to be mad at some one on tour! Me and Jack bang heads a few times but it’s never over anything disastrous. I come up with a new motto ‘Don’t moan….Phone!’ which everyone loves throwing back in my face as soon as I start moaning…..typical.

Ends up being a great gig, crackling with energy. The audience goes nuts for both sets and we struggle to get out with the amount of people clustered round the van. ‘Is this what it was like for The Beatles?’ asks Pottsy.

I think it was worse for them mate, a little.


 Short flight brings us to Sao, and we have two nights off. Brilliant!

 Early on the first night we get a great curry from this really dodgy looking place in the middle of Sao Paolo (Google we love you x). On the way home it starts to rain and one of the gutters bursts, but not with water, with cockroaches!!! An army of them pour out and scare Phil to death (he’d be no good in I’m a celebrity get me out of here). I regale the boys with tales of my cockroach days in Ordsall in Salford. They are suitably impressed/disgusted.  We all get sunburnt rotten the next day and finish off with a typical Brazilian Barbecue meal.

 Amazing to think how in the old days we would go to loads of these and not eat at all! The Promoters, who always took you, must have thought we were mad. But those days are thankfully gone. Nice early night for me, I was feeling a bit weird to be honest. I think I’m getting a cold again. Leadfoot’s got one and hard as I try to stay away from him, it is impossible with his magnetic personality. The gig day dawns and I still feel rough but steel myself and go to the gym, which works….I feel much better….Hooray! Before I know it my old mate Heitor picks me up and after a Japanese meal in Japantown, Sao Paolo. (Turns out Sao Paolo, has the largest Japanese population of any city in the world after Tokyo, go figure?) My other old friend and our Promoter Giuli, drives us to the gig. Now this gig’s stage is the highest I have ever seen, even higher than The Glasgow Appollo. So the audience are way below. A great very young crowd goes mad from start to finish. We play great. It is hotter than hell…again. One wonderful moment when this old geezer climbs up on the stage and goes to crowd surf off during Warsaw, but the crowd just part and won’t support him and he has to jump down going flying arse over tit, bet he’s aching today;)

We play Atmosphere for the Brazilian team lost in the air crash. I watched the funeral in Port Allegre, and it reminded me of Princess Diana’s funeral in England. It was very moving and the footballers were so young. It seems to have affected all the Brazilian people very much. As I sing I see many people in the audience crying one girl in particular makes me choke up too and I have to really pull myself together to get the words out. I think it was because Heitor my friend, a doctor, was a volunteer in Columbia to bring the players back home to Brazil. He was telling me all about the scene and what had happened, a shocking waste of life because of one man’s greed.

A real tragedy.

We give them mercy with Love W. T. U. A. and the ‘Sold Out’ house goes bonkers! Wonder how we’ll fare in the comparison stakes eh world? We shall have to wait and see won’t we……Off to Chile very early tomorrow.


God we are knackered. Bed at 2.30a.m. and up at 5.45a.m. for our trip. I am in shock. It’s still dark, but every one is very happy after such a great gig last night. At the airport it takes over two hours to check the equipment in and get to Departures, then a 4hr 45min flight, then 1 hour in immigration and an hour and a half in Baggage to get the equipment out. It seems it has been stored until tomorrow for some reason? We get to our bus, and I must admit it has seen better years, probably around 1960 I reckon. Our greeters seem a bit sheepish and very quiet, almost avoiding eye contact and certainly no conversation. By the time we arrive at the Hotel there is no time to rest and the lads go straight to the sound-check. I crash out (you are allowed if your over 60) and I am just nodding off when all the phone start, almost all at once. At first I thought it was someone pissing around. Then I realise not only are the lads phoning me but also my manager. I finally get the very bad news that the Promoter has not sorted out the advertising for the gig. He had billed it as ‘New Order’ in a cheap attempt, I presume, to get sales off ‘The Others’. He had been warned about their removal and facing legal action, so I had no option but to pull the gig.

I am devastated. This gig in particular was the one I was looking forward to;(

Three days after them? same venue? it was the perfect opportunity to show our worth. We had been checking with this Promoter a lot, to make sure the show could go ahead, I am not daft. This was a problem, even though our gig was booked 4 months before they announced theirs ….Boo… Hiss(hey it is pantomime season;). Right up until the last minute the Promoter had assured us there would be no problems. He is an idiot.

After doing so well in Brazil to be treated like this here was terrible. We have played here twice before…. both sold-out, why this promoter acted like this I do not know.

I can only apologise to all our fans and ‘The Others’ and say when we come back again it will not be with him.  

A welcome early night gets us ready for more obscene travelling.


Up at 6.30a.m for our flight to the beautiful place that is Buenos Aries, the Paris of the south. A gorgeous city…… but we are tired, very tired. Thankfully gig wise we are back to normal, with another ‘Sell Out’ and what a gig it is! An absolutely bonkers reception for both sets! I am amazed! It is so welcome after the shenanigins of yesterday.

B.A. I LOVE YOU! All thoughts of that awful night over 10 years ago are forgotten and forgiven…..You made an old man very, very happy. It is times like this that make all the effort worthwhile. Crawl to bed.

Almost human 10a.m start to …..


Our last gig, on this tour.

Jack tells me we have done 49 since Glasgow….WOW! What an achievement. My wife, dog and daughters have forgotten me but it was almost worth it….ha ha! Weird hotel this one, great pool and gym, and a strange 60’s style casino, all of which I have to ignore because of my cold, now in full bloom. The gig is nice and there is always a weird feeling at the end, no matter where you are or ‘who’ you are with. Tonight is no different. The gig goes great and we give Andy Poole, our ex-keyboard player a great send off. He is leaving us for pastures new, sadly.

Adios mon ami! Love Hooky ‘16

Tue, 30 May 2017 05:25:28



Our last train ride is a great one. It is such an enjoyable way to travel along with beautiful scenery all the way. Arrive much less stressed and this hall is an old favourite. We are visited by many friends tonight, Pete Pacifico, Steve Garvey (Buzzcocks old bass player) plus family, our two Policeman friends Shaun and ????, and many, many others. I am overwhelmed, a great gig!

Guess what? Yep! ‘Sold Out’ too. I had to do a runner again, afterwards people…tired out. Up early still bleary eyed for an early flight to…….


Only good thing is we are very close to Boston, so the trip doesn’t take long. Historically over the 6 years we have been playing as The Light, we have not done very well in this town, so I am intrigued about this evening. Grab a laundry run and yours truly is pristine again, clean and sparkley….and all for $2!

A bloody bargain. When I get there tonight turns out to be so different from our usual, ‘Sold.Out’, brilliant!

A nice space this gig and another great concert ensues (This is getting boring to report;). In a lovely way I have to say. Great gig from start to finish and Cambridge is a beautiful district, my driver was an ex-policeman here and regales me with lurid tales of Boston’s underworld on our trip….Fascinating but not as bad as Manchester;)


Back to the bloody airport again sadly, but it’s smooth and we are staying in one of my favourite hotels in the world. ZERO ONE!

Grab a great ‘noodle ramen’ in Chinatown on arrival, then an old man’s nap beckons. It’s cold here at last. The Fairmont is an old cabaret club, and I think the perfect layout for a concert. Small but ‘Sold Out’ ages ago! We are greeted mightily and the warmth and enthusiasm blows me away, from start to finish. What a great crowd. ‘The best yet!’ says Pottsy!


Quick flight to Toronto, and we are staying here for two nights to finish off our North American Tour. I am ready for home now, never mind South America. I have hardly had a day off for 4 months, but it has been great …all of it! Apart from the ‘Legals’ bit of course, which has been particularly harrowing this month;(

It is unseasonably warm here too? God knows what we are leaving behind for you kids?…the world seems in an awful state. Ah well! Squeeze in a wonderful steak dinner in one of Toronto’s oldest restaurants, the aptly named Barberians, which is famed for it’s huge wine cellar, thousands of bottles some worth over $30,000. All housed in a nuclear Bomb Proof basement accessible only by high tech fingerprint technology. The Manager turns out to be an old New Order fan so I get a guided tour. It is wild, cost 1.5 million dollars to build. But I suppose if your going to go, there is no better companion than fine wine;) It is available for private hire if you’re interested? Early night beckons and next day I make the most of the Hotel’s facilities, The Grand has a great pool and gym, and with only the Chef skiving off to keep me company, I get a great workout. I have actually managed to keep heart and soul and fitness together…so thank you lord;)

Gig time rolls round and after some very tardy sushi, I am ready.

Danforth is a great theatre but really suffers from no side fills, for the onstage sound. I remember it as a huge problem last time. Tonight is ‘Sold Out’ again and if you are interested (again!). Toronto holds the record for giving New Order it’s biggest EVER concert audience at The C.N.E. Grandstand in 1987, 33,000 people. Thank you T, a hell of an achievement. Tonight’s gig is special from the word go and the boys, regenerated by a visit from Coatsey, another of the world’s greatest roadies, from Manchester originally now moved to better climes, so he says.

A legend in his own lunchtime! I had him for a good while in 2000 and we shared many adventures;) New Order flies by and then Joy Division flashes too. I am sad to see them go, and as I grab a fag outside alone on the stairs, I smile to myself with what we have achieved. A hell of a tour indeed!

Thank you the people of America and Canada for making an old man very happy. I have met some wonderful people and at this difficult point in my professional career, your support is much appreciated;)

Love Hooky ‘16

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 10:49:30

USA/Canada Part:3

 I reach Rock Bottom…..AGAIN!


An interesting city, I always shudder when I see the Dome downtown tho’, after hearing the stories of life just after Hurricane Katrina. A lot of homeless people here too. It immediately strikes you in every city we visit how many there are. From New York, stretching to San Francisco, Detroit being particularly bad hit, they are everywhere;(

Ah well…there but for the grace of god eh people? Hotel is nice and close to the gig and after an early night I am able to hit the gym, which is nice. Another gig off the list today, and I must admit this is a long tour and I am feeling it very much. I suppose that’s the problem of having so much on at home with the Legal cases, such a shame it ruins everything. When they said,

‘Cocaine is god’s way of telling you you’ve got too much money!’

They definitely should have said Litigation! Jesus!

Anyway nice walk to the gig and we are off. Gig goes well until the JD set, when two kids start pogoing and an older lady at the front takes offence and goes mental, punching one of these guys twice in the face, as fast as Jason Statham! Must be one of these Hockey moms we hear about. It calms down but she shows no remorse even when I warn her to take it easy. What a girl! She looks like Sarah Palin on steroids. Apart from that the gig goes well, strange how I am starting to recognise a lot of the audience members from when we have played a place before…my memory seems to be improving…must be all the exercise. I walk home with Andy Poole, particularly nice in the light of the Supermoon we’ve having at the moment. Bed is welcome. Early-ish start to…..


 Getting a bit fed up with airports I must admit. Longing for a train station;)

The only fun to be had here is, Pottsy having lost his passport, has to use his driving license to travel, and it singles him out as being foreign and ‘Of special interest’ (I always said he was special;) so he gets a ‘special’ very intimate pat down which is funny to watch, his facial reactions being very interesting to the shall we say…probing;) Nice quick trip and after doing my laundry (again) we are back at another gig. This goes very well from start to finish, with an older audience than usual. Another sell out, which as the guy said, ‘Pretty good for a Tuesday night!’ Glad to get back to bed….knackered! Later start today, which is nice and the last flight for a while too.


I have been here many times with the kids over the years, so it seems like an old friend. I used to think it was hilarious when a huge plane load of English families after no sleep on the flight, would arrive and get taken straight to the hire car place and given a left hand drive motor, then being let loose on America’s roads, sleep deprived, jet lagged, with a car full of screaming children. Watching them from a safe distance, go the wrong way round the roundabouts was my favourite (I was lucky, I had driven here a lot). I look out of the Gym window onto Orlando downtown, and it is very pretty. But again, has it’s own fair share of wandering homeless (at least it’s warm here I suppose:). It feels to me like there is revolution in the air. The divide between rich and poor seems so marked. They co-exist at the moment but it makes you wonder? It really does;(

The gig venue tonight is where poor Christina Grimmie got shot by an obsessed fan, and it’s only when it is drawn to my attention, that I realise how many mentions of guns we have, in this particular set. New dawn fades, Perfect Kiss, love Vigilantes, 1963, in particular. Our own fault, The Hacienda’s legacy I suppose;(

It’s a big hall this one, it goes well, not great, but we play tight and after a dedication to a new ‘Friend of Bill W.’ on New Dawn Fades we are done. Crawl to bed. Rest in peace Christina.


It is 10 years ago today that New Order split up, in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

I do wonder if they’ll ever get back together? But to be honest we are more at each other’s throats now than we were then;( Ah well, got a much better anniversary coming up on the 27th! Nice drive, and our driver is Keith who used to engineer at Amazon/Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. A lovely man, who came to Orlando, Florida to engineer a Deep Purple album for three months. It took 15! He met a girl and never went back. Can’t say I blame him, the place and the weather is lovely. Gig is great from start to finish. Fantastic.


Another lovely drive! So strange watching the Alligators sunning themselves on the waterways by the side of the Freeway. We stop for a ‘Bojangles’ chicken dinner (on my recommendation) I thought it would bring back great memories of my first time in New York in 1980 when I lived on it for days (wonder if I put that in the book?) but today it is shit! Absolutely inedible! Good thing Terry Mason wasn’t here he would have been devastated. Meet Tony Mikaledes with his partner Mary for dinner, which is nice. Tony was a commercial/indie Dj in Manchester and then went into promotion, working for Island Records and Factory Records and managed my Revenge project for a short while. He has lived here for years and loves it. Ybor City District where we are is ‘Rockin’ with a great atmosphere. Another great gig from start to finish and we have great fun watching the trannies making there way to The Showbar next door (Chicks with Dicks our Crew used to call them;)!


Early morning and the two flights to get here wears us out.

Pottsy has still not got a passport, so is still travelling on his driving license, legal but gets that extra security from the TSA again. Today again, nearly every ‘Nook and Crannie’, poor devil. This is a nice place, very small town America, but can you believe it? Boasts the Moog Synthesiser factory. Robert Moog invented his synthesiser in the mid 60’s and the factory is still here in Asheville. Barney loved the Moog sound always has. From the first time Martin Hannett introduced us to via his old Moog Modular system for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album.

As soon as we got one ourselves in 1981, it was used to great effect on Power, Corruption and Lies, Blue Monday, Lowlife etc etc., and many, many others, I bet he still uses one today;) We have a lovely trip round the factory and it is great to see how many new ones are being manufactured and shipped. If your wondering why I look weird in the photos, it’s because I have my gym kit on….honest!


Nice drive makes a lovely change. This is a lovely town and a great gig we have played a few times before. Tonight is no different and another ‘Sell out’ greets us very, very warmly. Gig goes very well from start to finish. We are getting very professional if I say so myself. Flying tomorrow so rush to bed for some much needed shuteye;)


Short flight to another strange place for us, at the world famous 9.30 Club we first played as Revenge, then Monaco, then The Light twice, but never did well, not much reaction? So much so that we have not been back here for 5 years;(

Thankfully, tonight could not be more different. We smash it! This is a wonderful old theatre, which was used to for all the old soul acts, James Brown et al. Washington seems to have been gentrified since the last time we were here, in 2011, it was rough, which is strange for the Capital city but I am sure Trump will sort that out even more now eh readers?;) One thing he may never sort out is the Rats! My abiding memory ever since the 90’s at the 9.30 is that the place teemed with Rats, and tonight is exactly the same. As we smoke outside they are everywhere and fearless (No cracks about being in good company with the Politician’s, please). Sign for some lovely people outside and then back to bed.

Tue, 04 Apr 2017 07:39:42


We are back in business!

Due to a combination of bad advice and bad management, peterhookprivatecollection has been closed down. Talk about a hard lesson, well we live and learn!

I will be getting a new web site shortly, but until then I will be putting the Blogs back up again, here.

Mail enquiries to Peter Hook, Suite 169, Court Hill House, 60, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AJ.

E-mail enquiries to peterhookenquiries@outlook.com, but be patient for replies on both please. Keep fighting, love Hooky ‘17  

Tue, 04 Apr 2017 07:38:10

USA/Canada Part:2


This town has such a great musical heritage it feels like Manchester in America. Lovely to see my old friend Claude Flowers, he is solely responsible for my first book: How Not To Run A Club and over the years has become a great friend. A dead funky hotel we always stay in here is called ‘THE MAX’, so if you’re in town give it a try. We grab a Japanese before the gig, meal I mean, and because the owner recognises me he refuses to take any money for the meal. I am very flattered, he then takes a photo for his wall of fame, where I am to be placed next to Arnold Schwartznegger….Fame indeed! Tonight’s gig is in a lovely hall near the waterfront.

Sadly we get some bad news. We’ve lost another friend in Manchester to depression. So sad, Karl was such a lovely man. R.I.P. MATE! Hopefully, peace at last! We send him on his way with Atmosphere, a faithful companion.

Gig goes great from start to finish. What can I say? Life goes on and we are Pro’s;)


This is another of my favourite venues. Sold Out Again! What is going on? Another flying visit but a great gig, the boys are playing wonderfully. Here we usually have two girls right on the front row, who cry all the way through the set, they have done every time we’ve played here. Tonight they are there again but this time …..don’t cry! I am delighted. Enough sadness. I’ve been running off after the gigs to try and get some good sleep in and realise I do disappoint some people who are after things signing. I can only apologise and ask for your understanding;)



The first time I played here was with Monaco a long time ago, and remember one wonderful moment in the song Tender when I sang the vocal line from the chorus ‘In my mind I live in California’ and everyone sang along. It was great. Tonight I have all the audience singing along with me on every song. MINDBLOWING!

We are staying nearby in Japan-town and I have another lovely Japanese meal before the gig. The Filmore is very famous, founded by Bill Graham in the 60’s this venue seems to have had a virtual monopoly on gigs since then. Interestingly I have just finished the book on Altamont with the Rolling Stones, which Bill features in…a hair-raising tale. I recommend it highly!

The gig goes well although the stage is huge and the fold-back guy is struggling to sort it out. I’m ok but the boys are suffering and some tempers wear thin. This can be a problem area for any group but I have tried to instil in the lads that it isn’t the end of the world and to carry on regardless. DON’T PANIC MR. MAINWAIRING!

It works most of the time and tonight is one. Both sets go down great.

Thank you ‘Frisco.

I sneak out the front with my hood up and think I’ve got away with it for a couple of blocks until a fan grabs me by the arm at the traffic lights! Shit! I nearly have a bloody heart attack! Strangely we are in the same hotel we stayed in 20 years ago and it hasn’t changed a bit;( Good sleep, now off to…..



Much different architecture here than anywhere else I have seen in America. All the buildings are lovely and low, reminiscent of New Zealand actually with gorgeous weather, both warm and balmy.

Get to do the gym and my laundry so I am lovely and crisp for the gig. This is our smallest gig on the tour 425 cap, and because of it ‘Sold Out’ months and months ago. When I go out to play the audience really are in your lap. I get a young lady at the front to turn my lyric pages for me, she is that close! Very enthusiastic audience right from the start, and they love it, all the way through. It is so hot I am wet through, but worth it’s every bit of discomfort, it really is.

A wild night is had by all, thank you;)



The last time we here it was Thanks giving and the place was deserted. Tonight is Election Night and couldn’t be more different. I won’t get involved in your politics, but I am a very interested onlooker. This has been a fascinating race, very bloody. Watching history like this unfold is spellbinding and a rare privilege. The gig goes well apart from one difficult character at the front. Who has to be removed, after that it’s fine. A few technical hitches and Jack loses a string but we soldier on and get a great result. Afterwards watching Trump win is wild. I am flabbergasted, but obviously full of hope for your future. As I leave I am locked in the venue and have to climb over a very high wall to get out? Hope it’s not a metaphor. Good luck;)

Wake up to a gorgeous day, 85 degrees. Plane is delayed by an hour and we have to refuel in Denver, making our 4 hour trip to Chicago nearly 7 hours….Phew!


Different set tonight, we are doing both Joy Division albums: Unknown Pleasures and Closer. We have done our best to practice, which has been difficult on tour, but we are very confident. A near capacity crowd greets us and we do very well indeed, audience responds perfectly. We are joined again for a few numbers by Jack’s band mate from The Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Schroeder. Which works really well. A massive encore and we are done. Billy Corgan says hi, as does Irvine Welsh then Mr and Mrs. J. Shanahan, escort me home. We spend the time talking about our lovely children and how lucky we are they’re not like us;) How weird is that? I am very glad to get to bed I’m knackered. A very early start to Dallas.


Uneventful flight luckily, problem free. Dallas is another beautiful city and highly recommended. I go straight to bed knackered, Old man/Dad nap needed badly;)

The night is Sold Out! Again;) Goes great at the start, with the New Order set going down a storm and then on the JD set we have a few equipment problems, which are overcome soon, but knock us off our stride for a while. We pick it up at the end and acquit ourselves admirably. Thank you Texas.


Late start, and a nice drive to Austin with again, lovely weather. I have had a great time in this city ever since I first arrived in the early 80’s, mainly due to two locals, Kerry Jagger and Saxon, two great friends who are here again tonight. A great Mexican meal starts the night and The Mohawk, a wonderful open-air venue in the middle of town is packed. And guess what? Sold Out! Ha Ha;) Gig goes great! Fantastic audience goes nuts, from start to finish. I loved it. Crawl to bed, fooked;) Roll on New Orleans.

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 09:58:08


We are back in business!

Due to a combination of bad advice and bad management, peterhookprivatecollection has been closed down. Talk about a hard lesson, well we live and learn!

I will be getting a new web site shortly, but until then I will be putting the Blogs back up again, here.

Mail enquiries to Peter Hook, Suite 169, Court Hill House, 60, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AJ.

E-mail enquiries to peterhookenquiries@outlook.com, but be patient for replies on both please. Keep fighting, love Hooky ‘17  

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 09:56:12

USA/Canada 2 Part:1



Bar for Legends in the Airport….how civilised;)

Nice trip over with a newer plane, I was getting worried? Some of these transatlantic planes seem older than me!

After the usual mad scramble at the airport retrieving the gear, we are on our way. Sadly this time, for the first time in 6 years we are without Phil Murphy, my trusty right hand man, struck down with pneumonia from a dodgy AC unit, Phil is stuck at home….poor bugger!

Detroit is very run down and such a change from what I saw when I first came in 1983. The place was buzzing then, and I can remember the readout on the Freeway, which counted the number of cars made, millions of them, with a new one being added every second. Now that whole industry has all gone and most buildings and houses are boarded up. These houses are on sale, would you believe? For a dollar! The weather is like Manchester so we feel right at home.

St. Andrews is a lovely old hall and has been SOLD OUT for months…..Thank you! We have practiced at home so are quite confident, and sure enough we power through both sets. Great reception for both sets makes us very happy. Afterwards I marvel at the carved breadboard. Beautiful;)

The next day we make a pilgrimage to the Tamla-Motown Studio, I am a great fan. Have been since 1968 ‘ish when a Motown Chartbusters Volume ‘ 1 – 8’ was an essential prop for a walk anywhere. My favourites were Volume’s - 3 and 6. The tour of the studio was great, and to stand in the very spot where all the songs were recorded was magical, even if the place looked a lot like Suite 16, in Rochdale;) Berry Gordy is a genius. We were even shown the echo room in the roof that Martin Hannett ripped off for Joy Division’s production.


A great train ride, 6 hours brings us to Chicago and a very lively atmosphere greets. It has been 108 years since The Chicago Cubs have been in the World Series and just our luck that it would clash with our gig;( Some people were suggesting we cancel?) But it was not as easy as that….so we are off. We have Jimmy Schroeder from The Smashing Pumpkins joining us for the last 4 Joy Division tracks and he plays up a storm, really adding to the tracks. A cool-ish reception I thought, but I do find Chicago to be very loyal. Lovely to see my hero Joe Shanahan after the gig, he had been to the game and they had not won, sadly. Ah well….we can’t all be winners eh Cubs?


A great workout at the gym is weirdly followed by a slight sore throat, which by the evening is a full-blown head cold, shit! Shit! Shit! I worry about the gig and try and pace myself. Pottsy is ready to take over just in case;) I grab a lovely meaty meal for sustenance and it seems to work. This Ballroom is old and weathered beyond belief but gorgeous with it. Amazingly it goes really well, thank god! A great turnout SOLD OUT! And a great reception, with some great Halloween costumes in the audience, which made me smile a lot. Cheers! I rush to bed to recuperate!



Back in the air for this one, sadly;( Throat worse so I try not to talk, I feel rough now as well. Typically I don’t drink, exercise and eat well and I’m the only one who gets ill!!! What that says I do not know…Anyway, we first played here on the 29th June 1983 and did not go down very well as I remember;( Tonight is a different story thankfully, and both sets go down well, couple of scuffles but I keep an eye on it and they are soon over. We rightfully dedicate Atmosphere to Prince and before I know it I am back in bed. Goodnight! Get well soon.



First early start is to Canada, and immigration (which can be difficult) but goes smoothly. I still feel rough and as a night off deserves a curry, so true to tradition we get a great one, quite rare outside of England I find. My throat is still bad but a haircut and a new Jack Reacher novel ‘Die Trying’ cheer me up. Cold and wet here, we have played this Venue a few times now but tonight is the wildest of all! As I enter a drunken girl sends me flying, banging into me whilst running into the audience at the start of the set. Then as the gig starts she is causing trouble all night, ending with smacking a guy in the nose with her bottle and giving him a bloody nose. She hides in the crowd but I see everything and when she starts banging in to more people, mainly men. She needs removing for her own safety….silly girl. After that we finish N.O. and move into J.D and the crowd go WILD! It is the best reception so far, my throat holds out, with just a few wavers and then we are done. As I walk to the rain drenched street of Vancouver, beautiful city by the way, I feel like Jack Reacher on another adventure….only with much, much more baggage. How we envy the simple life eh readers? Saying that I wouldn’t swop;) Feel slightly better I go to bed.

Back to America tomorrow.

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 09:09:36

Web Site/Blogs Peter Hook
We are back in business!

Due to a combination of bad advice and bad management, peterhookprivatecollection has been closed down. Talk about a hard lesson, well we live and learn!

I will be getting a new web site shortly, but until then I will be putting the Blogs back up again, here.

Mail enquiries to Peter Hook, Suite 169, Court Hill House, 60, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AJ.

E-mail enquiries to peterhookenquiries@outlook.com, but be patient for replies on both please. Keep fighting, love Hooky ‘17  

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 09:07:02


Pottsy out of his box again!


Lovely to be back in America to premiere the Substance tour, today is Friday. The plane we flew over on must have been in service from the 70’s? You didn’t have to look out of the window you could just look out between the gaps in the bulkheads…..scary! Apart from that it was a nice flight over to Toronto to sort out the Merch for our tour. Then we make our way to N.Y.C, and sure enough landing in New York is wonderful to see still, but the traffic afterwards, is terrible;( Luckily our hotel is near the gig so I can walk to sound check and then after to the gig, which is great fun.

This really is a supercharged city, crackling with energy. This first night is nearly full and the atmosphere is superb. A great reception for New Order and again for Joy Division, quite balanced I thought. It is lovely to be here. Only problem I have is my transmitter for my guitar will not work??? And if I move more than 4 ft away from it the signal drops completely …so no bass. This really hampers me on stage, as I cannot go to the sides. What a bummer. I hate it;( I am thinking it’s the Bluetooth signal being overloaded or bounced back by everybody’s phone in the Hall). Shit! I struggle through feeling very immobile. Outside afterwards two English girls grab me and go to great lengths to tell me that,

‘It felt like Art. In fact it was Art.’ They chorus.

I am very flattered. It isn’t easy by any means, but The Light work so hard for me, and the music, that sometimes it feels it. Thank you boys!


Back to the gym for me and a nice afternoon beckons. As I walk to the gig again, I marvel at how busy this town is. It is Saturday night and you can feel it in the air…..Hope and Life everywhere. Everything I see as I walk along reminds me of film after film, or series after series, Assault on Precinct 13, Kramer vs Kramer etc., Kojak to Sex and The City. Bonkers. The second night is better than ever as I start to relax a little. We have many new and old friends present which is lovely. A SELL OUT! crowd goes mental from start to finish, the bass is the same, meaning I cannot venture far from my transmitter, which is now really annoying me as I forgot to mention it to Phil. Afterwards he puts me in an Uber saying,

‘You can’t walk at this time it’s dangerous!’

Oh how I regret that. It took 25 mins to walk and in the cab 75mins? As I drag myself to bed tired out (then can’t sleep because of the adrenaline/Jet lag) I think how lucky I am. Thank you God.

Up early, a bit bleary eyed but so are the others, and we get join the crawl to JFK for our flight to…..



 I love L.A, always have, ever since the first time we came in 1981 and Bruce Willis stopped in his Mercedes 500 to let us cross Sunset Boulevard. What a place! It is totally ridiculous but great fun. The Wiltern on Wiltshire is a wonderful old theatre, very well kept and still beautiful inside and out.

Huge and ‘Sold Out’ again, what is going on??? I am very proud. Tonight my old mucker Moby is on board singing Ceremony and Transmission.

He seems very relaxed indeed, and both songs go off without a hitch. Afterwards I meet a young girl absolutely covered in tattoos, all of Joy Division. She is very young and proudly rolls her sleeve up to show me…..my signature??? Tattooed on her arm from when I signed it in 2013. WOW!

I am amazed by our fan’s devotion, I really am. It is humbling.

I get to see some great old friends while I am here, and learn some very interesting things about New Odour. But hey, let’s not go there;) Let’s keep it light, no pun intended;)



A nice flight down to San Antonio, which has just been flooded and our Hotel smells like it too. It stinks of damp and humidity. The gig is a funky old club but quite small but has been SOLD OUT! for months, and as the evening and my old friend Kerry Jagger appears, the place is packed, and amazingly both sides, left and right, open out to let in more people. We play very well and it is as hot as hell. I help a woman out with some water at the front of the stage for her young daughter, eventually I have to bring them both up on stage for the rest of the set, it is simply too boisterous at the front. Afterwards as we chat, she tells me she had been to see New Odour recently and her daughter had thrown up at their gig! I am lost for words, but take it as a compliment;)



A nice flight sees us in Mehico again, and Monterey is a very American city. Sold out tonight and it does not disappoint. A very enthusiastic audience love New Order then devour Joy Division. Fantastic.


Nice to see our old friend Hector.

Mexico City is proving to be a fantastic place for us to play, simply because of the adoration of Joy Division. It seems the most searched for group on the internet in Mexico City is the Manchester Post Punk Pioneers….Hooray! Hence all the bootleg merchandise stalls outside the venue. Like a little village of illicit merch!

The venue is huge and we are told The Stone Roses played 3 weeks ago and got 5000 people. Tonight we get 4600! I am delighted. The New Order section goes well but The Joy Division set goes down bonkers….It is  amazing! I am flabbergasted. I tear off into the night as the last chord of L.W.T.U.A. is still ringing in my ears, smiling like a lunatic. I had spent the day jogging round the city and it is such a delightful place, the people are lovely. I am amazed that American’s are so scared of the place;(


After last night we are really looking forward to playing here, but typically after the fantastic high of last night we are due a low. The lads have trouble from the moment they get into the venue. A dangerous stage, a P.A. company that normally does weddings, complete with a dangerous generator, terrible backline hire gear, no security, no promoter etc, etc.,

Phil phones me to tell me how bad it is going and worrying about not only our safety but also the audiences. No one at the venue seems to know how many tickets have been sold and Phil takes the heart breaking decision to pull the gig;( What a shame. We are devastated. We were having such a great time too. A quiet night beckons and then we make the long journey home on two of the oldest planes I have ever been on since coming out here. Blooming hell what’s going on?


I arrive home and go into 10 days of book promotion, which was hard going.

Me an Bunny

Talking is so much more difficult than playing. It wears you out, it really does.


me and ken

With a bit of promotion for The Hacienda Classical thrown in.

It’ll be soon time to come back to America;)

Cheers Hooky’ 16;)

Wed, 08 Feb 2017 08:09:08



The first gig for The Substance shows begins in one of the warmest places I know for Manchester music…..Glasgow!

Ever since I began visiting in the early 80’s I have watched the relationship grow stronger and stronger, something we don’t share with Edinburgh sadly, that relationship is much cooler. In the early days the gigs were on Saucciehall Street at Tiffany’s then in the 90’s, as our popularity grew, we moved to Barrowlands with New Order through to headlining at the Glasgow Appollo etc., we have had some wonderful time’s in this place, and some not so wonderful, and tonight is a great one. Strange seeing just my name over the door, but here with The Light and I am very happy. Nervous looks all round in the dressing room beforehand, and even though we have practiced hard we are still worried. Still remember what Lou Reed said,

‘If you don’t get nervous you shouldn’t be doing it!’

I am with you Lou. Stage time arrives all too soon for this marathon and we are off. New order Substance goes well, just a few nervous ticks. Then the Joy Division Substance goes down an absolute storm. I must admit I didn’t expect that? I was thinking it would be the other way round…ah well! I’m not complaining. Both were very well received, and that is all that matters.

The boys are bussing it so I retire for a quiet night at the hotel. A lovely day the next day brings a lovely drive home and even greater news is spotting the speed camera van before it gets me!  Ha!

Marauding Scotch Geese!



 I am fine until I arrive and great to see Sarge on the Stage Door. He is now the longest serving musical legend in Manchester. Then I get really, really nervous! We have many friends here tonight which is lovely. I had a request from my Doctor Hew Jones asking if his son William could play with us, just for one song! So in true Jimmy Saville fashion, well not true Jimmy Saville fashion (that doesn’t bear thinking about) he will join us for Transmission on guitar. (I mean let’s face it you can’t argue with your Doctor can you? Especially at my age;)

Doors come round all too soon and as we get on stage it’s weird to see it full of people. The first time I stood on this stage was in 1979 when we supported The Buzzcocks, and blew them off every night (musically of course;)! It has shrunk a bit since then, or I’ve got bigger? More probably the latter.

The gig goes great, a little cool at first, after all this is Manchester. The home of Indie music, but by Joy Division we storm it. It’s amazing to think that when New Order re-convened in 2000 we had the record for the biggest ever guest list in The Appollo’s history….over a thousand people! We lost money on our comeback gig! Start as you mean to go on eh;) I am so relieved when it’s over and it’s great to see my brother Chris, and his wife here along with loads of great old mates, all moved to tears would you believe. I suppose we have all been living this nightmare together for the last 5 years and to break through and become so successful in our right is fantastic. I brave ‘The Aftershow’ for a while but it really is too much….I am knackered. Head home very happy, and grab a few hours sleep before heading down to our next BIG test….London.


  The big smoke! I hardly spend any time here these days which is such a contrast to how it used to be in the 90’s….We practically lived there. My Groucho’s bills were enormous. So nice to be in the Swiss Cottage Holiday Inn again, where New Order did Republic, whereMonaco did both albums, Music for Pleasure and Monaco,  and ending up with us living here for months on end. I saw United win ‘The Triple’ here, both Bex and I in tears of joy. Jessica used to run up and down the corridors, burning off her youthful energy. They had modernised the downstairs, but when you get out of the lift on the floors it is exactly the same as it was. The 70’s décor gives me the weirdest Déjà vu feeling ever. 

A short trip to the gig for sound check, to iron out a few wrinkles, and lovely to be joined by Arthur Baker for a spot of Dj-ing, great to see him. Nervously I await the start (thank you Lou!) Then we are off. I enjoy it more than Manchester (home turf and all that). We get a great ‘Sold Out’ reception for both Substances, with Joy Division again, seeming to go down the best. I wonder why? I rush off into the night and a quick drive home.

This wasn’t the gig tonight by the way;)

Thank you all.

Hooky ‘16

Wed, 01 Feb 2017 07:42:32


Anfiteatro Romano, Lecce.


I leave at 6.30a.m from Manchester, Two very pleasant flights with plenty of spare seats, making it very comfortable. You always feel so lucky when this happens. It’s a beautiful morning, which I spend relaxing, watching the sunrise and arrive in Brindisi on a gorgeous day.

Half an hour drive later and I am in Lecce, a lovely southern Italian city. We play tomorrow so an early night beckons. Lovely to see the boys in the morning, and  a nice quiet day, then after hitting the gym to ready myself for the evening, a TOP dinner. The boys are very gushing about the venue saying, ‘Wait until you see it Hooky!’


When we arrive I see what they mean. It is a sunken stone amphitheatre dating from Roman times, complete with ruins (including me! Ha ha!), weirdly all surrounded by office blocks dating from the early fascist era, it really is a strange spectacle. I keep waiting for the lions to be let in. 

I had been reading an article earlier about how a blind, deaf man in an empty room, can sense when a lion enters. I thought it was amazing and was spouting off to the lads about how interesting this was, when Pottsy pipes up,

‘Yeh, he’d smell it!’ he laughed, ‘Lions stink!’

Ah well, back to the drawing board.  

The gig is sold out but the crowd are a bit reserved for the ‘New Order Songs’ support set. Ah well! Can’t win them all!


Love Vigilantes


Way of Life

Everything’s Gone Green

Perfect Kiss

Age of Consent

 So I wonder what will happen on the main event???

I needn’t have. A huge set of Joy Division songs ensues, which goes down very, very well. The band play fantastically from start to finish, the sound is great and even the summer rain can’t beat the humidity, both drenching us all from start to finish. As we round off with Atmosphere (dedicated to Alan Wise ‘Impressario Extraordinaire’) and a trio of our hits. It has been a great success. I spend what seems like hours, signing anything and everything and get back to the hotel very happy and tired.

This picture in the lift reminds me of the Technique album cover. 

What do you think?

Moments later, I hit the pillow and sleep.

 Disorder Festival, Guilanova

 The next day a grizzly 5 hour drive gets us to Guilanova, and a lovely country hotel awaits. The rooms are a bit dingy but the rest, as per usual, is gorgeous and we marvel as the courtyard is transformed into a wonderful venue for an engagement party this evening. It really is beautiful. It seems in Italy the engagement is as important as the wedding itself, it is called the ‘Parole’.

We have a lively discussion about that meaning on the way to the gig. Tonight’s gig is spectacular too, right in the town centre square, next to a huge church. In fact the dressing rooms are in the church itself. Tonight’s concert is dedicated to a young man called Lorenzo who sadly died at 21 and his family have done some fantastic works for the town in his memory. It is lovely as all the family, mum, dad, brothers and sister, all make lovely speeches in his memory. The event came about because Lorenzo was a huge Joy Division fan and his mother had a dream where Lorenzo met a member of the band. She then convinced the Town Council to put us on.

How cool is that?

The family are lovely and the sister has two tattoos one of Unknown Pleasures on her arm and the Closer sleeve on her back.  I am humbled. The set up is great and as I start to play think, ‘Wow! My bass sounds great!’ But then, two songs in everything, goes wrong. The foldback is going in and out, Jack’s bass keeps cutting out, over and over again. We have to leave the stage while it is fixed and unfortunately anything like that really throws you off, such a shame.

We struggle through and get it back together again for Unknown Pleasures, but the sound on stage gets worse and worse. It could not be more different to last night if it tried. The end is played well and the crowd reaction is fantastic, thank god. After another marathon signing session we thank the family and literally, head for the hills, where a full-blown Italian karaoke session awaits us. I struggle to bed at 2a.m and have real trouble getting to sleep, with weird, weird dreams all night. As 7.30 looms am I knackered but in very good company as everyone else is exactly the same. Another 3 hours in the bus to Rome Airport takes in the worlds longest tunnel, 10km long, and it stinks. Vueling flight home is turbulent all the way….urgh!  

Gratzi Italia, love Hooky, ’16.

Wed, 01 Feb 2017 07:31:25

Web Site/Blogs Peter Hook

We are back in business!

Due to a combination of bad advice and bad management, peterhookprivatecollection has been closed down. Talk about a hard lesson, well we live and learn! 

I will be getting a new web site shortly, but until then I will be putting the Blogs back up again, here. 

Mail enquiries to Peter Hook, Suite 169, Court Hill House, 60, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AJ.

E-mail enquiries to peterhookenquiries@outlook.com, but be patient for replies on both please. Keep fighting, love Hooky ‘17   

Thu, 31 Dec 2015 06:15:37

Oct / Nov 2015 - Madrid / Barcelona / Manchester / Brighton / Shine On Weekender



One of my favourite cities in the world and a top DJ haunt of mine for years. I would DJ here every couple of months, going on at 5 in the morning and finishing at 7.30am, and there would still be a queue to get in! I could never figure out when they slept.

We are playing Joy Division’s two LP’s tonight and it’s a great warm up for our ‘Sold Out’ Manchester show;) We are in a weird Hotel again tonight, a 4**** but strangely decorated and a bit out of this world (this is getting to be a bit of a habit). A nice afternoon and a Mackie D’s is welcome. Then it’s…..SHOW TIME!

It’s great to see the boys again and we are all fired up. Everything goes very well, a great crowd too, very enthusiastic. We relax afterwards and chew the fat. I do miss them. At the hotel we chat for a while then the boys go out to party and me being the old timer that I am, go to bed. Up at quite a humane hour for our trip to Barca, nice flight.


This is where I actually began my DJ’ing career with Mani in 2004. It was a great night.

I threw myself into DJ’ing with great relish and drank my way through it for a year or so until it all came crashing down on top of me. Razzamatazz, Barcelona was my initiation (see The Hacienda book for the full story). Tonight we are in a very Hotel nearby and The Sultan of Miami takes me out for a Pizza. It is lovely to see him. The gig is in the big room and we have over a 1000 people. It is great from start to finish. This bodes very well for our ‘Sold Out’ concert in Manchester;) Of which I am very proud (just in case you couldn’t tell:).


Bollocks! I came back from Barca with a sore throat and cough that got steadily worse all week. I am very nervous today, my throat is really dodgy (steady!), but saying that I always am when we play at home. I do my level best to divert my thoughts by going to the gym and walking the dog. But I can put it off no longer and head down to The Academy. Nice to see Sarge and Family, who pay us a short but sweet, visit.

I have seen so many bands in this venue over the years. It was also the scene of the first Hacienda re-union run by Oliver Wilson (that started the whole bloody thing going again with the great result that after 13 years of not caring about The Hacienda at all, suddenly I was involved in running it again while ‘The Others’ seethed from a distance, no change there). I always am amazed by how lovely the backstage is in these venues, how civilised. I expect them to be rancid like in ‘The Old Days!’ We are really spoilt now…thank god.


Everything seems fine and a lot of friends turn out to wish us well. First set (New Order) goes well but I can really feel it in my throat, so I hit the old ‘Sandersons Specific’ which is flaming horrible but works and I get through the three sets very well. Sit with Andy Poole later. I tell him about my throat and he says, ‘Funny that I had it in Barcelona!’ I wish they’d tell me these things so I could stay away from them, ah well. Strange looking at such a huge amount of heads from the stage. We started here in Manchester at The Factory 251, celebrating Joy Division to 400. To look out on over 3000 is a great compliment to all the members of Joy Division.

Thank you Manchester. Love Hooky ‘15


Nice long drive to the coast is spoilt by sitting on the M25 for hours and then all the way to Brighton is heavy, heavy traffic. How do people put up with this every day? It would drive me bananas! I like this venue and I love Brighton. Ever since we first played here in 1981 in a tiny pub just near ‘REVENGE’ the disco (nice name;). I have always fancied living here, listening to the tales of Primal Scream and The Levellers mad partying days, culminating with my mad mate Russell tying Churchy (Monaco’s bass player) to the Old Pier with Gaffa tape for chatting up his girlfriend, then leaving him there and going back to the party for a day. I have a sea view in the hotel, which is better than it sounds on this rather grim and windy day.

The night rushes in… and before we know it…were on!

My throat is still suffering so I hammer the “Sandersons Specific’. Nice to be back on ‘Lowlife’ and ‘Brotherhood’ and accompanying singles, tonight. I hear New Odour have also dug up ‘Lonesome Tonite’? I can’t wait to hear the ‘new stamp’ that pompous twat puts on my basslines! What a thing to say? What a twat! God help us…have some respect boy! Did your mother teach you no manners!  

End the night talking with some friends of Kehoe’s, and as they leave I find out one of them is Steve Harley’s (from Cockney Rebel) son. One of my favourite groups ever. I wish I’d have known;( Ah well, retire and enjoy the sea-view for ten minutes before a long drive down the coast to Butlin’s Minehead.


A long drive again, but very picturesque. On arrival I am in awe of the beautiful coastline. Who would have thought it? I have to spend the whole afternoon writing my defence papers for the New Order case, which ruins my afternoon, but the view is lovely… hey ho! The hotel is gorgeous too. Now I use to work at Butlin’s at Clacton- on-sea when I was 17. Me and my mates went to see ‘That’ll be the Day’ starring David Essex and were so impressed by his adventures we all promptly gave up our jobs to work at Butlin’s. My mother was devastated. She never forgave me.

We even had a very dramatic and tearful farewell scene at Mosley Street Bus Station in Manchester, all our girlfriends wailing at us (My mother didn’t come). An 8-hour coach trip, we were amazed it took so long, but none of us had a bloody clue where Clacton was? We thought it was in South Wales. I worked in the kitchens, and the whole place was wild, really rough and ready.

We were terrified and after a catalogue of scary adventures quit after 2 weeks, coming home with our tails firmly between our legs.

It’s lovely to see Rowetta and Bez and the group line up on the festival is great. Nearly the whole of Manchester’s history is here. We get on and Andy Poole disappears? So I think we’ll do DIGITAL but every time I start the riff my bass rig cuts out. My radio pack is Bluetooth, so tends to work fine in sound check but when every one turns up for the gig with their Bluetooth on, sends it crazy. Eventually Andy appears and when a few sound issues are sorted, we settle down very well and blister our way through a great set. An hour flies by and now we have the drive home.

Takes me two hours to get back, and I very satisfyingly text the others to brag.

Thank you Butlin’s, Minehead and all the happy campers!

Love Hooky ‘15

Mon, 28 Dec 2015 15:23:36

October 2015 - Southend / Southampton / Leamington Spa

Just for information:

The appointment with Dr.Funk went very well.

I was a little held up going in by the guy before me, Joe Hart, City’s goalkeeper (hopefully good news for United eh?). The good doctor tells me I have a calcium build up on my shoulder socket, so my ligaments are being dragged over two rice grain sized chunks of Calcium. At night the fluid build up is murder. The Ultrasound shows them quite clearly and I am taken in to have the procedure, a bavadage. First the anaesthetic is given them a lovely young lady goes in with a knife or spoon or something, and scrapes/chips off the Calcium removing as much as possible. I don’t feel a thing and that night, have my first unbroken sleep for months (apart from wee’s that is. Old age is a bastard). The next day is a little tender but ok, quite a lot of movement already so fingers crossed x. 


Chinnery’s,  Southend.

The traffic was bad all the way here. My Sat-nav predicted 4 hours and it took nearly 7. By that time I had consumed a bag of fruit pastilles, bag of Revels, 2 protein bars, 1 Picnic, 3 bottles of water, 1 red bull and 2 coffees, then a bag of wine gums and 2 bags of crisps. Radio 4 had gone in to loop, no wonder I felt rough. I love Southend it reminds me of how Blackpool used to be. Again this is our 4th time here, playing the 5th and 6th Lp’s. A nice crowd but a shaky start, the stage is weirdly long and thin, so Jack seems to be right off on one side. Everything goes well in the end and a fine performance ensues. Fank you Sarfend!  

The Brook, Southampton.

Another long, long drive to Southampton, with another lousy hotel.

It’s 4 **** but you would expect Basil Fawlty to appear at any minute. It has really creaky floorboards so it sounds like the guy above is practicing his Zumba for fucks sake, so no old man’s nap for Hooky. Here I am given a lovely cake at the gig, by a friend of Fat Alex’s, in the shape of my guitar ‘VIKING’. It is lovely and I am looking forward to having a large chunk after the show (Cake: The last resort of the recovering alcoholic). This is a nice space and a sold out crowd are excellent from start to finish. God doing the blogs on these gigs gets a bit repetitive. I almost wish something could go wrong so I can write about it. No such luck. We are getting way, way too good as an outfit.

Nice to sit down for cake and a non-alcoholic beer with the lads after.

I miss them. Back to ‘Tautly Flowers’ and it’s not too bad. I only hear our dancing friend about 8. Breakfast is good thankfully, then it’s on the way to the last date of this tour….


‘Feel like I’ve been here before….It feels like I’ve been here before’ As the song goes… and I have. On the way in a bloke introduces me to his son, ‘It’s his first gig ever. He’s a gig virgin! I thought you were perfect for him’ He says. I’m flattered I have never taken a young boy’s virginity before!  Hey steady on ….no Jimmy Saville cracks;) I hope he enjoyed it.

Tammy Wynette’s Caravan is still in the dressing room and the Dalek standing guard always reminds me of Steve’s gaff in Macc, sadly. The last gig is always a bit weird and three weeks have flown by, but it isn’t long before Spain, so on we go. It goes well again, the acoustic songs from ‘Brotherhood’ are great tonight. It always takes a while to get those tight. The interplay is all important! A nice long encore makes Jack happy and then I blast off into the night. My radar detector is very busy all the way home.

Take care, love Hooky ‘15

Sun, 27 Dec 2015 12:01:54

Sept 2015 - Glasgow, Hull, Nottingham


A lovely trip …‘Oop north’ on a beautiful day.

We have always had great gigs in this wonderful city and I am hoping tonight is no exception. The affinity between Manchester and Glasgow has been writ large for many, many years. This is a very arty venue, how can I tell? By the Classical trio and assorted Tranvestites I pass on the stairs on the way in. High stage gives a very good view and I get a flashback to Glasgow Apollo supporting the Buzzcocks in 1979.

I was confronted with the highest stage I have ever seen in my life (still is).

Even as a young punk I daren’t venture to that edge. I was terrified. Not too bad tonight. The audience is good, very reserved at first and I can feel it was tentative on stage. By the end they are eating out of our hands. As I walk into the night the link is still as strong as ever and I am delighted to include Glasgow in our BIG future plans for 2016.


Quite a long trip over to Hull, with a lot of traffic, takes me hours, with only a rushed trip to Greggs (Love it!) on the motorway to break it up. Hull has gone up in my estimation since my return to gigging in 2010 and is now a welcome stop. Shit Hotel unfortunately, the one in the old station building is the only problem. Talk about needing a refit, Jesus… it needs a total bloody rebuild. I think ‘Sod it!’ I’ll drive home. The gig is our only seated venue on this tour and is a lovely old theatre in great condition, both backstage and front being very well looked after. I prefer the seated ones but Jack hates them, I feel if I were a fan I would rather have the option? Age I suppose. We play okay but it doesn’t feel great. I have a problem with my shoulder, which is giving me great pain when I raise my arm and it’s really screwing up my arm-waving exhibition (I’m hoping to get a part time job parking aeroplanes:). Truly I am suffering badly, I have had to stop weightlifting and it’s really disturbing my sleep, so tonight it could be just me. I am delighted to say I have an appointment with Doctor Funk (a shoulder specialist) soon. Doctor Funk! ….how cool is that? Something I’ve always wanted to say;)

It goes well, and in the end there is a sizeable contingent down the front, growing bigger with every number, dancing away. It ends well and I head straight into the night with the trip home flying by with a long phone call from Ken Niblock (hands free of course) right from start to finish…..hilarious!…Great bloke.

Nice to be home.


Another long drive even though as the crow flies it’s not far. The fun of driving is fast diminishing and I’ve got 11 points so I have to be very careful (I blame Mercedes).

This venue feels like another old friend and has great staff. Tonight feels much better performance wise and nice to see Fat Alex going for it again. Tonight I am enjoying a new non-alcoholic beer called ‘Bernard’ of all things, no cheap cracks about it’s bitterness or the fact that it gives great head etc, honest. But unlike it’s namesake is rather well disposed towards me….very nice indeed. I recommend him highly, the beer that is (available from the info@alcoholicfree.co,uk). 

Gig goes great from beginning to end but is rather odd for me because the space round the mike stand is lower than the rest of the stage, like a trap door lid, and I spend the whole gig convinced I am going to disappear down under the stage at some point, like in a pantomime (I suppose I really should get some practice in, you never know?;) Drive home is quiet….no Ken tonight so all’s quiet.  

Love Hooky ‘15

Thu, 24 Dec 2015 04:50:10

Sept 2015 - Derby / Gloucester / Holmfirth

I have been doing a ‘Blog’ for over 12 years now. It started with a suggestion by my agent. 

The idea being to give fans an insight into what went on ‘behind the scenes’ as well as being my diary and my personal opinion about what was happening in my life. Recently there has been a strange turn of events.

Eight years after the band agreed to split, I suddenly find myself cast as the pantomime villain in the fairy story of its rebirth.

Greetings to all at Turner Parkinson.


I had just arrived at Derby for our first gig of the ‘Lowlife/Brotherhood Tour and some guys about to tow my car away. Luckily they relented. That would have been an awful start to the tour wouldn’t it?

Thank you to Team Hooky for making an appearance. I was touched I really was, I didn’t know what to say…I hope you got the T shirt? It’s support like that I sorely need at this very difficult time.  I have been accused of many, many awful things.

Things, which I consider to be lies…in my opinion etc., Mojo magazine happily printed a retraction. Then we had Q and when I phoned to congratulate that particular journalist on a right proper ‘stitch up’, he said, ‘Sorry you feel that way Peter.’ I could smell the smirk.

Then The Sun and it’s….‘Hooky said we couldn’t do it! We did!’

 Said what?

 I never said anything of the sort. All I said was that in my opinion you are not New Order and never will be. You have all made records of your own, so collectively it should be a doddle to make another record. I’m not stupid. I will say one thing….for the life of me I cannot see why the Journalists compare ‘M.C.S’ to ‘Technique’? I just do not hear it? ‘Technique’ has warmth, a summery vibe, a passion and feel to it that ‘M.C.S’, even though well produced, glossy and sparkly, still lacks warmth and feels two-dimensional, too programmed…like it has something missing…a big something.

Lazy journalism? Definitely! 


I was also accused by Andrew Greenhalgh in The Evening news as needing New Odour more than they needed me? I found that really annoying, but then I thought about it…… and in fact I think you’ll find that the statement is true for all of us, Barney and Steve and Gillian, and definitely for ‘the other two’ tossers,  none of us have been bigger outside New Order than in.

So I worked it out …I will have been a musician for 40 years on Jun 4th 2016. 22 years with New Order and 18 years without, pretty close to 50/50 Andrew so on second thoughts…. FUCK YOU TOO! And I’ll tell you one thing mate… you need musicians much more than they need you. 


I even got blamed in more than one paper for the fallow or lost ‘Guitar Years’ in which it seems we put out some really sub-standard guitar stuff according to The Observer and Q? Which is not true either….CRYSTAL….60 MPH….VICIOUS STREAK….PRIMITIVE NOTION…RUN WILD…..KRAFTY…..WAITING FOR THE SIREN’S… ‘TURN’…’ I’LL SAY WITH YOU’…’RECOIL’…’CALIFORNIA GRASS’…are great songs and the worst, in my opinion…JETSTREAM…wasn’t ‘Guitary’ either. A little bit of band wagon jumping here methinks.

I keep waiting for the mob to break down the door with their pitchforks and flaming torches. I feel like Quasimodo in the bloody bell tower.

‘The Guitar’s ….The Guitar’s’.  

I should be flattered by the attention, I really should.

Another review said they would even have to rewrite the ‘bands members at each other’s throats make the best music’ theory because now New Order are New Odour, and we’ve split, and they have made a great (in their opinion) album. The truth is we are at each other’s throats more now than we were when we were together!

I just wish this whole bloody thing had never happened. It could have been handled so much better in Sept 2011, with no need for any of this bloody malarkey.

In a parallel universe there is a band who began something magical together, changed the world, then stopped working together 31 years later and now respect each other as individuals and musicians, treating each other with empathy and dignity in their quest to enjoy their rest of their lives enjoying their true vocations ……how I envy them!  

But as they say, “No press is bad press’.


Back to The Venue, Derby.

We were all nervous to say the least, it has been a while since we’d concentrated on the LP’s ‘LOWLIFE’ and ‘BROTHERHOOD’. A couple of practice’s brought it all rushing back and listening to the tunes I realised again, just how bloody good some of these songs are….’Elegia’ ‘Subculture’ ‘Way of Life’ ‘Every Second Counts’…some absolute classics and that’s just ‘Brotherhood’.

Much more classic than some current records I could mention (Stop it Hooky. Ed!)

So on we go…..and it was great. Few bum notes and missing lyrics, but the lads showed spirit, enthusiasm and a joy for the music lacking from so many groups these days (OI! Ed);) As I sped home I smiled beatifically. Roll on Gloucester.



Another lovely part of England, a nice drive down sees us ready for another great gig.

A lovely old theatre is full of memories of ‘The Unknown Pleasures Speaking Tour’ with Howard Marks, amongst other things. Howard is now very ill with cancer but still carries on with great spirit, Nice older crowd took a bit of warming up but by the end it was fierce and I thank you all.


A nice return to another beautiful old theatre rescued from development. It’s quite strange coming and doing it again with these two albums, making 6 albums performed here and in many of these venues. These gigs are becoming like old friends. A ‘SELL OUT’ show and the crowd went nuts from beginning to end. It felt like I was back in New Order for a minute there (without the angst I must say). The highlight of the evening was finding out that the SKY controller in the dressing room was for the bar downstairs, which was packed with people waiting to watch the Rugby. I did what any self respecting Rock ‘n’ Roller would do….switched it to BABE STATION XXX, locked the door and went onstage. We could hear the protest from onstage…but hey mischief is my middle name, ask The Troll;)

Love Hooky x ‘15

Sun, 18 Oct 2015 10:21:38

Rewind Festival, Victorious Portsmouth & Bingley Live - Aug / Sept 2015

Rewind Festival, Henley, England

I was asked to partake in this particular venture by Martyn Ware of Heaven 17 fame. Our paths have crossed many times over the years and indeed our groups are both considered Northern Musical Pioneers. Sheffield was very important to New Order in that without Cabaret Voltaire’s help and encouragement when we needed it most, encouraging us to demo in their studio there when we were very downhearted. It does make me wonder what might have happened to us? Whether we would have carried on, or come back at all? 

Anyway, Martyn puts together a group for ‘Rewind Festival’ called B.E.F (British Expeditionary Force) featuring singers/instrumentalists from all over the world. It was very flattering to be asked and the idea was to pick two tracks. One that summed up a high point in your career and another track that you just loved, we could then sing and play both with the B.E.F. I chose ‘L.W.T.U.A.’ for obvious reasons, and ‘The Passenger’ by Iggy Pop (Strangely enough Barney used to always try and get us to play it as New Order but I could never master the bass line but I can sing it;)

Martyn did a backing track so the band had an anchor (which sounded great) and there was to be a rehearsal on Saturday then the gig on Sunday. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, at once both terrified and very excited.

The rehearsal went well and it was here I got to see who else was performing with me, I had never asked.

Roger Scott from the group ‘M’ and ‘Pop Musik’ fame,

Thomas Dolby, ‘They Blinded Me With Science’,

Eddie Reader, Fairground Attraction ‘Perfect’,

Shingai Shoniwa from The Noisettes, and me the token rocker.  

Glenn Gregory also from Heaven 17 singing their single ‘Temptation’ and then an ensemble performance of “Perfect Day’ …. Gulp! This really was a mixed bunch and I went to bed that night (after a curry, you cannot get a good one in Majorca) wondering what the hell I’d let myself in for? What exactly the set would be like? never mind the reception!


The next day at the festival site, I was regaled with many tales of Lily Allen and Oasis…Wild… while I whiled away the hours. A quick look round the dressing room doors revealed I was really in great 80’s company. Banarama, The Human League, The Specials, Soul to Soul, the list was endless, a real trip down memory lane.

As we all waited to go on it was lovely to see Rusty Egan (Rich Kids) again, we used to have so many adventures together in London in the early 80’s at The Embassy Club with Richard Jobson, Killing Joke etc., Great days! The story about the 4 whores in a mini still made him shudder now (See Power, Corruption and Lies…Inside New Order, for details)

Everyone was so nervous. It was strange to witness. As I waiting Carol Dekker from T’Pau (China in my Hand) was very nice telling me how much she loved New Order and played it in the kitchen at home,

‘I dance through the washing up.’ She said. A lovely woman. It soon came to me and before I knew it I was off and on, a great audience reaction and despite being almost dragged on by the girls, stood ‘Perfect Day’ out. I just could not imagine that with my bass on. As we went to do some interviews afterwards I was sat next to Thomas Dolby on the buggy and said, ‘Hi not seen you since 1984 when you played The Hac.’

‘Ditto’ he said, ‘I hear you fell out with ‘The Others’.

‘Sadly’ said I.

‘Use of the name and money I expect?’ said he.

‘Got it in one’. It is that predictable?


Anyway, a quiet trip back to the sun and then I leave Majorca alone, driving back to England. A nice ferry journey to Barcelona left me with a few hours to motor on before I needed to plot up for the night. I was headed for Toulouse but the Sat-Nav had other ideas and decided to avoid ALL major roads and at one point hours later on a ‘D’ road in the middle of The Pyrenees I came across a white wolf sat in the middle of the very narrow road (This is my second one? I wonder if it’s a sign?). He looked at me as if to say, ‘What the fuck are you doing here Hooky?’

I looked back at him thinking exactly the same thing. Hours later I stumbled into France nowhere near Toulouse, when I finally found a sign it said Pau? The bloody Sat-Nav had taken me To Pau???

I blame you Carol Dekker.

I made it safely home though don’t worry;)

 Victorious Festival, Portsmouth

I finish my exodus with a Ferry from Cherbourg to Portsmouth. It was murder at Calais going out I didn’t want to go through that again.  As we sail in I can see the Festival site from the boat, very impressive from the water. Tomorrow we are in great company…Ray Davies…Primal Scream…Magic Numbers…Flaming Lips..Tinie Tempah… etc etc.


The next day I meet up with a few old mates backstage which is really nice…Hi Craig. It’s pouring down and feels very much like England, it is nice to be home indeed. We play and it’s great, the boy’s are on fire and it’s great to have Jack back. It flies by even in the rain and then time to head off back to Manc. A nice long journey gets me back to that full English feeling.

Bingley Festival, Bingley, North Yorkshire


Spend all week sorting myself out, two months is a long time away. I notice that the members of New Odour just cannot leave me alone. I am flattered especially after 8 bloody years. Have to answer many false accusations…. which I won’t do here…Relax Turner Parkinson! The architecture is beautiful here…Yorkshire through and through. A lovely day leads to a lovely performance, short and sweet, and a fantastic reception. As a drive home I’m thinking, after two months it’s lovely to be back. Thank you Yorkshire this ‘War of the Roses’ was a very lively draw.

Tue, 22 Sep 2015 04:58:11

New Order - Mojo, St. Anthony Video, Samos + Stockholm, August 2015

As promised here is the Mojo letter.

Mojo declined to publish it instead agreeing to a correction in this month’s issue.

Their correction above was very good and for that I thank them. However there were more points raised and here by way of clarification is the full letter.


 Dear Mojo,

 As your magazine has represented New Order’s split even-handedly, it dismayed me to read the recent interview with its former singer.     

Although the piece contains a large number of mistruths and misconceptions, I must take issue with three major points.

1.The Hacienda Trademark.

2.The New Order Split. 

3.The Hacienda money write-off.  

New Order’s split in 2007 did not coincide with the purchase of the rights to The Hacienda name and the assertion that I wrote off other people’s investments in the club. Both these statements are completely untrue. In his ill researched book, Barney contradicts this as he claims I bought the trademark surreptitiously in 2004. 

The Hacienda trademark was bought by Rob Gretton following the club’s bankruptcy in 1997, Rob bought the name at a public auction of assets held by the Liquidator, A. H. Tomlinson & Co., other bidders included Cream, Ministry of Sound and Gio Goi. Rob was adamant that a third party should not buy it. When Rob found himself unable to finance the purchase he borrowed the money from me, £5000. When he couldn’t pay me back he gave me a half interest in the trademarks

I have enclosed the letter provided by New Order’s lawyer. 

It is well known that Barney, Steve and Gillian ceased their involvement with The Hacienda long before it closed.

I first revived The Hacienda name with encouragement from Paul Brown at Warner Brothers Records via New State Records, producing a Hacienda triple CD in 2004 whilst recording Waiting For The Sirens Call, and there was no adverse comment made by ‘The Others’. 

There are promotional interviews on Youtube for Sirens where accompanied by both Steve and Barney, I am asked about the forthcoming Hacienda CD and there is no animosity show by either of them.

Secondly, Barney himself makes clear that New Order split in 2007 when promoting Bad Lieutenant.

I don’t think we’ll (New Order) be getting back together.”

On Bad Lieutenant not being a side project – “ Yes, it’s my whole life wrapped up in a nutshell.” Dermot O Leary, BBC Radio 2. October 2009

We never had any intention of doing that. To call it New Order without Hooky, it wouldn’t feel right.” News Of The World October 2009

 "The bass player [Peter Hook] left and without him we wouldn’t be New Order anymore. That’s what I meant. It’s like when Ian Curtis died we weren’t Joy Division anymore. So we changed the name and started again and that seems like the right thing to do right now with Bad Lieutenant.“ Interview Magazine September 2009.

There are many other examples.

Without doubt, the commercial failure of Bad Lieutenant brought about the resurrection of New Order. Barney uses the falsifications regarding The Hacienda name to justify, in my opinion, the illegal taking of the name and goodwill in the name New Order to you, "the fans” as his reason for reforming the band without me.

The accusation that I wrote off his, Steven’s, Gillian’s, Tony’s and Alan Erasmus’s money in The Hacienda is completely untrue. Barney knows all directors’ loans were written off by mutual and signed consent at the recommendation of our accountants Ernst and Young to make The Hacienda more attractive to an outside buyer. 

I find his insinuation that I have somehow, robbed from them absolutely disgusting..

Rob Gretton and I carried on with our belief in The Hacienda and the people of Manchester for many years, until the club’s eventual demise in 1997, with no help from ‘The Others’. 

That smacks of betrayal to me, not only to us and Rob, but to ALL the people of Manchester. 

I suggest that along with ‘C***’ and ‘T***’ you add ‘Liar’ to the list as soon as possible Barney.   

Love Peter Hook

August 2015 

I have also taken legal action in relation to Barney’s book and the publishers, Random House. They have agreed to make a number of changes and corrections to numerous inaccuracies in an attempt to avoid having to go to Court.

That Barney is still getting his facts wrong when talking to magazines like Mojo and Q, confirms to me that he has his own agenda and wishes to create a different version of history with little regard for the truth, to try again to give some legitimacy to setting up a new band using the New Order name.

I can confirm that further legal action is underway in relation to the way in which the new band was licensed to use the name. I can’t go into the details at this point but I hope to have more news on this in late November 2015.

But the saga never ends….I have been asked by many people why I am not in the St. Anthony Tribute video – here’s why….

A sad eighth anniversary of Tony Wilson’s death, was made even sadder for me by the so called ‘Tribute Video’ to Mike Garry’s ‘St. Anthony’ poem.

Strangely it was me that suggested Mike record the poem. He had performed it a number of times with my encouragement at different functions in Manchester and I thought it would be fantastic recorded and set to music. Even suggesting a release on Hacienda Records, which I thought very fitting. The next thing I heard was that Joe Duddell was doing an orchestral version with ‘Your Silent Face’ as the music. I couldn’t wait to hear it and offered to do a dance re-mix immediately.

At the time I thought I had a very good relationship with Mike both professionally and socially. It went quiet for a while and the next time I heard about it was when I was asked to waive the publishing fee for the use of ‘Your Silent Face’ for the poem, as it was being done for charity, which I was happy to do.

Mike did contact me to tell me Joe had suggested another record company and he thought that it would be a good idea to go with them instead of Hacienda Records,  ‘They’re bigger.’ he said, ‘There going to make it a hit.’ I was very disappointed but, ‘Hey you can’t win them all! Good luck mate’.

I heard nothing for ages again, then it was announced Mike was performing the poem in New York at a Charity Show with New Odour. I was a little surprised but thought, ‘Whatever, you know, shit happens!’ 

It was a great international opportunity for Mike, wonderful exposure but did think it odd he hadn’t mentioned it. I know that, unfortunately a lot of people have been put in very uncomfortable positions with the ‘Me and Them’ situation, Mike just seemed to be another victim. Then I heard Andy Weatherall had done a remix and got on to Joe Duddle’s assistant Ali to again, offer my services. This resulted in a few weird e-mails and then texts saying Mike wanted to talk to me as soon as possible, could we do it now… today? I was actually doing press in Salford Quays at the time and the next thing I knew Mike was on his way down on the tram…it was really weird.

We met outside The Dockyard at Media City by the BBC, me him and my media guy. I must admit I was really puzzled. When Mike joined us he unleashed what I can only describe as a full and frank confession and apology for going off with ‘The Others’? I kept trying to tell him that it wasn’t a problem and I did understand. But he felt, and fair enough that because of our friendship I deserved an explanation. What unfolded was a sorry tale with him quite rightly feeling it was too big an opportunity to turn down but being shocked when informed by Barney - face to face (which surprised me because Barney is such a shithouse) that if he worked with them he couldn’t work with me …on no account.

“Do you understand that?” Barney said, Mike agreed.

I think it hung heavy with him then, and as the relationship progressed it became heavier and heavier. It was nice of him to let me know, I was saddened but not surprised, this wasn’t the first time they’d done this and won’t be the last either, I should be flattered I suppose, especially after 8 years!

This attitude of ‘Us or Him’ passed over to the video too, even though I’m mentioned in the poem? I did ask Mike after New York if they asked him to take the mention out and he said it never came up, which he thought odd too. After being excluded from the video along with many others, Alan Erasmus, Yvette, his family, A Certain Ratio, various employees of Granada TV, Factory, The Hacienda and Dry 201 etc, etc., I feel in great company.

Mike came on again to apologise asking me not to hate him, listing a long tale of woe is me, even saying he wished he’d never written it. But twice is definitely too often to be stabbed in the back for me. Strangely, I feel indifferent. 

What a world eh? 

Here’s the link because it is in a great cause and it hasn’t spoilt a beautiful piece of work for me. I hope it doesn’t spoil it for you.



Happier times beckon. Hell of a trip this one, three flights means me leaving Palma at 8pm. flying to Madrid, then on to Athens, arriving at 4.a.m for a 7.30a.m flight to Samos Island. I have not done an all-nighter for ages and it shocks me now to think how many I used to do when I was DJ'ing, nearly every weekend for 4 years.

I was wrecked.

But on arriving in Samos was instantly cheered by the island being so beautiful, and driving into the town of Ireon (where the Festival is held) gave you the feeling of going back in time in a really nice way. Perched on the crystal clear waters edge, Ireon is small, quaint and lovely, with gorgeous views over the sea to nearby Turkey.

I was knackered by now and at the hotel went straight to bed. The lads were already here, lucky buggers. On waking about 6pm we were taken to a seafood restaurant owned by a local fisherman, again right by the waters edge.

The whole waterfront is pedestrian which is wonderful and here we were treated to the nicest seafood banquet I have ever had in my life. Everything had been caught that day and was sublime. In fact I want it as my last meal, well second last, my first would have to be my mother’s Sunday Roast (what I would give for one more of those, Rest in Peace mum:). 

Finish the wonderful evening watching United win and go top of the league then crawl back to bed. (I am reading a great book, which I must recommend – Peter F. Hamilton’s  ‘The Abyss beyond dreams’ - Fantastic).

The next day is the Festival itself and with everything within walking distance the whole day is very pleasant. We have two new members with us tonight, as well as Daryll still deputising for Jack (see Smashin’ Pumpkins Tour) Si Brad has stepped in for Andy Poole who is indisposed. Nerves were running high at the sound check especially with a 2 hour set of both Joy Division and New Order ahead of us. The boys were wired, which had spread out to all of us. Phil Murphy did a fantastic job of rallying the troops and everything went well with me having to brush up on ‘Elegia’ ‘Your Silent Face’ and ‘Perfect Kiss’ in my room. A gyro after on the seafront saw us well prepared for the gig and a very mixed crowd, old young, families etc., but they respond fantastically and both Joy Division first and then New Order go down great, then a great encore. It is very warm and my idea to get naked (don’t ask) on ‘L.W.T.U.A’ luckily doesn’t happen. Playing while looking out over the ocean under the bright twinkling stars was such a thrill, there are a few errors, but nothing major and a mixture of passion and enthusiasm get us through very well. We are very lucky to be here.

NO LOVE LOST                      





DEAD SOULS                          

HEART & SOUL                      


A MEANS TO AN END            


NEW DAWN FADES                





AGE OF CONSENT                  

LOVE VIGILANTES                   


THE PERFECT KISS                

TRUE FAITH                            


BLUE MONDAY                      



LOVE WILL TEAR US APART                    

I go to bed very content about 2.30a.m…but wrecked again, I must be getting old! The boys party until 6, with Daryll at one point falling in the sea (and surviving thankfully!)

The next day we have a rare day off and decide to explore the island in a hired Jeep. As we set off we come across Pottsy marching down the coast road on his way to god knows where?

‘I’m looking for you lot.’ He says, ‘I was bored’ (we were in two separate Hotel’s you see). Good thing we passed him, he was on the road to the airport, the opposite way to our Hotel in 35* heat with no sun cream on the Nutter.

Only mad dogs and Englishmen eh?

We travel to a lovely small town called Pythagorus (after the mathematician?) further up the coast, but it’s a resort beach and is absolutely packed, luckily the guy in charge of the sunbeds was at the gig and looks after us wonderfully, introducing me to all and sundry as a ‘Living Legend’, living - thank god. 

After Ireon this place is too much, and we head back quickly, thankfully crashing out on the beach before yet another fantastic fish lunch (my third last meal:) A lovely night is ruined by Man City winning and I hurry back to ‘The Abyss’. A nice late start the next day sees us back on three more flights to Stockholm. At the airport we bump into a Greek guy who was at the Festival who tells me he knew the man who started the Festival many years ago and now has sadly passed away, the originator and he says, ‘He was a massive New Order fan, he would be so happy you were here!’ And you know what that makes two of us. As I write this we are just coming into land at Arlanda, and I’m knackered again.  


Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm Kulture Festival.

Can’t be many bands that can stay in a hotel named after them;) But we do.

Straight to bed and the gym calls next day, no sound check today and it’s nice to take it easy.

Weird being cold again and I have no coat with me, but hey ho. We go over to the Festival site. It is is right in the city centre, constructed across a huge roundabout and the stage is MASSIVE! Very tall and about 100ft across, the equipment is dwarfed… lost in this huge expanse.

As I arrive with about 15 minutes to go there are about 8 people in front of the stage, so I think, ‘Uh oh… a quiet night beckons.’ Never mind you cannot win them all and meet an old mate backstage a Swedish promoter who regales us with horror stories of DJ crews demands, mainly centred around transport actually, but do seem excessive to us poor Rock ’n’ rollers…funny tho’.

Time to go on and I get the SHOCK of my life when I walk out to an absolutely packed square, there must be about 15,000 people here! God knows where they came from in such a short space of time, but it’s great. Tonight has been dubbed ‘Joy Division Night’ and we get a great response to our set. It is cold now and at the end as I launch tonights ‘T’shirt, I am aware it’s freezing. Luckily I spy a pile of hoodies in the office and liberate one (for warmth purposes only you understand, ‘You can take the boy out of Salford but can’t take Salford out of the boy eh?).

I am up at 4.a.m. for an early flight to Majorca and get picked up by an old geezer who doesn’t speak English for our airport run, Ryanair. We set off and after what seems like an age… 50km at least, there are still 60km to go on the Sat nav? I start to panic…trying to talk to the guy is useless and it starts to feel like I’m being kidnapped (Saying that who would want to kidnap an old miserable English sod like me would have to be desperate, as my wife says, ‘They’d soon send you back. Probably with a load of money too!’

He then starts to fall asleep, I recognise the symptons, the fidgeting, the shuffling in the seat, the indentation in his forehead from the steering wheel and I have to keep prodding him and trying to chat, mainly going, ‘You ok? You ok?’ for another hour. The airport classed by Ryannair as Stockholm is 110km away??? Bloody hell….nice flight back, early flights are always quiet, thank god. Lovely to get back to Majorca…it’s beautiful.

Until next weeks tales of woe, betrayal and heartbreak… I bid you Adieu.

Love Hooky ‘15

Tue, 11 Aug 2015 12:18:59

The Light - Pordenone Festival, Venice August 2015

This is a very famous festival and over the years has featured some fantastic acts Ha! And tonight they’ve got you! I hear you say;) Now Now!

Shame to miss The Savages who played on Friday, great band.

Travel from Palma, but an electrical storm on the island delays every flight…only by an hour. But it was quite scary to witness..

It has been the hottest June and July in Majorca for 15 years, regularly 38* and higher, very unusual and unbearable, the locals tell me the problem is the water temperature, which this year has surpassed all records being 29* to 30* C, doesn’t bode well for the future they sayL But compared to Manchester I suppose it has to be better. It rained today for the first time in three months and was down to 21* and I’m off to Italy typical.

Just one last airport moan…Why do people bring fast food on planes? Why do they allow it? In America it happens all the time, where some selfish bastard will get on with a McDonalds or a Burger King and stink the whole plane out. Today is no exception and as I watch a very well dressed woman clutching a huge bag of Burger King I’m thinking, ‘I pity the poor bastard that’s sat next to her!’ I’m in 1A again and guess where she sits? Correct 2A, right behind me…Fooking hell!

It’s two hours to Venice which does anything but fly by, but seeing Venice as we fly in to land is gorgeous. It really is a wonderful city.

It is just weird to witness the spectacle of the streets replaced by waterways and the thousands of boats of every description that fill them. I must warn you…it is so expensive it makes Dubai look cheap. You really feel that you should just hand over all your money as you arrive, because believe me by the end you will have.

On Michael Winner’s advice we went to Harry’s Bar to eat and as Michael said, ‘Harry walks round every night checking on every table.’ And he did. Then when I got the bill - I KNEW WHY!

Steak and chips and a side salad - 300Euros for two. At least Bex got a Peach Bellini thrown in. Took me months to recover;(

The gig comes around very soon with no time to eat. I am nervous again, which is nice. The stage is ready and here we go…..

But it’s raining??? And looks like it has for a while …what a shame, luckily the crowd don’t seem to mind. We start with New Order today and doing it this way round is a little tougher vocally, without a warm up I find N.O. hard. Then into J.D and it’s great, we are all wet through by now but no one seems to care. The boys play great and a great audience too, thank you very much. I apologise for bringing the weather with me. In the dressing room after there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere and we chew the fat for far too long. In bed by 2 and up at 9 for the drive to Venice airport.

The luggage belts are broken when I arrive and it takes 90mins to check in. This nearly drives me mad, luckily I have a cute dog next to me in the queue, the same Bichon Frise as our lovely Wilma at home, the ribbon made me smile.

hen I have to leg it to Security where there’s a huge queue, straight to gate where we are boarding and it’s only when I sit on the plane that I realise I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning .

Back to Palma (‘Best place in the world to live’ according to The Sunday Times;) I think I could second that).

What a life;) Greece and Sweden next week see you there, Love Hooky 2/8/15

Tue, 11 Aug 2015 11:29:12

The Light - Circolo Andrea Doria Rome - July 2014

Set List:


It seems there is a God!

The so called ‘New Odour Single’ is crap. Thank you my higher power!

Well it’s not crap, it’s just OK…which will do me. I must admit it was a very strange moment getting ready to listen to it. But I did and it sounds exactly like I thought it would…a Barney Sumner solo record. He truly is in control. Chorus is quite catchy but it is not as good as any other Single we ever recorded…Oh! Apart from ‘Jetstream’ … another Barney Sumner solo singleJ

I am delighted.

It is soulless and Barney even manages to sound bored while he sings it (should be called ‘Care less’ …cos it sounds like he doesn’t). The bass is relegated to a backing role, just how he likes it, in fact everything is in a backing role. The drums start off well but the complicated pattern is distracting. The whole song seems programmed to within an inch of it’s life (I bet that computer was red hot)…I bet it was re-programmed for weeks or months even, with everyone kept waiting until had every possible overdub had been exhausted, driving everyone mad in the process. It’s a bit lifeless, much like the group.

I feel sorry for the fans… waiting 10 years for some material with our name on it and getting presented with this? It really feels to me like just going through the motions (exactly why I split the group up in 2007). ‘The Emperor’s new clothes’ springs to mind.

Now the poor bastards have to do the promotion and pretend how much they enjoyed making it and how fulfilling it was etc etc., how everyone was fully involved blah blah blah…how were all getting on great, so much better than before. It’s like them soap actresses that appear on Lorraine and the first thing they say is, ‘Oh yeh! We’re just one big happy family on the set.’

Oh the deceit, just like we did on ‘Get Ready’ and ‘Siren’s’… god forgive me. I must admit that is one thing I don’t miss is the lying, the pretence, the myth/pantomime that all group’s peddle.

I was reading his MOJO Interview, which I will answer for you soon. I am sick and tired of that bastard lying about what happened with the Hacienda Name, I really am. The guy is a fucking moron as well as a liar (allegedly;) it’s time you knew the truth and I will write to MOJO and provide the proof.


My wife keeps telling me off, telling me to stop, to focus on how much I enjoy what I do now and not take any notice of the others. I know she’s right.  But until the case is settled I cannot let up, not until justice is done. What they did to me is disgusting, stealing what was rightly mine from behind my back while I was in tour in China without ANY involvement with me, and expecting me to just lump it. NO CHANCE! After 31 years blood sweat and tears. What would you do?

Using the excuse of me playing Joy Division and taking The Hacienda name as justification to you, the fans, that they were right to come back as New Order without me. This is simply not true.

As I said before Bad Lieutenant were playing both Joy Division and New Order songs long before I did, and the Hacienda name was bought by Rob Gretton in 1997 at a public auction held by The Liquidator after The Hac went bankrupt. I get sick of repeating it, sometimes it feels like an ant kicking an elephant…but I’ll keep kicking until you all see sense.

They should be boycotted by every New Order Fan…they do not deserve your support. They are Thieves…’Thieves like them’ hee hee;)


Just one little push eh?

Anyway, rant over for now;)

I fly in from Majorca where it is as hot as hell, to Rome, which is even hotter than hell. God us Mancs, we’d moan about anything wouldn’t we?

Rome is beautiful and one of my favourite cities in the world apart from all the graffiti, it’s everywhere. We had a great friend who lived here called Tat who used to look after us so well every time we visited. Sadly, Tat is no longer with us… so rest in peace mate… forever.


The lads jog off to the gig while I jog in the gym which in the 40* heat is tough, but the AC kicks in after a bit and I enjoy myself. It is very difficult training in the humidity but I love it when I get back to England because I can do so much. I do have to be careful at my age, so I keep a close watch on this heart rate monitor of mine (apologies to John Cale there). Before I know it it’s time to eat… which is quite strange in the hotel, the restaurant is beautiful but empty, just me and a young lady with a bust up leg eating, foods okay. Then to the gig which is outdoor and is packed, with lots of bootleg J.D. ‘T’ shirts worn, I should do a competition for the best/worst, the Italians were the best at bootlegging but now have been left way behind by the Mexicans, but some of these shirts are a sight to behold.


We launch into Joy Division, which goes down a storm every song, then half way through we switch to New Order, and now it goes a bit flat…a great ‘Age of Consent’ leads into ‘Love Vigilantes’ but they are losing interest…shit. Luckily ‘B.L.T.’ and ‘True Faith’ get them back and it finishes fantastically. The encore kills them, metaphorically, and after I sign a million things and people, a very happy Hooky goes to bed. We leave in 6 hours.


The next morning at Rome airport is completely nuts, madness at check in and security. I am a bit late after travelling with the lads (who have a later flight) but it was nice to finally spend some time with them. I finally get into B TERMINAL and grab a bite, but then a gate change to D has everyone legging it over, on the way I walk next to this old Italian geezer who is snorting more than a Manc cokehead, air conditioning? Cold? God knows, but I pity the poor bastard who has to sit next to him on their flight hee hee;) Make the gate and get onboard, I’m in seat 1A, make myself comfortable and after everyone gets on I’ve still got an empty seat next to me…result! But just as the plane is about to take off they let on one last passenger…yep, you guessed it…it’s sniffer. Who takes his seat in 1B and sniffs all the bloody way to Palma.

Gratzi Mille, Bueno Note, Hooky ’15 


Wed, 29 Jul 2015 13:45:48

The Light - Truck Festival Oxford / Joracin Festival Poland July 2015

Arrive back from Majorca to a publishing meeting for Power, Corruption and Lies…Inside New Order, went very well, Simon and Schuster seem happy to accommodate its grand length…293,000 words (and it isn’t even finished yet?). It now has to go off for a legal read (to make sure the facts are right, so I don’t get sued:) so should be interesting what I have to leave out, hopefully not all the juicy bits eh? I am at present battling another musician who in my opinion has printed many lies/untruths in his book and even when presented with the facts refuses to correct it, so I know first hand how important the process of getting your facts right is. My book is now scheduled for next year …I am hoping for March but they are talking of October ‘16, which does seem very distant. But I’ve waited 35 years …so I suppose a few more months won’t kill me.

Very odd what you remember and where and when you remember it…snorkelling (I found a Sony Experia at 10ft down and it was still working?) I remembered us playing a show in March ’88 for Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in Los Angeles. A fashion show, where Sarah was pregnant with their first child…Bingo…2 hours later we have another 5000 words. Then shopping in Prop I remember we’d played at Barrowlands and were staying at the Malmaison in Glasgow when I had a spectacular alcohol induced nervous breakdown, there was a power cut in the hotel and two members of the band disgraced themselves with the same hooker (allegedly:) another 3000 words.

O.M.G…will it never end?


(Two Bears! You wouldn’t like to bump into either on a dark night would ya?)


Strange rehearsing a new player after 5 years (Pottsy doesn’t count), but Daryll is working hard and fitting in nicely. It has been difficult ‘losing’ Jack to The Pumpkins and does feel really weird. Over 5 years of The Light I have enjoyed and got used to him looking after me and being around all the time, but as we know …’Life goes on’ and ‘Time and tide wait for no man’ etc etc. 

Lovely drive down to Oxford and TRUCK feels like a mini Glastonbury, very rich and varied.  It really is in the heart of old England. The Olde Worlde houses are fantastic and line the road to the Festival. 

It’s a hybrid set tonight and I can’t say they are my favourite. I much prefer the artiness of playing the LP’s, somehow to me it feels more valid. A signing beforehand with some lovely people leads us into our tent, which is packed with hundreds locked out (can you use that analogy with a tent?) A great set goes down wonderfully, a fantastic, really mixed and enthusiastic audience. I am blown away. It’s hotter than hell. Which I didn’t expect, and am soaked, but very happy after.

Drive straight to Stansted Airport for an early flight to Poznan, Poland.


Nice direct flight.

It is amazing how Ryannair and Easyjet have changed as airlines, after treating everyone like crap for so long they now do actually try and make your experience enjoyable. I can now recommend them both. One and a half hours drive later and we are at the hotel. Poland is a beautiful country but is firmly entrenched in the 70’s, looks a lot like Stockport did back then, but the people are lovely and cycle everywhere too. On the way to Jarocin on the busy A roads through the woods, occasionally you would flash by a beautiful dressed woman stood in the trees, causing many double takes, like they’d got lost on their way to a nightclub. They were Hookers who operate in the woods.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I were a hooker I would be avoiding the woods at all costs. Have they never heard Jeremy Clarksons stories about Truck Drivers?

Anyway, the hotel is right next to the festival site and as I wait I get to listen to some really wacky stuff…very interesting. Later as we make our way over to the site it is surrounded by thousands of people complete with great carnival atmosphere. Our guide tells me it’s the people who can’t afford to get in? Economically Poland is still suffering a great deal it seems. He also tells me that the whole place was destroyed about 30 minutes ago by hurricane force winds. Wild.

We are playing both Joy Division albums tonight by request of the promoter and we begin well, but as the set goes on it becomes apparent that sitting through two Joy Division albums at 11.30 p.m at the end of a two day festival and after a mini hurricane isn’t quite what the crowd had in mind. I can see them starting to drift off, mentally and physically. Be careful what you wish for eh?

Closer is always tricky to play but we pull it back for Unknown Pleasures and watching the antics of a 50 strong group of young people crowd surfing non-stop throughout the whole set is very entertaining. They are masked which looks threatening but is just to stop the dust, which with the moshing and surfing has become quite a cloud.

The encore is great and ‘Ceremony’, ‘Transmission’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ really seal the deal. Daryll has done very well. I am looking forward to next weekend very much.

The late end means the 90mins drive is early-ish and I fly to Copenhagen and get stuck for three hours waiting for my flight to home…Bastard, luckily Arlanda is a great airport and the time flies.

The morning after the night before!

The joys of travelling…stay lucky, Hooky ‘15

Mon, 13 Jul 2015 11:48:29

The New New Order Record July 2015

The New New Order Record. (See how close we used to be;)

A lot of people have been asking what I feel about the New Record. Apart from the lousy titles it hasn’t had much impact, to be honest. I do not think the band has any validity at all now.

As I keep saying… !t may be called New Order but it is not New Order. It is definitely more Bad Lieutenant. In fact, a lot of the tracks on this record were destined for the 2nd Bad Lieutenant album (canned because of the lack of success). I must say that writing and finishing any album is something definitely to be proud of. I just wish the circumstances suited its release. It is funny seeing all the bullshit that’s surrounds the release. That is definitely something that I am not used to. Our last record was released in 2005 and while I witnessed it surrounding their gigs and so called reformation, this is a lot different.

It does make me wonder who they are trying to convince…themselves?…or you?

It is your money that keeps them going. In the same way it keeps me going. I suppose the difference is I am not pretending to be something I’m not. Writing the New Order book  and going over everything in such detail has shown me many things I wasn’t really aware of. One thing it has definitely shown me is that New Order weren’t just a group…it was, in some ways, more an attitude. An attitude we brought with us from Joy Division and Punk. An attitude and celebration of a time that was very special. Embodied in FactoryThe Hacienda and Manchester.  

An anarchic, selfish way of looking at this crazy, bullshit business, that made it special, bearable and our own.

We did everything we could to try and change the system for the better, for everyone, and almost succeeded. At times, it made life very difficult for us. But the music and that attitude kept us going. Playing the gigs, ignoring Joy Division, at last winning the audiences approval and building a following, soon showed us we were doing something right.

Unfortunately when Factory went bust we knew things would change and slowly they did. After never having a single on an album, Republic, on London Records had four, the interminable remixing of the songs further diluting the core of the music and the principles. Then the videos etc etc.,

We changed too. In my opinion that’s when New Order finished as an attitude and way of life. We became just another group doing what every other group does. Once Rob passed it was buried with him.

Now they are just another group without the right line up, desperately trying to prove to you that they still have some value. That they still deserve your money and respect…take it from me…they don’t. Amazingly they have even conned Daniel Miller at Mute too.

My legal fight over the unauthorised use of the name is still ongoing. I will get Justice soon.

Until then recognise this for exactly what it is.

I can remember doing the promo for ‘Waiting for The siren’s Call’ and having to pretend everything was great with the group. Pretending we were all together and happy with the release. Like some new actress joining ‘Emmerdale’ or ‘Coronation Street’ all that ‘Were all one big happy family’ bollocksEven though certain members were hardly on it. But I supposed we were used to doing that.

Credit it where it’s due though, as I said before making an LP, especially a New Order LP takes you through 7 kinds of hell at least. So completing it is a great achievement and I am positive that Barney will have worked very, very hard indeed on trying to make this one, the one that proves he doesn’t need me. I hear he has said there are two songs about me on it?

 WOW! I’m flattered!

Although it makes him sound (especially after all this time) like a spurned lover….a bit creepy.

I suppose I, like you, will have to wait to pass final judgement. I hope he doesn’t succeed…I really do. New Order were very special, it started when that three piece appeared at The Beach Club and with that same three piece hardly changing all the way up to Technique, the magic was still there even then.


Love Peter Hook July’15

Mon, 13 Jul 2015 11:40:35

Willowman Thirsk June 2015

Willowman Festival, Thirsk, Yorkshire. (The New War of the Roses).

Saturday 20th June 2015

A welcome return to playing after, for us, a long 4 week break, and a welcome return to blogging. Now I’ve finished the book I finally have the time.

It amazes me now that I think 4 weeks is along time between gigs, in New Order we would regularly go months or even years.  A nice drive to Leeds with my daughter and when we arrive the weather is perfect, rare this summer. It’s a Joy Division set tonight and the event is tinged with sadness because after this one Jack is off to join The Smashing Pumpkins, along with a personal invite from Billy Corgan to boot.

This feels very odd… Jack has been with me in The Light, right from the start and was the same age as I was when we first started playing Unknown Pleasures in 2010, 21. Then bizarrely as we moved through the records he was the same age as I was when I did them the first time. Weird.

He has gradually become very important to me in all aspects of running the band and planning the gigs. I will miss him greatly.

His replacement (what can I say… I have learnt the hard way that no one is irreplaceable;) Is Darryl. He is a lovely lad who has roadied for us in the past and now moves into mine/his bass shoes, we wish him well. His first gig at Oxford, will be a real baptism of fire.

The gig went great as per usual and the very short 75 minutes flew by. The White Roser’s were very energetic and a full field stomped along. The drive home was nice and I am looking forward to Father’s Day tomorrow. I will be celebrating with my three children, Heather, Jack and Jessica in Chester, Happy Days.

Mon, 09 Mar 2015 10:20:39

Peter Hook - "The 'Ashley-enda"/ Denmark Feb 2015

The Hacienda: ‘Ashley-ienda’, Ashley Brook, Salford.

Our annual Charity Event at the pub in Salford. Supported by Sankey’s it goes very well right from the start. Last year equipment problems plagued the night. Great sell out crowd go nuts and Shaun Ryder and 808 State are excellent guests and much moolah is raised for the Hospice down the road that treated my great friend Sheila Bellingham, rest in peace darling.

New Beat Festival, Aalborg, Denmark. 

This is a busy weekend after 8 weeks off that flew by. After the late night last night the early start is a killer. But a decent bacon butty dispels the gloom in Bar M/cr. Trip goes easily and amazingly the weather in both Copenhagen and Aalborg is milder than at home. No chance for a rest as it is straight to the Book Talk and Q an A. The English compere is excellent and has really done his homework and this makes for a very spirited discussion, with interesting questions too from the audience. I eat and rest which is nice. The Djing comes too soon but it will be nice after 2 months off, I am nervous though time off always does that to me. , ah well. It’s a nice club with a great set up and before I know it the place is packed. And bugger me…it goes really well. I am very happy indeed complete with stage invasion, yeh rocking! I sleep well and no nasty snow suprises(I was stuck here last time for) 12 hours, blizzard!) 

Home sweet Home

Mon, 09 Mar 2015 09:30:34

The Light - Trades Club Hebden Bridge Residency - Dec 2014

Hebden Bridge Trades Club Residency - 8th to 10th December 2015

Night One - Joy Division: ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and‘Closer’.

When the promoter from Hebden Bridge heard we were playing all six LP’s in Los Angeles on our American tour he asked us to do it here too. How could I resist? Hebden is becoming a very important gig fixture and the list of people who have played and will play there soon, is very impressive. A real ‘Who’s Who’ of music, past and present so…We are in great company. It is a little odd doing an English gig so soon after the good old U.S.A apart from still being jetlagged that is. But a lovely drive and meeting Twinny for a meal in Hebden is a real treat. No it’s not…the meal is awful. How do you fuck up Greek food? 

The gig looms soon and was all sold out weeks ago so the pressure is on. The boys perform well and Joy Division are put to rest for how long now I wonder? Paul has a cold so I try to stay away from him. Lovely drive home in Oliver Reed, nice to have him back;)

Night Two - New Order: Movement and ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’

Three on the trot is strange.

I have to be careful not to think too much about it or the words all bleed into one another. The weather is getting worse by the day and by the time I get there on the second night it’s freezing and very wet with snow flurries. Another meal, this time with ‘The Sultan of Swing’ we plum for Italian… you just cannot do that badly…but lo and behold in Hebden Bridge anything is possible and they can! It’s shit! The most awful meal I have had since yesterday. Soon we are off and strange to see a lot of the same people weirdly standing in the same place, which heightens the ‘Déjà vu’. 

Great reaction again though. These are the tracks we have played least so I was a little nervous. But the band, are great, and I am very proud as both albums are given the respect they so richly deserve. Going off stage for the breaks onto the icy staircase for a fag is enough to make you give up smoking for good. Nice drive home.

Night Three - New Order: ‘Lowlife’ and ‘Brotherhood’

Our last evening and I meet James in a Turkish restaurant right by the venue and guess what? It’s crap too! What is the matter with this place? The gig goes well again and I think we, as a group, feel the well-deserved break coming on which is lovely.

I love Christmas.

We play very well again and even Paul as ill as he is manages a great gig. I ask a young lady at the front who was there on the first night but not the second and now back tonight where she was last night? ‘Couldn’t get a babysitter Hooky.’ She says, It feels like we are all mates…nice. The three gigs are being recorded by ABBEY ROAD LIVE HERE NOW for a triple CD and I am glad it has gone so well and been so easy. It is truly freezing now and I hug the boys farewell realizing I won’t see them until the New Year. As I drive home in the snow, reflecting on the year behind I realize what a fantastic time we have had, the places we have been and the people we have met. Then I start sneezing and realize that bastard Kehoe has given me his cold/virus whatever…Shit! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Goodwill to all men! Well maybe not all;)

Love Hooky’14

Sun, 11 Jan 2015 11:49:00

The Light - North America - November 2014


Back, in the good old USA. We have worked hard to get here and it is great to witness the gigs and audiences growing. New Order always concentrated nearly all our interest on America and it certainly paid off. Before we split in the 90’s we were huge all over the USA and Canada.

I love Austin.

Ever since we first made it here we have had some great adventures, musically and otherwise. We fly in well, changing in Dallas. So drag our selves down to 6th street, which is bustling even on a Monday night. Most of the gigs here are open air and lo and behold we have again brought the Manchester weather with us. It starts to rain almost immediately and never stops.

By the time I get to the gig there are floods and huge puddles everywhere. A sea of umbrellas is all you can see from the stage but a great and warm reception awaits us. Austin is a great place to start and Texan hospitality is legendary. I was wondering how these would go down to be honest but it’s a great start. We play well although a little nervously as we were still playing Joy Division until a day ago and have not truly made N.O. our own. Before we know it we are done and as I go to put my hoodie on I realize I have parked it under a leak? It is soaked, wet through. Strange being so wet and so warm. Luckily my great friend Kerry from AAA is on hand to give me a lift home thank god! It takes 3 days to dry. The next day I go for a jog in the hotel gym and it’s strange having the Car Valets watching me while their eating Pizza? I do well still at 30 mins without stopping so fingers crossed it will stay that way x Easy flight to ……


This is an interesting City. Very industrial past but has reinvented itself very well. We had a great gig last time. But I am still wary about these two albums, LOWLIFE and BROTHERHOOD see above, they are tricky to play. The rain is here too but the Troc is a beautiful old theatre and indoors thank god. Weird how you can never get a Taxi in the rain isn’t it? Today is no different. Funny when I come down for breakfast because there are about 200 school kids staying here as well. They are remarkably well behaved but eat like gannets. Every time any food appears it almost as quickly disappears.

Luckily these days I do not eat that much. The Light are actually very, very light. Gig time is here before you can say Zombie movie and it’s a great turnout. Our two policeman friends have done me proud again with two bottles of FREE Alcoholic free wine one white and one red. I am a bit unwell tonight and so save them until tomorrow and Boston. We are on the train you see for the next couple of days so we can carry it. The gig is very good. Great reception and we deliver very well indeed. I run off into the rain at the end because I don’t feel very well and want to avoid getting sicker. So tuck up for an early night. Lovely train ride beautiful scenery to……..


I love New York too and it is lovely to be back, it really is. Irving Plaza, Pottsy reminds me, is where everything went wrong for MONACO last time, gear wise I mean. So it will be a little odd being back. I walk the 20 blocks to the gig delighting in the sights and sounds around me. I have been writing about our first American tours for my N.O. book so was feeling quite melancholic. The Large Apple is rocking. It’s a great venue and we see loads of old friends Joe Shanahan and his family are over from Chicago, we also have the legendary Dennis and Lois and Lynne from Marvel and even a FREEBASS reunion. Andy Rourke has graciously agreed to join us for a number and it is lovely to see him. He looks really well and plays TRUE FAITH excellently, a great moment. Thanks mate;) The gig goes well again and a great reception. It is wonderful to see people singing along to these poor old ignored songs. It really makes me smile. Shame really because I will be so sorry to see these songs go when we move on again;( I walk back to the hotel after the gig, this place is great I am a very lucky boy indeed. Sleep well and on the train again YIPPEE!


We are on really early here and we will be finished by 9.30, the dreaded disco night on after. Most gigs in England are like this now. Some people love it and some people hate it. It’s a lot like life;) We played this venue before when we did Joy Division and it was ok, not a great turnout. New Order was better but was in a different place. There are certain places we just do not do very well, Boston, Washington and Montreal spring to mind. But tonight we have a big increase in people and while the audience, are mostly my age they are very enthusiastic.

That is apart from three girls, all with glasses on who choose to stand right in front of me and basically show absolutely no emotion or interest all night? Spending most of the time looking at their phones or chatting? This does puzzle me I mean if you weren’t that bothered about the group you’ve paid 30$ to see wouldn’t you stand at the side or the back? Not right in the front about 4 rows back, right in my bleeding eye line! I leave them to it after all it’s their money. But it is off putting though and annoying for everyone. At one point they start taking daft pictures of themselves and then looking at them. They never clap or show a flicker of recognition…I stare at the tall one and catch her eye but she immediately looks away and then keeps glancing back waiting for me to look away….weird? Eventually they leave ‘SOONER THAN U THINK’ sees them off. Thank god I am so relieved. We then all have a great time. Ha! Thank you Boston you are off my list!


Easy trip thank god. We are staying at one of my favourite hotels in the world ZERO ONE, our third time here. This audience is tough, usually reserved shall we say? We have an evening off so have a fantastic Vietnamese meal then an early night. This travelling kills you. The next day I have time to work on my N.O. book which is nice, the early days were a lovely period and then before I know it its gig time. Now a very full auditorium greets us warmly and as we start I notice the fold back is awful and my amp sounds dreadful, this does not happen often but the amp is a problem, the gig goes well but this amp is really annoying me, going off and on and crackling away….it’s really pissing me off NOW!

When we come back on for the encore I think…fuck it I’m gonna kick this bastard over just for devilment you know? So I put my guitar down and stance up and kick the cab as hard as I can and lo and behold it goes over…but hang on the whole thing stops halfway and comes back at me???

Now I know an AMPEG 300SVT top is very, very heavy and as the thing comes back to centre it shows no sign of stopping, and you cannot catch an AMPEG head …it takes two people to carry one. Sure enough in true Spinal Tap fashion the whole bloody lot comes flying at me, Phil who didn’t see me kick it comes rushing on stage, but no one can stop it and the whole stinking lot crashes down on my 6 string guitar and my pedals as I jump out of the way…..BASTARD! This is funny the rest of the band are laughing but Phil isn’t, he puts it all back up and guess what? The flaming thing is fixed! Hallelujah! I must try that more often. Ends up a great night.


Nice internal toToronto, but a shit DAYS INN hotel that isn’t very nice at all, amazing how they can vary so much from night to night. Big gig this tonight. Now MOVEMENT and P.C.L. was fantastic here last time and I am hoping for the same. It goes well from start to finish, the sound is horrible, the stage is absolutely huge and seems to stretch for miles. But it is a great reception and I am very grateful, Lovely to see Coatsey and his missus and quite a few old friends in attendance. Getting cold now.


 Night off here and we are in a great old hotel, with fantastic food. I make the gym again and it’s a cross between a gym, a Hospital, a Physical Rehab clinic and even has Hospital beds in it like a Ward…..very strange? I do well though but it’s freezing and I have to hurry back to the warmth of the Hotel.  I like this place a lot. A nice old club my old mate George King is here with his lovely son who jumps on me for a hug at one point. Makes me miss my family …..awh! Play well and a great audience. Uber sorts us out back to Hotel.


Back to The Metro, a sell out show Hooray! Nice to see our old friend Joe Shanahan so well having recovered from his illness, fantastically too, he is on fine form.

We are staying at the airport as we have an early leave tomorrow but the hotel is nice. Grab dinner with Joe which is wonderful and before I know it we are on. We have a few things happening tonight, a marriage proposal on stage, a lovely man has asked if he can propose to his girlfriend before the encore, turns out she is a huge fan and we are all hoping she says yes so much! She does….HOORAY! Marriage is a great institution Bex and I are nearly at 17 years and it has flown….. my god. Next up is Billy and Jeff from Smashing Pumpkins which goes great. Then it is lovely to see Lippy and Kim and lots and lots of our Chicago mates…I am talked out. Joe drives me home, it’s a tradition we have and as we hug goodnight I think how sad it is about poor Michael Shamberg there really aren’t many of us left now. Getting colder.


This is a great city and we are staying downtown right where the action is, it’s cold and feels nice and Christmassy. It rains in the morning so me and Pottsy retire to the gym. Amazing how times change I think, here we are now all healthy and shit! It is funny though because the plug board for the two joggers keeps tripping as we are running so we are getting loads of emergency stops, and near falls it makes us laugh. The gig is good and a great damp audience, make it an easy night for us. I run off into the night at the end as I’m knackered and desperate for bed. Sorry kids. Freezing and wet.


Getting fed up with bloody Airports really am! Another great city on our list and we have a beauty of a hotel SUTTON PLACE, we are being spoilt by a friend, which feels a bit weird but is a lovely gesture and we really are grateful. Night off before and we all go for a meal together. It is amazing how close we MAGNIFICENT SEVEN are;) Have a lovely day and manage to do my laundry at last and am working steadily on the book, in between Zombie movies of course. Walk down to the gig and it goes really well with a very boisterous audience. Phil has to grab         a couple of revelers who get carried away. All too soon we are off again…to Jacks favourite city……


This to me is like America’s Manchester. A nice city but, very lively street life. Everyone seems to be hanging around? A little intimidating to say the least. We are playing in a smallish club, the same one we did last year in a great neighbourhood. The gig is packed and they are stoked, we have a great gig from start to finish. Lovely to see my old mate Claude Flowers here, an old friend who did a couple of books on New Order and then suggested The Hacienda book, which he helped me write. I have known him for 12 years and this is the first time we have met? Claude was a soldier for 8 years but is now happy and settled with a wife and family. The gig goes great and we enjoy ourselves immensely. God smoking is such a problem…. here you can only smoke outside the gig, so I have to go and do it in the street….with no shirt on and it’s freezing;( Claude drops me off and I hope it isn’t another 12 years before I see him again.

Off to ……


This is a city I have hardly seen anything of? The airport is near the hotel the hotel near the gig and that is it, then we are off again. It is a lovely venue and has it’s own smoking balcony at the back of the stage which is great. The gig goes very well, a very good reception a load of Nutters at the front really go for it. I see one girl crying and recognize her from last year when she cried all the way through the first two LP’S as well? Ah well, I get a lift home from these two Indian(not red) guys who own the hotel we stay in when we are here, they tell me how they came here with nothing 10 years ago from Calcutta and now have 5 hotels in the district…THE AMERICAN DREAM! They tell me next time I will get a Jacuzzi suite for free! I will hold you to that, boys for SUBSTANCE or TECHNIQUE, I’ve not decided yet. Lovely to get the train today and it is a lovely trip to……


We are staying on Geary Street at the beautiful WARWICK Hotel but are not here long enough. I have a lovely surprise waiting for me here two young guys contacted me about a guitar they had that they no longer wanted a Green BB1200S? They tell me I have it for what they paid for it $250? I am amazed they go for much more on Ebay I tell them…but they insist I have it. Thank you Boys what can I say? Great place we play in Mezzanine here so we know the staff well. Great to see Jason Rhodes here too, our New Order/New Odour roadie and nice to hear the gossip. Gig goes great with, I think, the best audience yet…they never stop singing along, going nuts. It’s great from start to finish. Thank you kids! Train again, which is fantastic a heavenly trip to….


Again, another great place to play and our fourth time here. Nice to welcome Moby back and he is in fine form. We were to have MARK LANAGAN here too but due to a family crisis he can’t make it. We wish him well. Gig goes great and a good reception, loads of old mates out including KAV the guy who reformed The Happy Mondays, he is promoting here now. Nice to have a few days here as this is the first of our three L.A. shows. We are staying at The Farmers Daughter and I was reading a report by Will Self where he asked them to turn the music down at breakfast and they wouldn’t…so I go out of my way to ask them every day and they do? Must be in the delivery Will? Nice trip BUT the L.A traffic is very heavy don’t know how they put up with it …


Tonight it is MOVEMENT and POWER, CORRUPTION and LIES and I am nervous. It has been a long time since we played them both together. It is a cavernous venue with a huge stage, tough sound to overcome. The show goes very well I need not have worried. It is great to play/hear them again and so great to be able to play all 6 albums…O.M.G. I can’t believe I am writing that…playing 6 albums Wild! Over 90 Songs;) Nice trip back to The Farmers with Judy Rhia driving, with not much traffic HOORAY!


A nice easy day with a trip to the gym, I’m down sadly, but feel ok. Then laundry time;) Bit more writing and it’s gig time. THE ROXY ON SUNSET is world famous and I have been here socially a few times. It is great to play here. Ian always used to say…’We’ll play The Roxy one day!’ and here we bloody are! This is UNKNOWN PLEASURES and CLOSER and we play fantastically….the boys take my breath away. It’s for you Ian! Moby plays with us and it is GREAT! WOW! Even I’m impressed;)


San Diego is a wonderful city but on Thanksgiving Night is very quiet. I suppose it’s like our Christmas Day? There is a Crab Shack next door to the hotel so I drag myself out of bed to get me some crabs and SHIT the place shuts at 5 on Thanksgiving Aaaarrrgh!

We played here once as New Order in 1983 and have never made it back, so here are The Light. It is a quick visit and before I know it, it’s gig time which goes great, we are all very tired and everything seems a bit surreal;) A great audience, are with us through the whole of the show and Lo and behold we have a stage invader??? It’s just like the old days, always amazes me that they never seem to know what to do when they get on stage? This guy is no exception and at least he doesn’t do a Noel Gallagher on me(Always a worry) and Phil leads him to safety via the waistband. Great gig and great sleep then nice early flight;( to Hawaii…..


A 6 hour trip, but such a fantastic way to end the tour. We have a night off so go straight to the beach and watch the sun go down, it is gorgeous. We all paddle in the pacific then have a nice communal meal. The next day is spent writing with a lovely evening watching the sun go down again. The gig we’re told has not sold too well but come the night is absolutely packed. And I have never seen more tattoos in an audience ever! We play great and everyone sings along….WOW! I AM AMAZED! Then it’s all over…which seems very strange indeed? We are on another day off and the boys go sightseeing while I shop for my girls, I end my day with yet another sunset on the beach. I can’t help but smile. I am dying to go home but am very happy with what I am doing. We then have The Light’s Christmas Dinner. As I thank the boys I relies we have come so far and have even further to go home……36 hours later I arrive in a cold wet Manchester Airport…it’s shit! But I am so happy to be home. 5 days off then HEBDEN BRIDGE (for our sins;)

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on yet another epic journey;)

Peter Hook Dec’14

Sat, 10 Jan 2015 14:26:00

The Light - Latin America - Oct / Nov 2014



Set off well and happy. Well I say that but I got a terrible virus after the Manchester show that floored me for 3 weeks! Even though I am okay now the bloody thing keeps reappearing, been a bastard this one! Brought with it terrible headaches and a bad back that required a trip to the Chiro, where to my delight I found out I had been going to the same guy in Wilmslow, Scott Middleton for over 20 years??? Before you ask I did not get a discount….Of course I tried, but to no avail;) So as I waved goodbye to Manc there was a feeling of desertion on my part. Change at Heathrow and then Dallas but American Airlines do me proud, their new planes are FANTASTIC and I arrive in Santiago 32 hours later….almost refreshed.



We arrive in a warm lovely Santiago, and after a short trip from the airport to our hotel, the rooms aren’t ready;( The last thing you want to hear after a 32 hour trip. We amuse ourselves by lolling on our suitcases by the open air swimming pool, the boys on beer me on ‘sin’ and not too long before we are all pink and tired. Just in the nick of time the keys arrive and after a short ‘Old mans nap’ it’s time for dinner.

This really is a lovely place. We are smack in the middle of downtown by the Old town. Find a great steak house and after a lovely meal we are all exhausted. Sleep well and the next day we lounge by the pool again, it is boiling. We watch the demonstrations in the street below. Thousands of people march by, the theme seems to be ‘NO’ ironic ? Or is it ‘No’ to ‘New Odour’ the boys suggest…’Maybe there on your side Hooky!’ They laugh…. Who isn’t I think? Hee Hee;) 

This is a very interesting city. Very Spanish influenced and quite charmingly run down. A very relaxed start and I work on the N.O. book all day. Say what I want about Twatface’s book it really has left it wide open to do a GREAT New Order book. I am enjoying it. Before I know it….. it’s time to perform. The gig is a huge warehouse with a very high ceiling. Strange sound. That is one of the problems/delights about not doing the sound check. It is sometime’s a big surprise, too big as you go on. The crowd, are fantastic over a 1500 people singing along madly to Joy Division. By the end they are BONKERS!

Top One. We have another day off and a very leisurely trip to Montevideo…..



It is amazing how cheap the cost of living is in these countries compared to England, probably relative to their earning power but I have to say great for us. Another lovely city, right by the sea! It seems busy but we do struggle to find somewhere to eat on a Monday night. We are recommended one place but after a trip to the toilets and a view of the chef? We beat a hasty retreat back to the hotel. Where Jack and I eat in the charming 70’s style Casino, luckily the foods great. Strangely gambling is one addiction I have managed to avoid….I just don’t get it? Class A’s, Alcohol etc I get because of the altered state of mind so I suppose I have to thank my lucky stars for that one;) Bed early and a good trip to the gym and a sunbathe gives us all a positive boost. We are playing Joy Division again today, UNKNOWN PLEASURES and CLOSER, which is a delight. This is so much easier to play than bloody NEW ORDER, and I still can’t figure why? I am excused SOUND CHECK on health grounds so it’s breaking Bad for me. The gig rolls round very soon though and before I know it I am in front of a over a 1000 Chileans screaming along with nearly every song…..BLIMEY……I AM BLOWN AWAY! I never expected that. Thank you so much Chile…I owe you one!

The weather has been wild while we are here, sunny but with gale force winds and as we awake on the next day it is easy to see why….a full blown electrical storm of amazing raw power and beauty has hit us full on and the airport is closed in Montevideo. The only advice we get is to get the Ferry. So with the help of the lovely Candela we make our way to the Port, which is right next to our hotel? Nice way to waste three hours.  There is panic in the air as everyone is struggling to get to Buenos Aries. As it turns out both Montevideo and Buenos Aries airports remain closed for two days. As luck would have it the Ferry then decides to break down and we are stuck here for three hours. We finally head out and by the end of another three hour ferry ride everyone is bored shitless. We spy Buenos Aries in the distance, with a huge sigh of relief. 



We are very late and the boys get half an hour to set the gear up, it’s like a Fessie!

The gig has a small two-tiered stage. We play very well considering the circumstances to a great reception. Interesting the way these South American crowds sing along with the riffs of the songs. Ending up louder than you. To great effect I might add. INSIGHT and 24 HOURS sound amazing, as does SHADOWPLAY. Wild! We crawl to bed literally, knackered. Airport is back to normal the next day and we have a nice trip to Brazil.



Lovely to see our old friend, Gilly here, A lovely man and a truly loyal colleague.

 It is amazing what a rare commodity loyalty is, as I found out in Sept 2011. Sao Paolo is a crazy as ever and as we follow the river into the city I am amazed the way that no one even walks along it’s banks….. it is so toxic. The Pullman hotel is our old haunting ground and is excellent. The Q and A in the afternoon is very warm in more ways than one and nice when my old mate Heitor turns up. We are playing New Order tonight and the Joy Div. warm up goes swell. The next part requires a lot of concentration on all our parts and after a lay off I am a little nervous. But apart from a few daft mistakes it tears along. Ending in a fantastic TEMPTATIONAL crescendo. We run off for a quick shower and then straight to the airport for a 5.a.m. flight;(



Here by invitation of another great friend, Hector of Noiselab fame. This is a fantastic bustling city. The people are lovely very friendly and welcoming. I do not get why Americans are so terrified of Mexico? They really should try it.

Every time you mention travelling in Mexico, American’s recoil in absolute horror. The propaganda machine seems to have really worked well. This is a big gig venue tonight and I am wondering what will happen? I hit the gym again but have to give up almost immediatly as I can’t breathe? It’s weird it’s like your breathing but not getting enough oxygen?? It frightens me. I wonder if it’s the virus??? Then I remember……the altitude….dickhead! I throw a few weights around for a while then retreat back to bed and the joy’s of 80’s New Order. As I do the research I am realizing what a product of the 80’s we were. We began in 80 and finished in 90 when Barney split us up to do Electronic.

Gig time comes soon and I head to the there in the intense traffic, which never changes whatever city you are in. GOD THIS PLACE IS HUGE….It’s just like the bad old days. Great setup and as it’s ‘The Day of the Dead!’ There are two huge shrines to Ian, Curtisy of our very generous hosts. It is strange being in Mexico of all places and seeing a shrine at a gig celebrating Joy Div’s music. We break our attendance record tonight…..Hong Kong 2200…..Mexico City….3200! Hooray! We play very well, and the crowd go BONKERS! They are so young most of them…..God bless them all. It is a great night and I do not want it to end. But it does, and then I am marched up stairs to 4 interviews, a meet and greet, and some competition winners? Eh?All of which are to say the least a great surprise?? The line seems to be never ending and I say to Hector….



I bet. Cheeky bugger! Love him! As we drive off I pass the mini market outside selling Joy Division Bootlegs outside, more than you could ever count ……about 20 stalls.

Bloody hell! At least we are contributing to both economies Black and Grey.

A happy boy goes home. I am homesick though, missing all my girls. Sleep ok, I am reading Roy Keane’s book, which is very interesting. Up early for our flight to Dallas. I am very proud of my boys. America here we come. WATCH OUT!


Sat, 10 Jan 2015 13:30:00

The Light - Germany / France Live Dates - Oct 2014

5/10/14 K-17, BERLIN, GERMANY


I love Berlin. We started coming here in 1980. The atmosphere with the wall up was electric. It was the strangest thing in the world. But gave Berlin a unique atmosphere….so decadent. It was fantastic. Since the wall came down it has changed but still is a wonderful city. It has my favourite hotel in the world ….THE ADLON…where Michael Jackson dangled Blanket….sadly I am not staying there tonight….aaaah needs must! Nice flight over busy tho…..via Cologne…I am still ill. My throat and chest are really bad so I tip off Pottsy that he may be ‘lead’ tonight;) Hold those sighs of relief!!! I am relying heavily on ‘Sandersons throat specific’ that was recommended by a Cruise ship singer….and it works! I feel like shit but I get through….no whooping tho’ fans! This set still feels brand new and is quite daunting. But I am enjoying it immensely. The look on peoples faces when you play certain songs is priceless….absolutely priceless! What a journey this has been, to quote X factor contestants. I can’t believe we have played 7 Albums and over a 100 songs. WOW!


Gig goes well everyone a little nervous and this place is as hot as hell. Strange seeing Fat Alex in such weird environs…..Late to bed and I spend most of the night coughing….sheeet! Knackered…Drive to Hannover is nice but I can’t talk, again sighs of relief all round;(


This is a lovely place too and the weather is like summer. I have an easy day with Strepsils, Vocalzone tablets and ‘Specific’ what a life. Too knackered to go to the gym so take it easy again. Get ready for the gig, a nice venue, smallish, but good crowd. We change the set round but I don’t like it. I suppose I worry that with it being the album’s it requires a lot of listening but then think …..it’s art ….so fuck it! Goes very well…daft mistakes disappearing fast. We are getting much more confident now…thank god! I run to bed at the end and sleep for 11 hours…WOW unheard of, must have needed it tho’ feeling marginally better. Long drive to Paris. We have a lottery to see when we will get stuck in the traffic on the way in.

The lottery starts at 18km but Phil wins emphatically at 8km as we are brought to a standstill. Not bad for Paris. I spend most of the day doing The New Order book. Strange using Barney’s for HOW NOT TO WRITE A BOOK ON NEW ORDER! Hard work but up to 1982 on the rewrite’s. Very interesting to concentrate on it, it really is;)

7/10/14 La Machine du Moulon Rouge, PARIS FRANCE


We are staying in a hotel I have stayed in many times. When I played with The Durutti’s and New Order. I remember me and our lead singer stealing two girls off their boyfriends in this very hotel in the early 80’s ….them were the days HA! Must make a note for my book;) We are close to Jim Morrison’s grave so I may go and pay my respects later…..Gig is packed. I must say thank you to Paris here because we have had great support with The Light ever since we started with JOY DIVISION’S music in 2010. Every gig has been packed. Strangely NEW ORDER never had a good gig here…ever! Until after 2000….Do the Maths?

We play very well, place is hotter than hell….Perfect! I am in a good mood so the old geezer with the ponytail throwing beer backwards on to the stage doesn’t get a visit from my ‘Brain Biter’ or axe/guitar to you. Lovely, to see Michel Duval who started Factory Benelux with Annik Honore in 1980. He has been ill but is very well now…thank god. We are losing too many;( I Love Paris;)



Nice trip. Lovely drive, bright but cool weather I am feeling a lot better must be all the sweating. Then we get bad news tonight is cancelled. There have been problems at the venue and the Promoter could not go on with the show. Very sad my apologies to all, nothing I could do I am afraid. We divert to Metz.

9/10/14 METZ, FRANCE

Our last date on this short tour. This is a beautiful city, very medieval in look. We have a rare night off and eat in the Old city at a restaurant that reminds me of my Gran’s house. Great food and a lovely wander round the old city as we search for our hotel. In a stark contrast the venue we are playing is brand new. It has only been open for 3 weeks. I think we are the 4th concert? There are a lot of new venues like this in France and they are amazing. The layout is perfect and they usually incorporate other Arts projects, Radio Station or Gallery etc., The place is really well thought out and built. All the equipment in it is brand new and as soon as I step out on stage the sawdust in the air grabs my throat and brings on my asthma, shit! I take a few puffs on the blue inhaler and I am ok to carry on.


Strange this always happens when I am near newly sawn wood? Aaron Mellor nearly killed me in York with a newly built stage. God Bless him. An older crowd. But lovely to see many old friends. It is a strange night and I do not know why….we play well but a strange reaction….but we soldier on and by the end we win them over and it ends on a real high. Thank you all. Kamikaze load out and a drive straight to Luxembourg Airport for 5 hours sleep then a subdued trip home. We do not have long before Latin America…and sigh….I have so much to do;)

Wed, 31 Dec 2014 10:10:42

Peter Hook - Valencia - August 201


I have not DJed for three months, which makes me very nervous.My mate Gordon has just moved over here after a relationship split and it is nice to have a bit of company. The hotel is lovely which does nothing for my pre-gig foreboding. Remember GREAT HOTEL=SHIT GIG! We go for a quick walk round and it is really warm then end up in a lovely Lebanese Restaurant for our sustenance.

Gig time is here before we know it and our hosts take us to the venue. They are very welcoming. The venue is a nice medium sized club, great layout nice size stage.

But Gordon and I look at each other in consternation….WHAT THE HE’LL ARE THEY LISTENING TOO!!! It is so fast! It’s like Speed Garage crossed with Latin bass lines. Very empty instrumental stuff. It’s weird. When I get to the stage I see the BPM on the support DJ’s computer(he Is using TRACTOR)it is 136? Now even for a Saturday night that is fast. The crowd are loving it though, a full house looking really manic. I listen for a few numbers 137 then 135 then 136! Shit most of my stuff is 130Bpm it won’t take kindly to being sped up that much.

I get the nod to begin and a great Spanish welcome on the mic. I am in….I try to bring them down a Little, and they give me the chance with only half the dance floor disappearing, but it is clear they don’t appreciate the respite. I wonder are they all speeding? Is it Meow Meow, Crystal? This lot are wired. Strangely enough there are a lot of people here who were on my Ill fated Cruise from a few months ago.

And It’s nice to see them, a really friendly bunch. But the dancers are looking at me as if I have betrayed them. So I panic and speed my stuff up to 132 but it’s not enough,134 but my stuff is too busy and doesn’t sound good. I play what I think is a great Saturday night set but it’s not enough and soon the other DJ starts to set up again. I think Balls! Throw a couple of great tunes on to no avail, this lot are too wired.

I have to admit defeat. The other DJ takes over and I pack up. Gordon and I head into the night…. tails firmly between our legs. I sleep well and we drive to Alicante for my flight home. It’s the last weekend of August and all the flights are full so I have a rare day off. Alicante is a beautiful city and my guide entertains me well…thanks Gordon! We eat in a Michelin starred Tapas Bar. The food is wonderful and we chew the fat for hours. Women eh? Can’t live with ‘em can’t live without them.

I count myself very lucky to have Bex. Thank you God! He then goes to watch the local football team at their 11p.m. Kick off? The heat probably? It’s too much for me and I head for bed. Nice flight the next day is full of kids heading home for school. Come on winter bring it on!

Regards Hooky'14

Tue, 30 Dec 2014 10:54:03

Peter Hook & The Light - Stockton Weekender To Camp Bestival - July / August 2014


Fly in from Spain. Nice drive over and I know I shouldn’t be amazed, but I always am with how beautiful this part of England can be. Tonight we are on with my old mates REVEREND AND THE MAKERS and PUBLIC ENEMY, an eclectic bill to say the least! Festival is right next to a funfair and is very well attended indeed. 


Always weird playing in daylight but as the sun starts to go down it gets nice and moody. Strange watching people kick (or punch) really a huge blue plastic ball around in the crowd. As I’m singing I can see who is going to get it right in the neck from behind. It gets a few people and gives them a right belt. Even knocking one over??? I feel like shouting a warning but cannot. The set goes swell. Sound excellent=Happy band.


Only problem is me nearly cutting my finger off a few days ago in Spain. It was my fault completely, I know I should only cut away from me but it was early, I was using a very sharp knife and the orange skin was a bit leathery, it resisted, I pushed harder and next thing I knew my finger was in half. Luckily quite far down the shaft, shall we say;) Funny when Bex goes, “What have you done? Let me see..” Then nearly faints when I show it to her. It’s too deep to leave so Doctor Barbara puts some stitches in and I am as good as new….apart from the fact that I cannot play?? I think it won’t be a problem cos Jack’s there, but when we come to play it is a shock to realize how much I actually do play. Jack struggles to keep up and I muddle through a couple as best I can. But is very odd. We finish well and I head off, absolutely gutted because there is a box of 12 individually wrapped cup cakes and I can’t get them in my bag;(

Week off then a flight to Rome for the ……


Amazing how brown the Italian’s go in the sun.  A beautiful colour. Weird seeing them in “Made In Italy…. Destroyed in Magaluf” T-shirts too. Lovely flight and great to be in Rome one, of my favourite cities in the world.  Three hour drive to Perugia through some beautiful hilltop villages and spectacular scenery. This is a wonderful place to be. For some reason the driver takes me straight to the site? 

Which is hotter than hell, 38 degrees C. They try to persuade me to stay there because of the stage time, but the boys aren’t even here yet? So I insist on going to the hotel Which is another 45 minutes away. I get there at 6 and am leaving at 7.30 SHIT! Always the same, great hotel no time. Then I get a call to say BASEMENT JAXX have pulled so we are headlining later! HOORAY! Thanks Lads.

A nice relaxing bath and a lovely dinner in the hotel leave’s me ready for anything. It is a long drive back to the gig and the driver is telling me what a problem there have here in Perugia with drink and drugs. This is of course where Meredith Kercher was killed. He reckons the Americans are the worst. I tell him about Magaluf. We are both shocked. Very sad.

We arrive and the festival is rocking and very well done. The lads are on great form and we play really well.  Great sound again on stage and out front. What’s going on? Crowd are excellent and we chase away their Jaxx disappointment. By the time we are packed down and in the bus home it is 1.30 and we are up at 5,30 for a 3 hour dive then 9.30 flight to Gatwick then a drive to Canterbury in our sleeper bus. It is a lovely day so…….


Looks great when we arrive. The driver parks next to a big marquee a short walk from our stage. We are using YURTS as dressing rooms(like being back in Mongolia) Watch The Subways who I have not seen for years, great little group. Then settle in for our set later. This crowd are very refreshed and we warm up a treat for FUN LOVIN’ CRIMINALS. Who I last saw in Abu Dhabi. They had really fallen out onstage and off, and played a storming set. Absolutely brilliant. Then had a big fight in the dressing room. The next day for Dubai, they made up but weren’t half as good…..you cannot win can you? 

We settle down to stay the night at the Fessie, our driver was out of hours, so had to sleep until 5 in the morning before we can set off. The lads really let their hair down and I settle for an early night. But Blow me down….the marquee he parked next too has turned into a Dance Tent and it is throbbing??? I tell you what if I could get my hands on whoever was on from 3 til 5 I would strangle him. At last we set off to…….

CAMP BESTIVAL                  3/8/14


This is my first time at ROB DA BANK’S Camp Bestival and I have heard great things about it. It is amazing how many kids there are here. Very nice to see. But there are a few very harassed parents. Everyone is knackered after last night but it is a great atmosphere and I get to DJ at THE NANDO’S TENT in return for a black card and a hot meal. What a treat the kids seem to enjoy all my swearing records. It is amazing how many swear words are used today, I suppose we never notice being all grown up. But The Nando’s Staff are very courteous and look after me very well. What a great set up.

We work on SOONER THAN YOU THINK for September’s new set and I cannot wait to play it. WOW it must be twenty plus years since it was played which is a crying shame. The legal battle is still going on and we’re looking for a conclusion soon. I for one will be over the moon when it’s over….three years it has taken.

After the show we watch the fireworks, which are amazing to say the least and last for ages. It is a great idea for the headline bands to go on early as the sun is just setting as we head off to Bristol for my flight back to the sun.

 The traffic is awful though and I do not get to Bristol until nearly 2 and I am up at 6.30 for my flight…..SHEET! Not bad  tho… the airport is quite empty and I get through very easily. Grab some breakfast and everything is seemingly quite civilized…until we get on the plane and the door will not shut….broken hinge??? They are sending an engineer from Stansted so we have to get off and sure enough a 2 hour delay comes on the board….BALLS! I settle in the Escape Lounge, nice but no Scalectrix??? What’s going on East Midlands??? Changes to 3 hours and now I am tired….doze off a little and wake with a start! The board says ‘Boarding” departure at 12.55 I am off leg it and get there at 12.25 but the gate is empty??? Eh? Then the woman on the desk starts screaming at me….’WHAT’S YOUR NAME? WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” I say Hook. As I approach the gate I see my RYANNAIR flight heading up the runway….’OH NO! MY BAGS ON THAT!’ I scream…She says..’Don’t worry he’ll have to come back!’ Lo and behold he does. The plane turns back and drives up to the gate. The door opens and the stairs come down and I am ushered on? When I get in the cabin ALL the kids are screaming….They thought they were off on their holidays…but no…… they had to come back for a middle aged Rock Star! Turns out they had miscounted and because they were late decided to leave early? Cheers Lads 

A nice flight and as we touch down in Majorca I think what a lucky boy I really am!

Cheers Hooky’14

Mon, 10 Nov 2014 12:24:44

The Light Playtime Festival, Ulanbaatar, Mongolia – August 2014

This gig comes our way at very short notice due to another band pulling out.

The festival has been going for 13 years and this is the first time they have had any international acts. I have always thought of Mongolia as a fascinating place and relished the idea of crossing another country off my globe. It is a one off and a long, long way to go and sadly, only days before Malaysian Airlines MH-17 goes missing. As a business traveller taking planes every week to work….. IT BREAKS MY HEART!

This should not have happened in the first place but seeing the disgraceful way the crash site was treated afterwards is TRULY DISGUSTING! We have to travel AEROFLOT through MOSCOW to get to Mongolia and I seethe all the way. I AM APPALLED! And even stranger find myself agreeing with NICK CLEGG about stripping Russia of The Football World Cup.

I know it is not the people of Russia’s fault. Everytime I have been there I have been looked after wonderfully. But I cannot condone behavior like that. I feel we must all make a stand.

Anyway, arrive in Mongolia and the countryside is beautiful, flat, green and rolling…crying out for a great Enduro bike ride. But there are no roads?. Just the odd Yurt…. WOW! Which looks gorgeous from the plane. We land and ULANBAATUR is a bit like China 20 years ago. Or Stockport 40 years ago!

We have a running gag in THE LIGHT….whenever the lads ask me what a place is like (I have almost always been there before;) I say it’s just like Stockport to wind them up…..you name it Rome, Bogota, Hanging gardens of Babylon etc etc  but today it happens to be true!

We are staying in the countryside and soon realize that there are no roads, as such, in Mongolia. What roads there are…..are shocking. Making ours in England look smooth! We soon turn off the roads? And drive for a long time through a shanty town with Yurts… leading to what I can only describe as Saddleworth Moor and driving straight across it following what can only be described as  feint paths….we are all so tired by now we become hysterical. With Mr. MURPHY being convinced we have been kidnapped and wondering when the ransom demand will come and how much it would be for Ha Ha! 10p?… they’d soon give us back. Eventually we reach the Hotel, which is literally in the middle of nowhere. Our host has arranged a wonderful breakfast, amazingly an English breakfast?

What I think they have done is downloaded a picture of a typical English breakfast and recreated it with Mongolian ingredients? Strange but very interesting and luckily…..very nice. Saying that we are not as puzzled as the Japanese Band that are also staying there when presented with the same thing.

Just our luck though as it starts to rain and a power cut hits as we head off to bed. I pass out straightaway and of course am blinded in an hour or so, when the lights come back on! Then promptly go off again. God knows what will happen when it goes dark?

I never get to find out as I am knocked up and moved to a great western style Hotel in the center of town. It is still raining, so I scramble straight back to my new bed and pass out again. Later I move to the Festival, still raining. The festival site is in the old Hotel Mongolia grounds and it seems like it hasn’t been changed since the 1920’s….very oldy -worldy …..but fascinating. Everyone is wet through a great turnout… full to capacity. We are introduced by The Mayor of Ulanbaatur who is a national hero, being one of the pioneers of democracy in Mongolia, taking it from Russian rule to freedom some 23 years ago! It is still pouring down and the promoter tells me that they have done 12 Festivals before and it has never rained? I tell him it’s his own fault for booking a band from Manchester;)

Sadly the festival is running late….2 hours! By the time we get on the numbers have depleted and everyone looks like drowned Yaks! We play well under the circumstances…. the stage roof is bulging with water, bulging right over our heads, dangling perilously low. They look dangerous so the stage crew start puncturing them so they shower down on to homemade plastic slides and the water pours off the stage.

This is one of the wettest festivals I have ever played! Even wetter than MONACO at GLASTONBURY 2000! We struggle through and it’s a good gig even getting a great reaction from our sodden audience. As we finish and troop off we are met by the promoter  who demands….MORE?

Begging us to play DREAMS NEVER END…..but we have no 6 string basses??? So compromise by playing AGE OF CONSENT ….again…… which feels weird! We trudge through the mud to a 4x4 and practically sail home there is that much water. I get a shower and then back to the Airport for three more flights.  24 hours later I arrive safely back in Majorca. Exhausted, happy and relieved.





Mon, 25 Aug 2014 13:38:11

The Light - Live At Leopardstown Racecourse, Nr Dublin - July 2014

Few days off before this one.

This a part of a series of gigs at Leopardstown Racecourse, an unusual venue and there are noise restrictions because of the horses that have to be worked round. This course itself is huge and an excellent place. Charmingly we have a race named after us with a €20,000 first prize? I was thinking of entering myself! We have a bet each and I win …..HOORAY €75! The last horse race I went to was on my mates stag night years ago…and I only saw one horse being put in a box at the end. Never made it out of the Restaurant bar, God what a day! Anyway, later I get to present the race prize to some lovely ladies! The only downer is the weather, it has not stopped raining all day which as the gig is outside is a little worrying.

However it is beginning to brighten up….. Thankfullu. I must say we are treated royally here and are very grateful for the hospitality. THE HAPPY MONDAYS were here last and everyone still seems in shock……How do they still do it;)? The gig fast approaches and there is a slight delay as the last of the horses are loaded away. We don’t want to cause a stampede now….do we?


We begin, the rain dies off and before we know it there is a very sizeable audience. The gig goes very well. This is a JOY DIVISION set and because I am used to playing the albums, feels a little strange to say the least. But it is TOP! We finish off and I spend ages signing and picturing before I head off for my flight to London to meet the wife. THANK YOU DUBLIN!

Fri, 15 Aug 2014 10:30:17

The Light – Movement / Power Corruption & Lies Dates / The Hop Farm July 2014


Now we are back to playing The NEW ORDER albums, MOVEMENT and POWER, CORRUPTION and LIES. I have missed them. They require a lot more practice though and you never really get confident until they have been played a few times. It is so different to playing JOY DIVISION. Apart from the obvious I still cannot for the life of me figure out why? My voice is struggling after the practices, I need to sing to the goats more! I am a little worried to say the least.


The Rescue Rooms are an old friend and the gig goes really well with a great reception. As I drive home I cannot help but smile. I never ever thought I would end up with a repertoire of over 80 songs that we can play on any night….weird! Sleep well and set out nice and early for……


Part of the TOUR DE FRANCE celebrations.

A NEW ORDER gig again, and after last night I am really looking forward to it. Two supports tonight SLAVES OF VENUS and HANKY PARK, who I have not played with for ages. SHINNY is now solo after deciding he was spending too much time arguing and compromising….humh sounds familiar! He is excellent and as it is my Best Mates birthday today….. TWINNY is 54. Salford is very much in your area.

We play very well, everything goes very smoothly, great crowd. Twinny then joins us on stage for WORLD IN MOTION to do the rap. It is his birthday! We were hoping to celebrate THE ENGLAND TEAM doing well in Brazil with the song but that didn’t happen so thought sod it! I enjoy singing it! Me and him are all over the place but have a great time. As I set off afterwards watching TWINNY and SHINNY wobbling away to the wilds of HUDDERSFIELD I feel the ghost of my former excessive lifestyle brush against me. I shudder….gun the car and head off to do battle with the speed traps of Yorkshire. What a battle it is….as all the roads are closed my Sat Nav is constantly updating and changing the route. I am all over the place. Takes me ages to get out and get home. Sleep well again.


This is one of my partner’s venues. Aaron promptly changed the venue after a row with the landlord to THE TOKYO PROJECT. This terrifies the lads as THE PROJECT is a disco but after losing FIBBERS once before, a while ago, I decide to go for it anyway.  Nice drive listening to SHINNY’S new HANKY PARK CD. IT IS EXCELLENT. GREAT SONGS and a GREAT PRODUCTION. I heartily recommend it! I phone him to congratulate him and he tells me how, in a state, he left his guitar, (a beautiful MARTIN) in the back of the cab last night and it is gone;( Sometimes I am very glad my Demon’s are exorcised!

Arrive safely and It is a great night. Fantastic audience. The boy’s play really well and afterwards we are all very happy. Nice to see FAT ALEX and KELVIN from DELTA FIVE looking so well. Then we settle down in Aaron’s office for the HOLLAND v COSTA RICO Penalties. Aaron is in LAS VEGAS again but a Non Alcoholic beer is chinked for him. Lovely night. Hotel is right opposite the venue. So Sleep well and a nice early start to……


We have done this before when VINCE POWER had it and it was a great gig. We were in a Marquee playing opposite BOB DYLAN. We did not hold out much hope but ended up with 5000 plus….Thanks Bob!

Lovely afternoon but the Festival seems a little quiet…… but very nice, We are following THE BEAT, who pack the tent. Very tight group. We are up against BILLY OCEAN later. Who Pottsy tells me is great live? Certainly not my cup of tea! We play our Hybrid set, not my favourite…… but an excellent selection none the less. But I am sad to report, whilst we beat BOB we cannot beat BILLY and our Marquee stays stubbornly half empty. Ah well, can’t win them all.

I set off home in the sun with HANKY PARK again for company. Don’t forget if you come across a BLACK MARTIN being sold by a taxi driver in Huddersfield. Drop me an e mail….THERE IS A REWARD! Great four on the trot and my voice has held out!!! Yippee!!!;) I will make a singer yet! Get home safe…long drive…knackered!

Fri, 15 Aug 2014 10:02:00

The Light - Primavera Sound - Barcelona - May 2014



Back to work…..I love it.


It is a real privilege to be asked to play here as one of their ‘hidden’ gigs. We have been asked to play UNKNOWN PLEASURES in a hall ‘hidden’ somewhere on the site. The gig is announced only on the day of the festival and is a strict limited edition, only 700 tickets available …. delightedly ours sells out straight away. The other hidden gig is BUZZCOCKS playing ANOTHER MUSIC IN A DIFFERENT KITCHEN…. which has a lovely synergy to it.

We arrive easily and are staying in The Princess Hotel. A beautiful 5 star right next to the site. This could not get any better. Usually supplied hotels are, shall we say…. a little cheaper. So no complaints here! The boys go off to sound-check and I work on my book in my room. The hotel is full of bands so later Phil and I have a swim and a sunbathe at the rooftop pool, overlooking the whole of the festival site and nearby beach, gorgeous! As the sun goes down so do we and prepare for the night ahead.


We have Rowetta with us for this gig which is great. Now THE HAPPY MONDAYS are back she has become a rare commodity. The festival is packed and as we drive our way carefully to the hidden stage, it brings back memories of NEW ORDER’s appearance here (but I’ll leave that for the book) The ‘hidden’ venue is great brand new and very well equipped. I am more than a little nervous. But we sail through, the boys are great, Ro is great. A wonderful audience too. Later as we sit backstage dripping in sweat as Ro regales us with tales of THE HAPPY MONDAYS ’14 and very entertaining they are too. Nice to see the boys are still flying the flag for MADCHESTER;) After a similarly entertaining drive back to the hotel, our Spanish driver getting lost many times but giving us a wonderful tour as he does so, we finish off with a drink in the bar and then gratefully head for bed. ARCADE FIRE are head lining but I am knackered. As I GET READY for bed the festival is a distant beat and hum in the background. 4.a.m wow! These Spaniards live late. Then O.M.G. ARCADE FIRE come on and all HELL let’s loose!!! It’s like they are in the bloody room with you….SHEEET! Earplugs, pillows, nothing works. I live through their set with them. Now I know why we got the great hotel? You certainly couldn’t charge anyone to stay here…..THATS FOR SURE! At 6.a.m it stops and silence reigns ….at last.

Everyone is very bleary eyed the next day and quiet as we head home. Thank you to the Spanish people and Barcelona for living up to your well deserved reputation.

Sun, 22 Jun 2014 13:00:54

The Light France - 8 - 10 May 2014


WOW! These dates come round so quick??? Before you know it you’re practicing again! 

Off to FRANCE, which after last weeks DJ adventures seems all too soon. Been having some great gigs (not DJ I’m afraid) in France so fingers crossed x

Nice late flight from the airport. Always much less rabid than the morning …. Thank god! 

Short flight to TOULOUSE 1.15 mins. We have a rare evening off. The lads go drinking but I am off to bed. Lovely day the next day and the lads spend it by the pool. Unfortunately I cannot join them as I put my stuff in the van which does not arrive til the afternoon;( So because I am a commando no swimming for me! Spend the day listening to them having fun through my open window, while I slave away over a HOT computer and have conference calls to Barristers…….WHAT A LIFE!

The van arrives and I head for the Gym. Manage 30 mins nonstop 1% 11kmp.h. nearly set for the 10K;)



Head for the gig which is a beautiful brand new venue. Hardly spoilt at all……yet! Place is nicely full. The set tonight is a hybrid, a cross between NEW ORDER and JOY DIVISION. Not my favourite of our many incarnations but is beginning to be requested more and more. After getting used to playing the LP’s it is hard to get used to doing it, shall we say, in a more ’ordinary’ way or traditional way;( But I bite the bullet and despite our drummer’s sore thumb (he thought he had broken it!) it goes well. Fold back (sound on stage) is a bit wild and takes a while to settle down. Then I break a string….aaaarrrgh! Then an Amplifier goes haywire sending a enormous awful racket through our foldback….double aaaarrrgh! But we play well and Pottsy does a great job of the backing vocals and his fantastic guitar playing on SHADOWPLAY blows me away! WELL DONE SON!

We play WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME and it is a great end. We pack down and grin our way back to the Hotel. Nice night.

Late breakfast and a very civilized trip to MARSEILLES. We watch the film CLICK (BRILLIANT!) which makes me long for some time off? 6 months ….a year maybe? I have not stopped working for any amount of time since NEW ORDER split up in 2006. Since THE LIGHT began I have been playing more and more….and I am getting more and more aware of how short life is and when someone told me to work out how many summers you’ve got left…….average? 27 if I live to 85??? It is a lot less than you’ve had! What a sobering thought!

Anyway, no more dwelling on that! Strangely enough I am in the same hotel as when I DJ’ed ages ago…which is WEIRD. Now one thing I would say is that if you think your life is dull? Predictable? Samey? Have a walk round MARSEILLES train station preferably after dark…..WHAT A PLACE! This place is ON THE EDGE MAN! Truly terrifying…..and I’m from SALFORD!!!!  I remember  Djing with AUTORATZ and we both went down terribly in this club. Afterwards I headed home in shame, but they stayed drinking coming to the hotel at first light just as the first skateboarders were arriving at the station…The lead singer blagged a skateboard and drunkenly went for a spin….promptly coming off and landing on his head! With no hair to cushion the blow it took him age. Head for gig(no pun intended;) …….



Which is in a beautiful, very bohemian part of town. Loads of funky bars and restaurants. This place is packed and hotter than HELL! We begin and are soaked straight away. Good atmosphere and we motor through NEW ORDER then have 5 minutes to catch our breath before JOY DIVISION. As we begin it’s obvious the audience are wilting with us? Before we know it another 12 songs are down and it’s TRANSMISSION to finish. But I am too hot!!! I have to go off and cool down….seconds later, it seems, we are back for an encore and we crawl off…..exhausted. My belt and boots are wet through. This goes alongside CHICAGO METRO 1981 and SALINAS SYDNEY 1983 as my three hottest gigs ever! Takes us ages to recover and we have a nightcap on the Hotel terrace, which is lovely. I dare the lads to go in the Station… they say no;( Kids today eh?…..Bed.

Wake up early so a bit knackered today. Airport is quiet and a civilized short flight to PARIS followed by a two hour drive gets us to…….


Another 2 hours to our Hotel, but it is quaint beyond belief and they cannot do enough for us. I retire and the Lads head to the Festival. Before I know it I am on my way too and the setting is fantastic! Like a French fairytale with kids and dogs everywhere…a real party atmosphere…like a village fete;) We play well although it is cold, very cold (a real contrast with last night) Short set tonight ….an hour??? I blink and it is over. Back to the hotel nice and early and the Proprietress insists on feeding us a wonderful steak dinner. Wonderful hospitality. I retire after watching DAREDEVIL and have some lovely dreams. Have to remember that combination. Up latish but tired…2 hours back to PARIS and we chat away the hours with plans for the future that I am very happy about;) New material at last. I am really looking forward to it. JET 2 home is fine.

Regards Hooky’14

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